SUICIDE by GUN… real reason … DENIAL OF CARE ?

RxtotheheadThis showed up on a closed chronic painer Face Book page..  I guess that this will show up under “suicide by gun” column on CDC’s published stats. It would appear that the doctor(s) involved in the DENIAL OF CARE of this patient will have no consequences for their actions and lack of actions.  Of course, if this pt had of OD’d on opiates prescribed by the same doctors… the “authorities/judicial system” would be coming after him/her for contributing to her death.  Amazing how the invisible diseases of mental health and chronic pain are dealt with under two different standards when  pts die.

“My sisters and I have been suffering from chronic pain for decades. My older sister and I were given proper pain control but my younger sister was denied that basic medicine. They would only give her one type of pain medication but that did not work sufficiently. Compounding the problem was she didn’t want to be a ‘druggie’. She bought into the doctor’s belief that biofeedback could control her pain and that people in long term pain should never take opioids. Her condition was horribly painful, imagine your whole body in a severe muscle spasm slowly forcing your body to fold in half and be stuck that way. These muscle spasms would constantly tighten and shift several times a day. Eventually, she turned to alcohol for pain relief since she was not given sufficient pain control. The heavy drinking caused her IBS like issues to flare up and we almost lost her to malnourishment in 2014. She gradually put on weight, my older sister and I came in and started caring for her and going to her doctor appointments with her. She was doing a little better (the doctors changed her medications – finally off clonazepam and on neurontin instead). They also started working with a new physical therapist and a visiting nurse who was replaced by a sister in law as she progressed. Since it was painful for her to use a phone or laptop, my older sister got her an E-reader with internet access. She would post on facebook and chat with me often. I was looking forward to visiting her this fall, to catch up in person. A few days ago, I realized I hadn’t seen a post from her in a couple of weeks, though she did like a post of mine recently. Like me, during her bad pain spells, she wasn’t too talkative – we’d catch up when she or I was doing better. Friday evening, I was contacted by my niece that my sister had been drinking heavily again. We were trying to plan an intervention, for this weekend or monday, to get her hospitalized for alcoholism but more importantly to find a proper pain control measure so she wouldn’t turn to alcohol out of desperation again. She rarely drank before she discovered alcohol would kill the pain. Saturday morning her sister in law found her….. We don’t know who gave her the gun – they had taken the one she had for protection (from a former spouse) years ago. I don’t know how her crippled hands, shaky hands were able to load the gun and successfully pull the trigger, but she was determined to stop the pain. Now she’s gone. Will never know if proper pain control could have reversed her debilitating disease now – it was most likely too late. I blame her doctors unwillingness to treat her pain for her death.”

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  1. Doug u hav brought up some vry important points that l totally agree wth. We r getting “nowhere” wth the govt & approaches we r using like “get them & election x” no there is no x 2 wait 4 election, & who knws if that approach wld even work. I along wth many CPainers hav signed documents, written emails, letters, everythg l possibly knw to do frm my bed or chair, the stronger 1’s need to fight 4 us & the 1’s who r unable 2 perform the physical labor will pick up where thy left off in the background doing the computer work etc. These govt officials r killing us. Yes there r a few Docs out there who research & yes thy 4 the most part r there 4 us, but it’s not getting better it’s becoming a genocide, imagine in America land of the free!

  2. I want to cry very hard after reading your story. Sounds like she suffered from dystonia?

  3. So very sorry for your loss and I personally can relate to your story. My childhood best friend took his own life, not due to physical pain, but due to mental anguish brought on by PTSD from Desert Storm. It’s frustrating and down right criminal that people who suffer then are denied medication, have to resort to the permanent pain killer. I call for the government to take action against the suicide epidemic. It is far worse than car accidents, gun deaths and overdose deaths which have all been used to commit suicide. I put a petition on for the government to sponsor public service announcements from chronic pain sufferers to not only inform the public that we are not addicts, but also that the chronic pain community is willing to help educate our Nation’s youth of the dangers of use opiates to get high. I think we should be able to explain our side while working with and helping the other side.

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