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Together Walks

Welcome to Together Walks!

We’re so excited you’re here! Grab a pair of walking shoes, roll up your sleeves, and meet others who want to make a difference.  It’s time to make fibromyalgia (FM) and chronic pain illnesses visible, advocate for better access to care, and encourage and fund research that leads to better treatments. Getting involved with the 2016 Together Walks is as easy as 1-2-3! Learn how to join in below. Together we make a difference!

  1. Find a Together Walk near you or join in the virtual walk! You’ll find registration, donation, and volunteer opportunities at each location. We appreciate your generous support however you choose to contribute!
  2. Register for a Together Walk at  and start a fundraising team!
  3. Start raising fibromyalgia awareness today on social media, and invite your friends to be part of something bigger! Learn how here!

We’d love to see why you’re joining the Together Walks! Tag @togetherwalks or @fibroandpain and use #IWalkForFibro and #togetherwalks to share your story. Follow us on social media!

FBprof teal-purpThe National Fibromyalgia & Chronic Pain Association is joining forces with local organizations and passionate Leaders Against Pain to launch TOGETHER WALKS in 2016 in Richmond, Portland, Louisville, Central Florida, Coral Springs, Nashville, and a Virtual Online Walk.  Come stroll, roll, or walk 1K/5K or join with us virtually to create a world where people have access to treatments they need.

How do you answer a 13-year old’s questions about his hopes for the future after being diagnosed with FM?  What happens in the homes of parents with FM who cannot participate in taking care of their family?  When will better treatments and a cure for this disabling disorder be found?

Can you imagine what can be done together when there is a walk in every state and across the globe?Visit to register or start a fundraising team. We can’t wait to walk with you!

Interested in hosting a Together Walk in 2017?  Please contact the NFMCPA at


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  1. This is a great organization. I joined a few months ago and signed up for the Florida walk (which would be a wheelchair ride after one block for me), and I raised some money! I can’t attend due to a serious medical issue with my daughter in MN (vey high-risk complicated pregnancy), but I wish everyone well. Join!

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