The truth will not always set you free – but it might get you FIRED

There has seemingly been a rash of Pharmacists walking off and or not showing up for work around me and Rx depts in Walgreens, CVS, Target it has been reported are being opened sporadically.  Of course those pts that patronize generally don’t have to deal with such problems… because the pharmacy/owner of the pharmacy will show up to open the store and work…  because they have a substantial investment in the pharmacy.  In case anyone is interesting in finding a independent pharmacy… here is a link to find one by zip code


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  1. Safe! Safe! We WANT EVERY ONE SAFE!!! (And us to look ‘good’. …No matter how much it kills THEM…)

  2. Good for them that they read Pharmacist Steve!

  3. As a retired pharmacist with over 50 yrs in retail practice, I can easily understand this situation, currently only worse with staffing problems exacerbated by payroll cuts and Covid-19. Add this to the ‘shoot the messenger’ attitude of many customers and we might see something akin to unruly airline passengers or fights at football games.

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