Lawsuit claims DEA’s interpretation of CSA exceeds letter/intent of the law ?

Just in time: Masters Pharmaceutical, Inc. successfully stalls DEA’s order revoking DEA Certificate of Registration On October 14, 2015, Masters Pharmaceutical, Inc. successfully persuaded the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia to press pause on the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) Order to revoke Masters’ Certificate of Registration. Almost exactly one […]

What a pain expert has to say

My position on the opioid controversy is quite simple and I ask all concerned to consider it:   1. We have a long-standing standard known as the World Health Organization 3 Step Analgesic Ladder (1982).  Only when non-opioid treatments fail are opioids used because about everyone knows they have complications;   2. there cannot be a […]

Out of TWO MINUTES… addiction is mentioned multiple times…disease mentioned once

Another attorney and parent that has lost a child to the mental health disease of an addictive personality and he shows  up at a “Heroin Symposium”  when his kid died from alcohol/drug abuse. During a two minute piece, only ONCE was there a mention of addiction being a disease… but not one mention of addiction […]

Pts have to account for every control dose given since birth ?

This is a ADD/ADHD pt that according to “Pharmacist Bob” has failed to account for ONE DOSE every 10 weeks over the last FOUR YEARS.  It sounds like “Pharmacist Bob” has filled this person’s C-II Rx monthly over all those years.. and now he takes 45 minutes to tie out the tablet count over a […]

Son dies after abusing substances for 10 yrs..

Increase in Drug Overdose Deaths Leads to State Action Plan The state is trying to stop a growing drug abuse epidemic with a new plan to monitor powerful prescription painkillers. The Drug and Opioid Abuse Task Force released several recommendations to the Governor on Monday. The nearly 30 recommendations are aimed at preventing and treating […]

When healthcare providers are more of the problem than the solution

 Importance of Health Insurance Health insurance is a health insurance risk hedged against the probability that if and when someone unexpectedly becomes sick, requires expensive treatments, or is at the mercy of a chronic condition that requires long-term care they will not fall into dire financial straits. Who will pay for all of the medical […]

100,000 die every year from hospital/nursing home acquired infection

Bacterial infection suspected in deaths of four at Pennsylvania hospital (CNN)A Pennsylvania hospital said Monday that it’s telling about 1,300 open-heart surgery patients they could have been exposed to a bacterial infection after identifying eight patients who contracted nontuberculous mycobacterium, or NTM. Four of those patients died. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […]

IT’S OFFICIAL: Walgreens is buying Rite Aid

IT’S OFFICIAL: Walgreens is buying Rite Aid If the FTC allows this merger to happen that means that abt 60% of all chain pharmacy outlets will be controlled by TWO NAMES ! and abt 25% of all community pharmacies.  The possible real TROJAN HORSE is that both of these mega players will have  PBM’s […]

Another Pharmacist’s point of view…

This is a comment on this blog by another Pharmacist/reader on this post  and points out the legal requirements of a Pharmacist in processing a prescription. A lot of things that are REQUIRED are based on facts. In dealing with subjective diseases many “facts” are not black/white but subjective and often fuzzy.  One thing […]

this lawsuit represents a blatant end-run around state law and the constitutional and jurisdiction limitations on executive officials, most notably the attorney general

Drug firms want WV Supreme Court to halt ‘pill mill’ suit Legally licensed prescribers write prescriptions…. pharmacies fill these legal prescription… Pharmacies orders replacement stock from legally licensed wholesalers.. AG is suing wholesalers because they sold properly ordered controlled meds where ordered by legally licensed … and the AG is suing the wholesalers ????? […]

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