CDC GUIDELINES… do practitioners consider all of these mandatory.. like a law ?

Here is a link and the list of all the CDC’s vaccination recommendations. I wonder how many practitioners consider these “guidelines” mandatory to follow…  If a pt refuses/declines to get a flu shot…  should the practitioner be held responsible for not following these guidelines ?

Believe it or not the CDC … does not keep stats on flu deaths.. they just estimate them

That estimate ranges from 3,000 to 49,000 per year. So have practitioners, prescribers and pharmacists been negligent for failing to make sure that each and every pt gets a flu shot EVERY YEAR… that means that there is up to 49 K UNNECESSARY DEATHS..  That is as many claimed deaths from drug overdoses.. which includes drug overdoses from OTC’s. Should practitioners, prescribers, pharmacists be held liable for some of these deaths ?

For those of you with chronic pain  and your practitioner or pharmacist tell you that the new CDC “GUIDELINES” on opiate dosing is the NEW LAW OF THE LAND… You might want to consider challenging them as to if they are absolutely following the OLD CDC guidelines on vaccinations.. and if not… are they discriminating against those who have a valid medical necessity for being prescribed opiates ?… the same pts that are covered under The Americans with Disability Act and a violation under that act is a civil rights discrimination ?

Those who wish to live by the rule book… could find out that they may end up dying by the rule book.  Either all the rules are in concrete or none of the rules are in concrete… Liking/enforcing some rules.. and ignoring/not enforcing other rules.. does not CUT IT !

I wonder how many other guidelines that the CDC has formulated and published and they are not universally being adhered to and no one is being held responsible for consequences/deaths for not following them ?

Vaccine-Specific ACIP Recommendations

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  1. Hi Steve this is Barb, from group, just was on your website and you have some very interesting and important information… I enjoy coming on your website….. Talk to you in group if you could be there.

  2. Great article! One should print this and carry it when going to the pharmacy!

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