One #CVS district has lost 20 RPH’s in SIX MONTHS – Health is everything ?


My inbox today !!!

Sent: 10/13/2015 7:27:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time
Subj: why I left CVS after 10 years




To who it may concern:


I feel compelled to share the reasons why I left CVS after 10 years so that the same mistakes may be prevented in the future. My last day was Oct. 2nd. I was a dedicated, loyal TSM for the company and had always told everyone I would retire with CVS. That is how much I loved my job. Over my career I attended P1/P2 classes, roundtable discussions with Operations from corporate, regional test store/trainer with roll out of mySchedule, Paragon winner, best district shrink award, LP MVP winner twice, and received store sales execution award.


I have worked hard and given my all to move forward in my development and goal to become a DM with CVS Health. On two separate occasions, I had been told by my HRBP  that I would have to have a college degree in order to be considered for a DM position. I was even told in a district meeting in front of my peers (21 mgrs, field staff and the FTM were all present and can corroborate) he later denied saying this!


Last January, I was added to the foundations of leadership class by my old DM,Colleen Serran but was removed from list by regional and hrbp for not having a college degree. In the past few months, numerous emails have been sent out by my new DM  wanting names of any staff with a college degree ( I still have the emails) It is a shame to be discriminated against for my education level and that my 10 years of experience with this company and the 20+ years in retail did not factor in.


Upon giving my resignation to my DM last week, I was told “good luck if I thought I could do better”. No attempt to try to keep me, no contact from HRBP or regional manager, in the very least for an exit interview. This just goes hand in hand with the lack of engagement and lack of concern to get to the truth of employee turnover.
*today 10-13 the hrbp did finally reach out to me after 11 days


Everyone thinks I left CVS to go work for my old boss. This could not be further from the truth.  Ever since she has left I have been labeled “one of her people”. If CVS had given me the opportunity to be in the EL program and foundations class, I would have stayed, as my goal has always been to become a DM or FTM with CVS.  Over the years, I had passed up numerous job opportunities because I loved CVS and was valued by my supervisor. When she left all that changed. So, when an interview opportunity came available a couple of weeks ago, what did I have to lose by going and listening?


Since turning in my resignation, I have had 4 dm’s contact me and express shock that I have left and how they would have loved if I had worked for them. That should speak volumes. I had become a resource not only for the district but for the region. My reputation is impeccable. Sad that the RM classified me by my old boss and did not treat me as an individual.


The current DM, has numerous issues with communication. There is a lack of email communication, directions and some stores go months without seeing or hearing from him. I, as TSM, most recently went 22 days without hearing from him. He did not communicate meeting agenda plans or topics with me. At the last meeting , my name came up on screen for 30 minutes to discuss training. He told me in front of everyone “I know I didn’t tell you I scheduled you time to talk, but if you don’t then we can get out of here 30 minutes earlier.” How does a TSM even reply to a statement like that? Needless to say based on the looks on my peers faces, we went home 30 minutes early.


Upon arrival to the district 6 months ago after my DM Colleen Serran was terminated my new DM called me to his office and asked where him and I stood? He wanted to know if I was going to be on his team. I answered honestly and said yes. He stated that day he would make time to talk once a week with me and discuss hot topics and training issues as a district team. That never happened.

He brought in a new mgr to the district without even having me look at transcript.  I even learned from another source that we had a new manager in the district.
He currently has a shift B  running a store for months that he promised a promotion to store manager that still has not happened. He even went as far as on a conf call to introduce and congratulate her promotion to store manager. She is being held accountable for the job, she should have the title and be paid for it. When I asked what the hold up was as she is unable to hire or certify training, he just dismissed me. Again no discussion.


I opened the lines of communication as I was truly on his team and I did not receive that respect in return. If you were to read the job description for tsm, there is suppose to be collaboration with the DM.

My DM  just recently told managers that store meetings will have to be attended by the manager on their day off and that nco for new hires will also have to be paid back. As minimum operating stores, paying NCOs back will cause an employee to have to be alone in the building to pay back the 8 hours.

As he likes to constantly remind managers that they are salary, does he have the right to dictate what managers do on their day off? He attends region meetings and still takes his two days off. Will the company stand behind him for dictating their day off plans if  further action is taken? He also has told managers they have to work 6 days and even the shift times during the month of Dec. He has emailed out  a Oct., Nov. and Dec. work calendar that he states he has used for years. Is this a company program? Does this tie in with mySchedule? Again he is dictating what managers do on their day off. The district is being run on intimidation and fear and everyone is treated  guilty until proven innocent by the DM and RLPM.


