A lawsuit filed Tuesday in the Harris County District Court alleges a Walgreens pharmacy gave a woman the wrong prescription medication, which she took.

According to the lawsuit, the woman delivered a prescription for Schizophrenia treatment in May 2013 to a Walgreens pharmacy at Cypress Creek Parkway and Ella Boulevard in North Houston. Later she picked up her prescription and followed written instructions to take two tablets daily.

“However, after taking the medication for approximately one day, [the woman] became extremely tires, moody, and began experiencing dizziness,” the lawsuit said.

The next day, she contacted the pharmacy to inquire about the unusual effects. They told her she’d been given the wrong medication. She’d been given a prescription for low blood pressure. According to the website MedicineNet.com, that medication—Amlodipine Besylate—can cause heart attacks or heart failure on rare occasions.

Neither the attorney for the woman nor Walgreens would comment on the case.

The woman alleges medical malpractice and seeks $10,000.