Seventh Circuit Mulls $1M Award in CVS Defamation Case CHICAGO (CN) – Considering whether to uphold a $1 million jury award, the Seventh Circuit heard Friday from an Indianapolis attorney who claims CVS pharmacists acted with actual malice when they told his patients he was under investigation for running a pill mill. Dr. Anthony Mimms convinced a jury this year that CVS pharmacists […]

Sen McCaskill: pain advocates should not take contributions from pain pharmas

Opioid makers gave $10M to drug advocacy groups amid epidemic WASHINGTON — Companies selling some of the most lucrative prescription painkillers funneled millions of dollars to advocacy groups that in turn promoted the medications’ use, according to a report released this past week by a U.S. senator. The investigation by Missouri’s Sen. Claire McCaskill […]

The Coalition of 50 State Pain Advocacy Groups (C-50)

The Coalition of 50 State Pain Advocacy Groups (C-50) advises that the Senate Finance Committee wants feedback on how Medicare/Medicaid program incentives can be used for beneficiaries with chronic pain that minimize the risk of becoming addicted to opioids.  YOU MUST RESPOND BY TOMORROW:  MONDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 19, 2018.  (The deadline was extended from 2/16/18). If you would […]

The two faces of the opioid crisis For many people, the face of the opioid crisis in this country is the scene of a drugged-out mother and father passed out on a couch with a little child forlornly looking at them. It is a heartbreaking image of a family being destroyed by addiction, and of young lives being shattered. But the […]

2017 in review … what killed us

Today is 02/19/2018.. who will not be here tomorrow 2016 in review … what killed us 6775 Americans will die EVERY DAY – from various reasons 2700 people  WILL ATTEMPT SUICIDE 140 will be SUCCESSFUL – including 20 veterans 270 will die from hospital acquired antibiotic resistant “bug” because staff won’t properly wash hands and/or […]

The Difference Between Intractable and Chronic Pain The current attempts by a number of parties to castigate and humiliate pain patients and their medical practitioners is not just pathetic and mostly false, it is dangerous to the fate and life of many intractable pain (IP) patients.  If it wasn’t so serious, some of the claims, biases and beliefs would make good […]

HHS: looking into how to leverage PDMPs to track prescribing histories and “substance abusers” ?

HHS plan for the opioid crisis: Track prescribing patterns with Medicaid data As part of its FY19 budget request, the agency is looking into how to leverage PDMPs to track prescribing histories, as well as reporting suspected abuse to the DEA. President Trump’s proposed FY19 budget for the U.S. Department of Health and Human […]

AR: Coroners are not required to have a medical or investigative background LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (KTHV) — The opioid epidemic is putting a major strain on aspects of the criminal justice system you may not expect. Last week we told you that a high number of cases is causing a backlog at the Arkansas State Crime Lab. State coroners, also feeling the heat, are working […]

Some people’s world must be made up of perfect circles and perfectly smooth roads

hi, I take  Oxycodone,( its workers comp), live in xxxx seeing a Dr. for pain, have 2really bad knees,. he’s more of  a family Dr, an is willing to help me. the question is, the manager there, said I have to see the Dr,same day as I get my pills filled. t never had to […]

Regulators fault public hospital for care of patient left on floor before he died Officials at the District’s only public hospital were unable to show that they promptly assessed a patient who repeatedly cried out that he couldn’t breathe, an investigation by the D.C. Department of Health has found. The investigation also determined that the hospital’s initial report of the incident to regulators was not accurate. The probe, […]

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