A Leopard can’t change its spots

Law Enforcement and Pain Patients




The first link is to a article written by John Burke.. recently retired from a 48 yr career in law enforcement.. he would have started just before Congress passed The Controlled Substance Act in 1970 that eventually morphed into our “beloved” DEA of today.

The second link is to the organization that John Burke help founded/lead …. National Association of Drug Diversion Investigators

and currently President of  International Health Facility Diversion Association.

The third link is to PHARMACY TIMES that John Burke wrote a monthly article for years in the magazine.

I had Barb read the article he penned on painnewsnetwork and she came back believing that it was a nice article.. then I reminder her that this was the same person that I had written a letter to PHARMACY TIMES about Burke’s monthly opiophobic rant after one month he basically accused many “grandma types” getting opiates so that they could sell them to supplement their income… My letter to PHARMACY TIMES said it was time to pull Burke’s opiophobic rants… of course, PHARMACY TIMES never bothered to respond to my letter and continued to published Burke’s opiophobic rants…  You can go to the third link to see some of these rants published monthly in PHARMACY TIMES.

If you come to the same conclusion that I did.. Burke writes to the anticipated readership.. I have seen this from him at least once before in a article penned by him that was directed to the  chronic pain community.

IMO… Burke’s head/heart belongs to law enforcement and typifies a “wolf in sheep’s clothing “




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  1. Just another reason to give the grandma types a raise on their SS if they truly believe that this is happening. I just wonder how many grand mother drug kingpins this guy busted during his illustrious career.

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