When “supply & demand” has conflict with the “value of a human life”

Ever human life has a “basic value”.. that basic value is derived from one person’s respect for another. When that respect breaks down or disappears, can one claim that all human lives have the same value? This past summer the pharmacy community lost two Pharmacists, 1 pharmacy clerk and two customers to the supply and […]

They are coming to take me away !

I am getting so fed up with the poorly trained staff at nursing homes and the similar types that corps hire as pharmacy techs. I see a order for Clonidine 0.1mg and to DECREASE the dose to 0.5 mg .. this is what came from the nursing home and the tech typed in “TAKE FIVE […]

Let’s stop drinking the corporate “kool-aid”

Collectively, our profession has an acute case of Optimism Bias.. According to Wikipedia… Optimism bias is the demonstrated systematic tendency for people to be overly optimistic about the outcome of planned actions. I don’t need to expound on every thing that we let slide… short cuts we have allowed to develop … that we know […]

The Constitution is being suspended in New Jersey

According to a article published in www.NJ.com… According to Thomas Calcagni, director of the state Division of Consumer Affairs, which oversees the licensing and enforcement of doctors, dentists and other prescribers, as well as pharmacists… “… plans to unilaterally revoke drug privileges from doctors, pharmacists and other licensed professionals suspected of breaking the law…” Whatever […]

If it isn’t documented .. it didn’t happen

I have often told Pharmacists that -outside of the Rx filling process -we document too little and that there is a major difference between expressing concerns about something and COMPLAINING. The first is typically expressed to supervisors/management and kept within the company’s infrastructure. The latter is when your concerns are not addressed and you are […]

Makes you kind of wonder?

We have four major cell providers AT&T, Verizon, Sprint & T mobile.. Recently the Justice dept refused to let the merger of AT&T and T Mobile go thru. Even after the merger, that would have left us with three major players. However, Justice seems destine to allow the merger of Medco & ESI to become […]

Read the rules – DAMN IT!

Here is a quote from the Indiana practice act “Qualifying pharmacist” means the pharmacist who will qualify the pharmacy by being responsible to the board for the legal operations of the pharmacy under the permit. — this is the PIC definition — compare it to your practice act… Here is the definition of a what […]

Groups oppose CMS’ LTC consultant pharmacists proposal

There is one that I almost lost my dinner on when I read this one… I shouldn’t read these things this close after a meal. CMS Proposal Here is a quote from the article In addition, the CMS proposal draws on incorrect perceptions about the ethics of consultant pharmacists, according to the American Society of […]

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