A Million Lawsuits Are Coming, And About Time Too !


who is going to become a WHISTLE BLOWER ?

It is claimed that 10 million Epidural Spinal Injections (ESI) are given every year and 5% of the pts who get these ESI’s end up with Adhesive Arachnoiditis https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arachnoiditis  which is a very painful and irreversible condition. Generally caused by the practitioner inserting the needle a “bit to far” and end up injecting fluids into […]

Pete Hegseth adorns a RED BASEBALL CAP after delivering his commencement address


Another “mental health” addiction crisis that few are talking about ?

Suburban Teen Binge Drinking Rates Outpace Nation While some parents may think it’s better to allow their kids and friends to drink supervised at home, social hosting, as it’s called, is punishable by jail time in Illinois. https://www.nbcchicago.com/investigations/Suburban-Teen-Binge-Drinking-Rates-Outpace-Nation-510098251.html Suburban Chicago teens are getting their hands on alcohol and drinking to excess more often than most […]

$15,000 confiscated .. didn’t cover the cost of the “heroin bust ” ?

135 officers arrest 50 people in massive Connecticut heroin bust: 11 suspects on the run https://www.foxnews.com/us/police-arrest-51-people-in-massive-connecticut-heroin-bust State and Federal law enforcement arrested 50 people in Connecticut on Friday as part of a massive undercover operation that resulted in the seizure of thousands of bags of heroin, guns and $15,000 in cash. Police in Waterbury say the arrests were […]

Pts die in hospital BECAUSE ….


Is the path that the chronic pain community is on … heading for a DEAD END ?

Here is a recent article stating that legal opiates filled is down to 34 doses per adult.  Hope in the drug crisis: New data shows prescription opioid use fell at a historic rate last year If one presumes that the minimum treatment for a intractable chronic pain pt’s treatment would be TWO LONG ACTING DOSES […]

New OU study profiles the ‘changing face’ of suicide

New OU study profiles the ‘changing face’ of suicide https://www.athensmessenger.com/news/new-ou-study-profiles-the-changing-face-of-suicide/article_dbfd1a33-10e6-5218-9da3-9b24f6080277.html Where does suicide live in Ohio? How old is it? What does it look like? According to a new study released by The Ohio Alliance for Innovation in Population Health (The Alliance), its identity is increasingly comprised of individuals both young and old. In the […]

hospital invoked a law allowing it to deny further care to a Texas woman

Texas woman taken off life support against family’s wishes – then a pro-life group stepped in https://www.foxnews.com/health/texas-woman-plug-pulled-life-saving-escape A Texas woman was taken off life support Monday, against her family’s wishes, after the hospital invoked a law allowing it to deny further care. But a pro-life group stepped in and helped her “escape” to a place that was […]

Few prescription medications MADE IN THE USA

Heart-Drug Suppliers for Millions Faulted Over Data, Bugs and Dirt https://www.supplychainbrain.com/articles/29738-heart-drug-suppliers-for-millions-faulted-over-data-bugs-dirt A pair of drugmakers in India that the U.S. is counting on to produce generic blood-pressure pills after a far-reaching recall have been faulted by regulators for quality-control issues. Cadila Healthcare Ltd. and Alkem Laboratories Ltd. both won approvals in March from the Food […]

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