Over prescribing opiate = Malpractice.. denial of care for chronic pain – give them a pass ?

Overprescribing pain medication can have serious consequences


Apparently the view of this law firm is that over prescribing opiates is MALPRACTICE…but.. failure to properly treat a chronic pain pt.. is a non-issue ? Is intentionally throwing a pt into withdrawal a serious injury ?

Many Pittsburgh residents will need a prescription pain medication at least once in their lives. Surgery, injuries and other circumstances can lead to a person needing pain medication. Doctors have the responsibility to provide these medications in an accurate and appropriate manner. Most of the time this happens, but occasionally medication errors occur.

Most doctors agree that there is a problem with the overuse of prescription pain medication but the majority believe they themselves do not overprescribe the medication. The National Institute on Drug Abuse has shown that between 2000 and 2010 the use of prescription drugs has nearly doubled in the U.S. The drugs lead to abuse and addiction for many patients. These painkillers include hydrocodone, codeine, morphine and oxycodone. The drugs work by blocking the feeling of pain for patients but they can also lead to withdrawal symptoms, cravings and mood swings.

Doctors need to know how to safely prescribe pain medication and to make sure their patient is receiving benefit from the medication and is not becoming addicted. Taking the time to learn their patient’s symptoms can help doctors make sure they are making the right decision in prescribing medication or if there is a better route to take.

Patients and their families who believe they have been harmed by a prescription medication error may want to speak with a legal professional skilled in medical malpractice. An attorney can review medical records and medication records and determine what caused the serious injury. Compensation may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.

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  1. I have osteomylitis in my spine is now in capsulated becoming a lesion growing in words towards my spinal cord been prescribed opiates cannot get them filled anywhere I have to lay in the bed all day in pain I’ve never abused any pills I’ve never Dr shop but yet I made to suffer and you cannot sue any doctors for malpractice for this this is absolutely criminal I am suffering everyday

    • I am so very sorry for your needless suffering. It is criminal.

    • It’s terrible. Once you get the scrip you have to plan for 2 days to drive around to get the med. Save your time if Walgreens has denied to fill for u then all.Walgreens will not fill for you. Dont give up call you insurance about mail order. Unless you’re in Fl you should be able to get your meds via mail..

  2. “The drugs lead to abuse and addiction for many patients.”

    For a small percentage of patients, not “many.”

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