When do they cross the line of professional discretion to pt/senior abuse ?


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  1. This is akin to trying to cause harm to this (these) patients. It’s causing undue emotional pain and suffering as well as physical pain and suffering and outright neglect by the doctors that fire patients from a practice for no reason or false reasons.
    Heck I was fired from an orthopedic practice for demanding to see the surgeon (instead of his PA) whom implanted a disc in my neck and I had wound dehiscence and suture was inching out of it for months after the surgery. The surgeon refused to see me and I insisted he see me. His PA left the room and came back with security to escort me out! I wasn’t even in narcotics at the time. I was fired for complaining about my neck wound and prickly clear suture streaming out of the incision!
    I never got a letter… Nothing! Just an escort out of the office by the arm by a big man and a warning to never come back!
    Before this decade is never heard of doctors firing patients. I’m an RN myself and had never heard of this practice until the last decade or so. I know it probably happened before in extreme cases… But u never heard of a rash of patients who are literally medical refugees!!!
    How are these doctors getting away with neglecting their duties to treat and not abandon their patients. I know as a nurse if u leave your shift before a replacement comes u can be sued for “patient abandonment”. Why are doctors protected from this? Isn’t it neglect and abandonment!?!?!

  2. Maybe when doctors are abandoned by their own doctors, they’ll understand what it feels like. And how dangerous it is.

  3. I shot these with my phone. This 81 year old lady, on 10mg OxyContin twice a day for years, recently moved to Helena. She saw a family doctor, who was not comfortable carrying Her on the med thT had done fine with for years. Referred to physiatrist. She was unable to see that doctor in a timely fashion, so she saw me one time.

    I wrote her a months Rx. When he found out she saw me, he apparently got all the times out of order, and fired her.
    No inquiry
    No questions asked
    No concern for taper
    Lots of certainty, no accuracy.

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