Another collateral damage of the war on drugs/pts ?

Health Care and which political parties they donate money to in 2020

Health Services/HMOs Summary Totals Background Lobbying Money to Congress Contributors Recipients News Health Services/HMOs: Top Contributors to Federal Candidates, Parties, and Outside Groups Election cycle: Breakdown to display: Total contributions: $151,572,671 Toggle Party/Viewpoint percentages To Candidates and Parties To Outside Spending Groups Rank Contributor Total Contribs Total Dem% Repub% Total 1 Adelson Clinic for […]

Medical Science now using DNA testing on inherited Cardiovascular Disease

Genetic Testing for Inherited Cardiovascular Diseases: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association Cardiac Genetic Testing can be used to: Clarify the diagnosis in a person who has, or is suspected to have, inherited heart disease Identify the cause of heart disease in a family Predict which family members are at-risk to develop […]

Some are not going to agree with this post… some will not understand it… often the truth is hard to swallow

We have lived in the house that we we built in 1974 and I mean that WE BUILT IT – about 70% of the labor was from Barb or me. We live on a acre lot and over the years, we – mostly Barb  – increased the amount of flower beds around the property.  Barb […]

Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed : Teens – diagnosing Heroin addiction with one pill and side comments on Adderall

Teenagers have normal adult brains They do not become addicted because their brains are not developed. Brain development is a problem with those who make these pronouncements. These new ideas about Heroin Addiction are for any age, mainly how to diagnosis the disease quickly before it gets out of hand. 90% of Heroin addiction starts […]

Number of independent pharmacies in U.S. increasing

Number of independent pharmacies in U.S. increasing WASHINGTON — The number of independent pharmacies in the United States increased in 2020, according to a new analysis of pharmacy data. Pharmacy data from the National Council for Prescription Drug Programs, analyzed by the healthcare analytics firm Quest Analytics, shows the overall number of independent pharmacy […]

It has taken 61 yrs for us to be on the precipice of Communism prediction – are we there now ?

Some disabilities are more protected than others ?

Uber ordered to pay $1.1M after denying blind passenger rides 14 times Uber has been ordered to pay $1.1 million to a blind passenger after an independent arbitrator ruled that the company’s drivers discriminated against her after refusing her rides on 14 separate occasions. Lisa Irving, a San Francisco Bay Area resident, brought the claim against Uber in 2018 […]

Nurse charged practicing medicine without a license – potential 1-5 yrs & $10,000 fine if found guilty

‘Brazen’ Facebook post leads to charges for nurse after COVID-19 patient’s death The nurse who is accused of removing the oxygen from a nursing home resident who died hours later has been charged with a felony. Connie Sneed, 52, has been charged by the Clark County Prosecutor with practicing medicine without a license, a Level 5 […]

When bureaucrats knows more about a pt’s medication needs that the pt’s physician ?

This looks like another Medical Board that has no understanding that surgical induced pain is different and ADDITIVE to existing chronic pain and this letter appears to be from a neurosurgical group. This letter also suggests that any/all pts should expect pain to persist for up to at least TWO MONTHS post surgery. So if […]

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