Shore hospital notifies patients they may have been exposed to HIV

Shore hospital notifies patients they may have been exposed to HIV Pharmacist allegedly replaced morphine with saline and exposed patients to his own blood A Jersey shore hospital has notified 213 patients they may have been exposed to HIV and hepatitis B and C. Warning letters to at-risk patients indicate a former employee of Shore […]

SO.. you think that FAKE ID’s are not a big issue ?

Ukrainian Man, 23, Arrested for Pretending to Be High School Student Here we have a TWENTY-THREE y/o MAN spending his days – pretending to be a TEENAGER – and socializing daily with girls as young as 13-14 y/o. So you think that fake ID’s are not common and not that much of a problem […]

My inbox 02/24/2016

I am 63 and have had to take Dexedrine ER, usually from 120mg to 150mg, every day since I was 39. I had ADHD as a white trash kid but was not treated. I got into UC Davis and ended graduating from UC Hastings. Four years into my career a guy driving 80 veered into […]

Walgreens & CVS customer satisfactions ratings DROP

ACSI: Walgreens, CVS tops in customer satisfaction Don’t tell anyone… but.. independent Pharmacies typically has the HIGHEST customer satisfactions rating… but apparently since they are only abt 30%-40% of the community pharmacy outlets.. we won’t count them.. other than a FOOT NOTE ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Walgreens is the top drug store when it […]

Pharmacist as “healthcare disrupters “? Think PHARMACY CRAWL ?

“There isn’t a DEA employee who’s going to tell you it’s a good thing.”

Second suspect arrested in alleged drug conspiracy involving DEA task force member New details emerged Tuesday about the arrest of a Louisiana narcotics officer assigned to a U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration task force, as State Police released a report showing the deputy was booked with an alleged accomplice accused of distributing more than 5 […]

DEA, police find fentanyl pills marked like oxycodone

DEA, police find fentanyl pills marked like less-potent drug CLEVELAND (AP) – Authorities say they’ve arrested a man in a Cleveland suburb after seizing more than 900 fentanyl pills marked liked tablets of the less-potent opiate oxycodone. A U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agent’s affidavit says the pills were found Feb. 3 during a search […]

A Terrible company with NO SOUL ?… comment on

You will have to click two -three times on image to make more readable This is apparently from a former CVS employee .. who apparently didn’t have such a good experience working for and impression of this company But… the poster only used the words ILLEGAL and FRAUD once describing the company and the actions […]

The “SECOND OPINION” on your medical treatment that you don’t know about or ask for ?

CVS Health Touts Restrained Prescription Spending Growth CVS Health is refining its prescription for controlling drug costs, and patients can expect more frequent coverage adjustments, as the pharmacy benefits manager pours over data and reacts to expense spikes. The Woonsocket, Rhode Island, company says changes to its formularies, or lists of covered drugs, and […]

It is PUT UP or SHUT UP time for the FL BOP… document.. document… document

Thanks for the new law in Florida I called the Fl complaint dept from that site and they suggest I should send in the complaint form with all the documentation and letter because of the new law that was passed they should follow these guild line and not just refuse cause they don’t feel comfortable […]

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