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March, 2016  http://www.house.gov/legislative/

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If you want to get your elected officials attention.. according to their Congressional calendar your Federal House Representatives will be in their local districts the week of March 6 and March 27.  Most Representatives set aside some time when they are back in their district to meeting one-on-one with their constituents.  If you call ahead, most likely you will be able to get a 15 minute appt to make your case about your concerns.

If you send your Representative a email, fax, letter or make a phone call.. you have no idea if the response you get is some boiler plate response that some staff member has been assigned to replying to those sorts of things.

Take some concise  documentation with you when you talk to your Representative.. take a minimum of three copies .. one for you, one for your Representative and one for the assistance that will be in on the meeting..

Try to get the name/email of the LA (Legislative Assistance) of the Representative in DC who is the point person within the office that deals with the issues that you are concerned about.  These LA’s can be very valuable contacts in the long run…

Remember, your Representative is up for reelection this Nov…  Between now and Nov they may be listening better than any other time of their 2 yr election cycle.

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  1. Done!- Thanks Steve!

  2. In Montana
    We will be meeting with all the congressional staffs

  3. I would LOVE to form a group together here in central Fl. to do this! If anyone would be interested in coming up w/ a plan to do this, you can reach me on my facebook page: criminally inpain or email: ginbug1371@gmail.com
    So calling all warriors, NOW is the time!!

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