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An end to opioid overdoses, addiction?

An end to opioid overdoses, addiction? How naive .. that there are no addicts out there with a degree in chemistry that could figure out how to circumvent the abuse deterrent process… post it on the web or “dark web” and their process as an abuse deterrent – IS TOAST ! A Morristown-based pharmaceutical […]

A way to predict who’ll become a drug addict

A way to predict who’ll become a drug addict Most MEDICAL DIRECTORS – abt 75% – are just GP/FP with a few internists thrown in… In all likelihood, they no longer practice medicine and may have not have practiced much after graduating from school and getting their license.  Most are making medical decisions way […]

One Good Thing with Ken McKim: S1E7 – Mental Health

CDC getting into the climate change debate… confirmed deaths from this epidemic/pandemic ?

CDC Abruptly Canceled A Long-Planned Climate Summit Days Before Trump Became President The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention abruptly canceled a climate change summit scheduled for next month just days before President Donald Trump was sworn in, a group involved in the event told The Huffington Post. The conference, slated to take place […]

A reader asked me to post this

Virginia House Joint Resolution 547 VA State Legislature page for HJR547 Summary Sponsors Texts Votes Research Comments Track Status Spectrum: Partisan Bill (Republican 3-0) Status: Introduced on December 5 2016 – 25% progression Action: 2016-12-05 – Referred to Committee on Rules Pending: House Rules Committee Hearing: Jan 31 in 6th Floor Speakers Conference Room Text: […]

Untreated pain can .. indirectly… cause HEART ATTACK.

Depression is as bad for your heart as high cholesterol It is common knowledge that anxiety and depression go hand in hand with chronic pain… “they say” that pain won’t kill anyone… but this study suggests that untreated pain could be a contributing factor to heart attacks When you think of heart attacks, you […]

Medicare population has “among the highest and fastest-growing rates of diagnosed opioid use disorder.

The Obama Administration’s Final Say on Opioids CMS is suppose to be the entity with OVER-SIGHT of the quality of healthcare services provided to Medicare and Medicaid.  They are suppose to keep a Star Rating System over these providers…now they are expected to have some of the health care providers that they oversee – […]

An App That Makes It Easy to Pester Your Congress Member

An App That Makes It Easy to Pester Your Congress Member Joe Trippi pioneered the use of social media as a fundraising tool. As campaign manager for Democratic presidential candidate Howard Dean in 2004, he started a trend that has reinvented that way politicians run for office. But he believes that many politicians are […]


By the Numbers: Americans’ Soda Habit Hard to Shake About half of Americans drank at least one sugary beverage daily, accounting for one of every fifteen calories consumed each day, according to a study released by the National Center for Health Statistics on Thursday. The study, based on federal survey data collected from 2011-2014, […]

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