CDC Public Hearing tomorrow, January 28th

Advocacy Alert – Just a quick note to remind you of the opportunity to listen to the CDC Public Hearing tomorrow, January 28th. The committee will meet from 9:00am-3:00pm EST with Public Comment from 1:00pm-2:30pm EST. The Board of Scientific Counselors will discuss the draft recommendations in the CDC Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain (Guideline), as well as observations formulated in the Opioid Guideline Workgroup Report. We encourage all who are available to listen in and stay informed. Here is how: Audio Conference toll-free dial-in Number: 1-888-469-1243, Participant Code: 4709506

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  1. @painkills…As to your question, there probably is a way to at least view the proceedings, but I can’t tell you where. I seem to recall that the CDC website had a link that allowed for a live feed viewing/audio access to their various and sundry conferences. Please continue to read as I think there is a solution to your lack of phone service that you might want to investigate…

    Do you have any sort of VoIP capabilities with your computer? I’m referring to the kind of application that lets you use the Internet like a phone line aka Internet phone. There’s a product that’s advertised on TV called Magic Jack that does just what I’m describing. The hardware they sell is bundled with their subscription service for a Ma Bell-Free phone experience, but the truth is that one does not need their hardware or their service to take advantage of this. For most folks that are functionally computer illiterate, Magic Jack is a simple, economical plug’n’ play internet phone solution. Other versions of this kind of service are Skype and Facebook’s messenger application. Both allow for internet phone with audio and video.

    There is freeware out there that will allow you to configure an Internet Phone capability on your computer. The person to whom you are calling or receiving the call from does not need to have the VoIP. VoIP will interface with the traditional Bell-type phone services. Why? Because even if one has service through a provider like AT&T, the truth is that for many calls, especially long distance, the old, established carriers use VoIP already. The only required hardware is a headphone set with a built in microphone. That piece of hardware can be had easily for under $10.00. Now I’ve never set one of these up, but I know, at least conceptually, how it is done and could do it on my own computer if I needed to. Even if you don’t have that ability to figure it out and DIY, I bet you know someone who could. I suggest that you seriously consider this.

    I don’t think this information is going to help you too much today with this conference call, but you might want to look into this for the future.

    • Thanks so much for this information. I understand there’s a way to make phone calls without a phone, but as you say, I don’t have the ability to figure it out. I’m also wary of downloading apps as I currently can’t afford anti-virus software (which I understand you can also download for free). I wish I knew someone who could help me, but so far, the only person who tried eventually gave up. (Because I don’t know what I’m doing.) I’ve also looked into a set top box for my TV because I don’t have cable, either. Thing is, even if I have to spend $10, that’s too much. Having a phone and cable TV is more of a luxury than a necessity. Thanks again. 🙂

  2. Sorry, I don’t have a phone. Is there a connection through a website? Will there be a transcript?

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