History repeats itself … stupid people pass stupid laws


Stopping Drug Dealers


The Indiana General Assembly is focused on ways to reduce the illegal drug epidemic in Indiana. Part of our strategy includes tougher penalties for the dealers who fuel drug abuse in our communities.

House Bill 1235 would establish mandatory minimum sentences for the worst drug dealers. Under this bill, the sentence for the highest felony level of dealing meth or heroin with a prior dealing conviction could not be suspended below 10 years.

Additionally, Senate Bill 290 would allow courts to convict people in possession of large amounts of drugs as dealers, not just users.

These bills would work together to stop drug dealers in our state.

If these Indiana legislators would come out of the mid-20th mindset that they are apparently stuck end and WAKE-UP that as long as we have people suffering from the mental health disease of addictive personality disorder that are UN-diagnosed, under treated or untreated and have elected to self medicate the demons in their head and/or monkeys on their back with some substance… sometimes alcohol, sometimes opiate based substances or whatever their substance of choice is… there will be someone who tries to make a buck to sell those people whatever substance they want or can afford to abuse. To quiet those monkeys and/or demons.. and after a few years when they have developed a large tolerance … they no longer get much of a high.. they just end up trying to fight off the suffering of going into withdrawal. If we chose to treat those with mental health issues… the dealers on the streets would not have any customers…no customers.. no profits… sells substances that can be abused… I guess that concept is just too complicated for Indiana’s legislators and most other states’ legislators and bureaucrats.  Cause they all seem to have the same delusion of stopping substance abuse.. except Tobacco , Alcohol and Gambling.. because they impose a “sin tax” on those products… Addictions are ok as long as the bureaucrats get their “take” of the action ???

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  1. I guess the question is, how many of these bureaucrats receive kickbacks from imprisoning these people with addictive personalities?

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