A QUANTUM LEAP in the right direction – a bit naive ?

Today is the beginning of the Gloucester Initiative. Our doors are open and will remain so until every addict who seeks help with their disease has treatment. I want to reiterate that every addict who walks into the Gloucester Police Department intent on seeking help will not be charged, We will fast track you to treatment. You will receive no judgment; just professionalism, respect and compassion. Narcan is now available at Conleys, CVS, and Walgreens in Gloucester. We will pay for those who do not have insurance. And we will pay for family members of addicts who do not have insurance so that no one will have to watch a loved one die for lack of money to pay for a medication that could have saved them. We will continue to push for legislation so that seized monies can be earmarked for addiction and recovery at a state and federal level. We will continue to speak with legislators, insurance companies and pharmaceuticals so that addiction is treated as a DISEASE.

And as the national conversation starts to swing toward realization that addiction is a disease, please watch for further developments here, including PAARI, which we hope to unveil within two weeks. We believe it to be a game changer in the national epidemic of opiate abuse.

If you are an addict or a loved one of an addict, that’s our promise to you. All you have to do is take advantage, when you’re ready, to get your life back. We believe you can. We’ll be here.

Chief Campanello

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  1. Narcan doesn’t treat addiction, just overdoses. Fast track you to what kind of treatment?

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