Follow the rules… pt get abandoned by prescriber… ?

Apparently, a prescriber’s oath to “do no harm” doesn’t apply to all physicians.

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  1. this has happened to me too, drs are worthless these days.dr. sam korley pulled this crap on me.

  2. I will probably need to use the library computer as my “security” plug-ins can’t be upgraded, say-to ADOBE or more recent info. Also, I am still not as computer literate as I would like, or need to be these days, given the speed, computer-ethics, and many of the creative uses available to learn. I only know how to research and e-mail. I am an older student. I don’t understand creating websites, posting pictures, cut and paste, Am confused by user name to communicate with different groups, and it’s challenging remembering many passwords.
    Thanks for understanding

    • I did. It was lengthy but very detailed and personal. what happened to my medication story ? was it too long of a reply ? or too detailed, I’m confused

  3. Am having problems with my mail system on my ibookg4 MAC, I can’t update some plug-ins which interferes with important communications

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