Since my departing from the company, the RLPM is contacting managers, questioning and interrogating them about if they knew I was going to quit. The same interrogating that many of us had to endure in Feb when our ex DM left.  Our new DM  even brought up both our names on conf call last week and told people that if myself or our old boss text them to tell us to stop texting, to end communication.  They were basically being told to not communicate with me or her. These coworkers have become my friends and are like family for me.  They should not feel harassed or bullied to stay away from me. He even told them if anyone was quitting, to do so now. How do you think that made the team feel about how he thinks of them? How does that help with engagement? At this point since I have left the company, why is the field staff continuing to discuss my name?
My DM  sent out an email to the district the day I left stating “ Diana is no longer employed with CVS.” Giving the generic sentence used when someone is terminated and implying that I was terminated by the company. ( I have that email as well) My DM and LP Rep have made remarks about me at inventories and store visits in the past week and my friends have reported this information to me. I am putting the company on notice, any further defamation of my character by DM or RLPM will be addressed immediately with legal action.


Throughout the entire email I have not discussed payroll or workload as they are usually the big topics people like to bring up for leaving CVS. That is not my case. I was passed up numerous times due to no college degree, was overlooked as a TSM and valuable resource by current DM, and labeled as “one of Colleen’s people” by the hrbp and RM. I have always been a leader in this district and want to go out as a leader by passing this valuable information along to you so that the issues can be addressed.


I feel I had been harassed, discriminated against, and now defamation of my character can be added. CVS has always stated they are about the people and helping others on their path to better health. This is not the case in Area 8, Region 39. I can no longer work for leaders in this region that do not value their employees and talent they have. It is not usually about the money why most people leave CVS, or any other job for that matter, it is about not being appreciated by their supervisor.

I am sadden to have given up my career with this organization due to others lack of concern for their team and abilities.  But I am looking forward to what I know will be a promising new future.


*Since my departure of 10-5 three more store managers have given notice in this district….what is so sad is that a year ago 2014 District 39-01 ranked 9th best district in company and 4th in area. We had teamwork and engagement and respected our leader.

Several of my peers have complained about this DM and RLPM yet Nothing happens(falls on deaf ears)! Why are these people being protected?

Someone needs to ask the Five Why’s??



Area 8
Region 39
District 1
Store 7536

I did email this letter to everyone from the area mgr all the way to the president of CVS and have had no response.

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  1. Good for you. I left in 2013. Same story new DM trying to put his people in his new district and firing all the managers. I was a SM, with the number 1 store in Rx and FS. Number 1 overall and still was abused by the DM. Since then I have gone to get my engineers license and making about 50k more a year. With all union benefits. Thanks god I got out of CVS, it was the best thing that ever happened. Good luck to you also. And remember

    • I used to be a long time employee there and ever since we switched from longs to cvs it got worst! This company only thinks about the money and not employees. They didnt want to swich the name to cvs in hawaii because they didnt want to lose customers. Well slowly people will not shop there as I don’t anymore knowing that cvs fired all their store managers to put new ones so they didn’t have to pay them the high salary. What a shame to cvs. We had so much valued hard working employees and you lost alot of them. Im happy I left with all the bs going on there. Especially when moving into target they didnt want the name CVS to be posted anywhere because they knew people will not go there because of the name. People should know it’s not longs and it’s CVS now which sucks!

  2. You do realize for legal reasons senior executives often cannot respond to these kinds of remarks?

  3. I never worked for CVS. I did work for Wally World as a relief pharmacist and for K-Mart as a PIC. Large chains only care about the bottom line. If you think for a minute that you are important, I feel sorry for you!

  4. Lots of good dialogue here and it seems as though few of you have stories to send in to Steve on your own, however pertaining to this particular post lets get back to the original message. How valued was this employee after NO contact from the Powers that be to try to save her? Where was the HR Director? The current DM upon arriving to district was told to not change a thing! Why are the questions not being asked and the people subjected to this working environment? Why yesterday did he during working hours give a Jim Jones speech to his staff? What has this got to do with CVS . You need to ask yourselves could this be you? Without a degree or a RX license it is a dead end career for you! Why is there not a third party and impartial doing investigations? The powers that be are not hearing the whole story!

  5. Shame to hear. Wish all the best. Any insight to be given to pain med patients, also suffering Cvs changes?

  6. I can attest to everything in this email as not only have I worked for Diana and along side her but I am leaving the company after five years for the same reasons the best people in that district are leaving in droves do to the lack of respect and intimidation faced on a daily basis not to mention being passed over for promotion. It is a shame what has happened to one of the best districts I’ve worked in but I can no longer stand by and take it anymore when no one is willing to step in and do something to fix it calls to ethics do nothing, calls to supervisors do nothing so it was time to leave for a place where I can be treated like a human being.

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