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President addresses the nation

Since Twitter, Face Book and others have banned the leader of our country from using the web… I thought that I would share this here

Is our members of Congress really paying attention to the wants/needs of our citizens ?

For those of you who have not been following the things in/around BIG TECH….there is a law that is referred to as SECTION 230, which basically prohibit big tech (Amazon, Google, Face Book, Twitter) from being sued for what is posted on their websites, unlike newspapers and magazines.  After the “dust up” on the capital […]

This person got over 80 million votes, but how many were cast by legally registered voters ?

As seen on the web

Is it time for the community to focus on a NEW TARGET ?

I can’t count the number of times that someone with the community has says… “no one understands what I am going thru” Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone understood “living with chronic pain” and the impact that the insurance/PBM industries have on getting proper treatment. Because of the McCarran Ferguson Act  the insurance/PBM industry […]

looking for patients who have experienced delays in getting their mail order meds

I’m  ( ) looking for patients who have experienced delays in one of the areas listed below and who would be willing to share their stories with a TV News reporter. Send an email to Memphis, TN Areas west of Memphis over to Jackson, TN and up to Dyersburg Counties such as Fayette, […]

Something that needs to be shared

Robert D. Rose Jr. Admin   · 32m  · Folks I’ve been speaking to this guy, Greer Brigham , and he seems to be on the up and up. Although reporters have screwed us over in the past maybe give this guy a chance and see what becomes of his article. Please understand, I offer […]

Could issues/actions with section 230 help those with chronic conditions in dealing with the insurance/PBM industry ?

For those of you who are not following what is going on after the “activity” at the capital bldg.  Face Book, Twitter, Instagram have cancelled/deleted President Trump’s accounts. Section 230 was passed by Congress to exempt – what has become the big tech companies – an exemption from lawsuit because they were suppose to provide […]

Administration finalizes requirement for hospitals to post rates paid by health plans

Administration finalizes requirement for hospitals to post rates paid by health plans By January 2021, hospitals must post online the rates they negotiate with individual health plans and rates for 300 “shoppable services.” A hospital advocate has promised to challenge the new requirements in court. A separate proposal would require health plans also to […]

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