Per Cardinal Wholesaler – RPH are not medical professionals

This is a email that I received today Judge DENIED the TRO Cardinal stated that I am NOT a Medical Professional and I have no knowledge with which to base whether #720 Oxycodone 30mg for a patient dying from anal cancer was legitimate.  In fact, they state that dose is NOT legitimate and the patient […]

Out of the ashes Back in May… this newly opened independent pharmacy was robbed … the owner/pharmacist and a customer was shot and killed during a robbery… The store recently reopened.. with the RPH’s wife being the store manager and a new RPH’s hired on.. Another incident that the government’s war on drugs… and one person’s addictive personality […]

Indiana BOP .. really on top of things – yea right…

Local man continues to feel side effects of tainted steroid injections This a article from a Evansville newspaper From the article… The Indiana board is committed to protecting citizens, Director Greg Pachmayr said, board investigators conduct unannounced inspections in compounding facilities. The pharmacy board is doing the best it can, pharmacy law expert and […]

Never do anything when you are tired and in a hurry

Thanks goodness for the coding geniuses at my ISP.. I went to make a change on  my other website and uploaded the code to this file… everything was there . except the index … which is the start prgm for the whole thing to run… they were able to “fix” the index prgm and […]

Rumbles in California…

No it is not about earthquakes… Word on the street… in California.. the Medical Licensing Board is “rattling sabers ” about RPH’s having to follow protocol established by their corporate employers when dealing with filling control meds.. Like requesting ICD9’s … inquiring how long therapy has been going on… what else has the prescriber tried […]

why in the hell… Why do we continue to use teaspoonfuls/tablespoonfuls in directions for medications… There are more and more med errors showing up with the mix up of “ml/cc” doses are mistakenly entered as teaspoonful or tablespoonful in the computer and on the label… We all know that there is no such thing as a uniform teaspoonful […]

Look… they are going to start observing OBRA 90 !

This is on Rite Aid’s website … their new Wellness65 program From the Website: FREE Pharmacist Consultation Every wellness65+ member has the opportunity to receive a consultation with a pharmacist. The consultation will include a review of: Your Medications Your Immunization Needs Free Pharmacy Services Free Blood Pressure Screening Medicare Part D Questions If […]

My inbox 07/02/2013

This showed up in my inbox today… Hi Pharmacist Steve, We’ve never talked or met on any websites/chronic pain support groups before, so I’m hoping you’ll take pity on me and answer my inquiry even though you don’t know me. I have severe RSD/CRPS in my feet, ankles, and back of legs. Also have peripheral […]

Osco to the RPH Union – SCREW YOU !

Teamsters File Unfair Labor Practice Charge Against Osco Teamsters Local 727 has filed unfair labor practice charges against Jewel-Osco after the company violated the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) when it terminated Teamster pharmacist and bargaining committee member Harold Collier.  Collier has been an Osco pharmacist for 30 years.

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