Rumor on the street 07/20/2013

What do you do when a relief RPh in a store is a senior male and the store’s restroom is up two flights of stairs and the RPH is unable to climb the stairs? Reportedly in this very old building.. there is a old freight elevator, that will go up to the second floor in […]

Wall Street Journal picks up on CVS whistle blower lawsuit

CVS Sued by a Former Pharmacist Tim Martin ( Medical Reporter for WSJ) has penned a article about Joe Zorek’s whistler blower & EEOC lawsuit against CVS. The lawsuit was file Thursday July 18th  

Major Whistler Blower case against CVS filed today!

As I have said before .. you just never know what is going to show up in my inbox… It would appear that the shit is really starting to hit CVS’ “fan”. 1.1 Civil Cover Sheet 1 – Complaint It would seem that a ex-CVS PIC/Pharmacist is taking on this corporate giant.. over various issues… […]

china knows how to treat corporate crooks !

GSK officer barred from leaving China amid probe From the article: Drug manufacturer GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), which is under investigation on suspicion that its employees bribed Chinese doctors, yesterday said the finance director for its local unit has been barred from leaving China. Enough said !

Systemic corruption ?

Prosecutors: Walgreens had lax control over prescription painkillers From the Article: The settlement is the largest sum ever paid by a pharmacy chain in the United States and came about as a result of probes into Walgreen Co. pharmacies in Long Island, Florida, Colorado, Michigan, and other parts of the country, the release said […]

Would you believe

Pharmacist named 3rd best job in America From the article: list compiled by U.S. News & World Report. The magazine based its Top-100 rankings on U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) data identifying professions with the highest projected openings through 2020. The magazine then graded those professions based on 10-year growth volume, 10-year growth […]

Settlement thrown out for TH pharmacist A Pharmacist is “racked over the coals” for filling a few Rx from out of state docs..  Where I live… in a metro area that covered two different states… people bringing Rxs from “out of state” doc are a very common thing.. except this Rph filled Rxs for […]

This DEA story just keeps getting stranger and stranger

I recently wrote about Cardinal Wholesaler “cutting off” the controls to one of its Medicine Shoppe Franchisees… I have been communicating with this RPH.. and the information that is being provided to me… makes this whole situation very bizarre … It would seem that this whole situation unfolded because a pt was referred […]

to provide or not to provide – that is the question !

This has been my first full week running my friends’ business I am now COO/CFO of this very large HME company with 50 odd employees and operating in some 5 states.. I am still trying to get all the significant data points and wrap my head around it. For those of you not involved […]

No wonder pts die – because of our healthcare system

A few weeks ago .. I wrote about my wife being Dxed with A-Fib and being hospitalized I had issues with the cardiologist from nearly the get-go.. He was wanting to put her on Xarelto … he didn’t notice – or care – that there was a level one interaction with one of her […]

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