Imagine this: Federal courts protecting the (illegal ?) actions of the DEA ?

Menominee Indian Tribes Lawsuit agaisnt the DEA Dismissed MENOMINEE COUNTY, Wis – The Menominee Indian Tribe’s Lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration and Department of Justice was dismissed by a federal court in Green Bay. DEA and DOJ agents raided Menominee Tribal land last October. The government says it took tens of thousands of […]

I’m from the government… and don’t worry about getting screwed

Why victims of deadly meningitis outbreak haven’t been compensated Kathy Pugh quit her job when her mother got sick from a tainted medication, and now Pugh spends her days helping the once-vibrant 85-year-old get out of bed, shower and dress. If her mom ever were compensated for what she endured, Pugh said she would […]

Telemedicine…trade off of convenience over proper diagnosis ?

Study Finds Misdiagnosis, Prescription Errors In Teledermatology Research reveals virtual visits may be less than effective in treating patients. By Christine Kern, contributing writer A study of 16 online telemedicine companies published by JAMA Dermatology revealed some online physicians misdiagnosed skin cancer, herpes, and syphilis and also prescribed medication without taking a patient’s medical history. […]

FDA takes significant steps to protect Americans from dangers of tobacco through new regulation

FDA takes significant steps to protect Americans from dangers of tobacco through new regulation Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration finalized a rule extending its authority to all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco and pipe tobacco, among others. This historic rule helps implement the bipartisan Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control […]

The Pain of Social Isolation

The Pain of Social Isolation Almost all of my patients suffering from chronic pain are socially isolated.  When you are trapped in pain you have a difficult time reaching out. Others do not necessarily want to interact with angry people. The problem becomes greatly magnified in that it has been shown that social rejection shares […]

Dr. Kostenko files defamation lawsuit against CBS Evening News

Dr. Kostenko files defamation lawsuit against CBS Evening News   Dr. Michael Kostenko has filed a lawsuit against CBS Evening News claiming defamation in two news segments aired in January and April this year. The suit alleges CBS “aired a series of intentional misrepresentations about Dr. Kostenko’s medical practice, including describing his medical facility […]

It is time to cut fish or cut bait…

This election season is going to be maybe a once in a lifetime event for change. On the one hand we have two candidates… one which is winning the majority of the primaries but trails in delegates because the INSIDERS have rigged the process so that their “preferred candidate” will get the nomination of their […]

The Opioid Crisis Is Really a Crisis of Compassion – More SAVE THE ADDICT !

The Opioid Crisis Is Really a Crisis of Compassion   Yesterday I found myself in an odd discussion – I was trying to imagine under what circumstances I would tell a patient that I simply couldn’t treat them because I had reached my quota of 100 heart surgeries and they were number patient 101. […]

Do we now have a new autonomous federal entity ?

DEA agents raid Four Corners dispensary Even after being instructed by Pres Obama and AG Holder, Congress passed a law and a Federal Court declared that the DEA was NOT TO BOTHER MJ dispensaries in states where it has been declared legal… the DEA apparently has decided to continue with BUSINESS AS USUAL. Congress […]

Opiate Rxs DOWN.. Heroin deaths UP.. connection ?

Changes to Ohio laws endanger patients’ access to opioids Opioid pain medications can lead to addiction, but they’re also the most effective drugs for some patients. State and federal guidelines have been crafted to guide doctors. Bob remembers the exact date he hurt his back: June 11, 2005. He picked up a scrap item […]

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