1960 called: it wants pts to have medical freedom and restore doctor/patient rights back

A chronic pain patient advocate asked that I share this.
We Are Americans and Should Be Proud 🇺🇸
Through the years of fighting for pain patient’s rights and doctor’s rights, the dynamics has changed.
I recall feeling united with people with one goal, medical freedom.
Through the years, I noticed that there were more good people than bad. I noticed a few pain patients really didn’t seem to be pain patients at all and started to cause division.
Good research was being done to prove that removal of pain medication really had no positive change on addiction and overdoses, in fact, things were getting worse. We saw good doctors being judicially persecuted. We saw pain patients were developing additional health conditions due to untreated/under treated pain. We also were losing friends due to death from untreated pain and suicide. Still we forged on.
While many of us are still fighting for our rights for medical freedom, I am now watching posts from, (what I used to consider) top advocates that used to use the constitution to fight for medical freedom. Those same advocates turning around and putting that same constitution in the shredder. Are we really living in the same country? You can not be for medical freedom and want restoration of doctor/patient rights, then support mandates that have no constitutional basis.
Did those advocates stop to think that some people that suffer from chronic pain were people that were pressured into a medical procedure in the past? These people were not allowed medical freedom in the past, and now they are stuck with a life of pain. Now, these advocates are wanting to help the government push something into people’s bodies (that they know nothing of the person’s medical situation).
Also, for you that thought this whole fight was about chronic pain and unintended consequences, and that’s all it was about, well it’s time to open your eyes. This has never been just about not treating chronic pain. This has always been about control, and taking away our freedoms, one at a time.
When we ask the government for more help, that help comes with strings. That means the government can decide if you get a test, procedure, medication, etc. Did you know that some states are collecting data about what medication is being prescribed for certain conditions? Did you know that some states have added all prescription medications into their prescription drug data base? This is laying the foundation for the government to be your doctor. Do you want the government to be your doctor?
As an advocate, my focus has always been about patient/doctor rights and my fight remains, medical freedom. Other advocates that I used to look up to, I no longer do. They are using politics in a divisive manner. These constitution shredding advocates think a communist medical system will treat their pain? Either choose pushing for America to remain a free country, or let it fall (and all of us with it). This isn’t a political thing, this is an American thing. Start loving this country.
We need to fight for this country and medical freedom. We need to fight, as strong as our Veterans have for this country, who now deserve the best care. God bless the USA. 🇺🇸
Anonymous American medical freedom fighter.

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  1. JMO,,,ITS CALLED THE FREEDOM TO CHOOSE WHAT WE PUT IN OUR ADULT BODIES,,, ,,not the government choice at all,ever,maryw

  2. Medical Freedom of Choice to All on Everthing! USA is supposed to be the example to the world of Real Freedom. Supposed people to be for ALL Freedoms but is it going to pass this test? Or has Media stolen the country. Theres no picking and choosing when it comes to real freedom. Because of that,
    Our founding fathers knew for a Fact that Tyranny was going to rear its ugly head at some point and that’s exactly why they created the Constitution and Bill of Rights. I pray Freedom Wins or USA is gone forever. People should be able to clearly see there’s an Evil force pushing an Agenda today to tear Special America down. I really hope all citizens will fight to keep America Free. Its Freedom or Communist, there is no both.

  3. I’m a little confused. Are they trying to equal access to opiates with the freedom to not receive the Covid vaccine? If this is the case, will then also want “medical freedom” to not vaccinate for measles, mumps, etc? I agree with F1 Rocket Engine..We know about the opiates.

    • Yes. Many ‘wants’ and ‘wishes’, some that come with medical misinformation, such as ‘all vaccines are bad all the time’ (yes there are always a few wild hairs, bad reactions, etc. to the Corona vaccines, which amazingly, are, overall, safe and effective), dilutes THE EFFORT to get what pain sufferers need first by far – the Medicinal Opiates.

      Mixing what we KNOW with other issues unrelated to SEVERE PAIN, some ‘infected’ with medical misinformation, MUST equal an Opiate Recovery Effort that is, in the minds of the people we need to convince, hard to understand and hard to listen to, …and it is then that this effort becomes impotent.

      Perhaps we need these other things. But it has to be one thing at a time or at least completely separate efforts. We can’t ask for everything all at once.

  4. It has to be about OPIATES. It can’t ever be about anything else. Medical Freedom and the Constitution are very big mountains to move. Opiates, in this stew of ‘stupidity for profit’, is ALREADY a big mountain to move. We know about Opiates thanks to Dr. Kline and Red Lawhern. Stick with what we know. ‘KISS’ is a good policy here it seems to me. They can’t reject what ‘we know’, only admit or lie about it. We have to ‘push them’ with what we have, …not with what we don’t have or think we might have or have but requires the greatest of human efforts, over time, to win. We KNOW about the Opiates.

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