yourvote1-ribbonFirst they came for the mentally ill addicts, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a mentally ill addict.

Then they came for the empathetic prescribers, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a empathetic prescriber.

Then they came for the Pharmacists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Pharmacist.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me

Vote as if your life depends upon it.

votersI made this post I am going to start making FB posts and tweets a couple of days ago and listed the FB and twitter accounts for the major presidential candidates.

For two days in a row, I have made a post on these and they HAVE NOT BEEN DELETED…

If you suffer from an “invisible disease”  – pain, anxiety, depression, ADD/ADHD mental health – you are in the cross hairs of the DEA/CDC/FDA. The agenda of these agencies – as they take away your medications – to make you “invisible” to society.. by making you  house/chair/bed confined… and could be the underlying reason(s) for the increased suicides that we are seeing/hearing about.

Remember when Obamacare was first being discussed in Congress and eventually passed and much talk about “death panels”.  With the CDC’s new guidelines on opiate prescribing…  who put these guidelines together ?…. a “panel of experts”.. many believe that these guidelines are going to cause a lot of otherwise PREMATURE deaths.. because of prescribers be fearful of not following these guidelines and the consequences to their livelihood, licenses and their personal freedom .  Forget about their oath to “do no harm”… it has seemingly changed to “do no harm” to themselves and their families, pts are being left to defend for themselves.

Pretty much sure that all the Presidential candidates know is that we have a opiate abuse epidemic.. involving 2.1 million people..  The population of New York city is FOUR TIMES THAT NUMBER.. and that number is < 0.7% of the US population. It is estimated that we have 20% of the population using/abusing/addicted to the two drugs of Alcohol & Tobacco.  Some 60-70 million people.

This is not the first time in world history where certain segments of a population has “disappeared” …  SIX MILLION Jews “disappeared” during Hitler’s reign over Germany… the term that we are talking about is GENOCIDE. The genocide that is now be perpetrated on costly, ill people in the USA is much more covert and disguised as being well intended.

There are an estimated 106 million chronic pain pts… there has been dozens of petitions put up on the internet about chronic pain pt’s needing better treatment.. and anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousands have signed them… never enough signatures to require that they even be considered by the White House or Congress.

Unless a sizeable number of the chronic pain community does get the appropriate treatment of chronic pain as part of this year’s election… the current path of the discrimination against chronic pain pts will be set in stone. 80% of Congress is up for re-election… 106 million votes can determine the winner of any of those running for election/reelection at the Fed/State/local level.

FB posts/Tweets like this … 106 million chronic pain pts voters will support candidate that gets DEA/CDC out of practicing medicine without a license…. or   106 mil chronic pain pts voters will support a candidate that enforces ADA & stops denial of care.

If you are waiting for “george” or a knight on a white horse to come save your ass… THEY ARE NOT COMING… The future of your pain management and/or even your survival… could depend on what you do between now and Nov 8th – Federal Election Day.


List of Congressional Contact

Obama names first national monument to LGBT rights

Obama names first national monument to LGBT rights

There is a estimated NINE MILLION members of the LGBT community.. and in reality they have been discriminated against often by the same police/judicial system whose core mission is to “serve and protect”.   Congress has passed laws against discrimination against particular segments of our society… by the Civil Rights Act 1964 and the Americans with Disability Act 1990. IMO, under the Obama administration those in the LGBT community have experience less discrimination and more freedoms… HOWEVER… during that same time frame… this administration has ramp up the discrimination and segregation of the estimated 106 million chronic pain pts and the estimated 2.1 mental health pts that are self medicating the demons in their head and/or monkeys on their back with some substance … typically opiates.  No NATIONAL MONUMENT for all those who have died from an unintentional or intentional overdose… none for all those chronic pain pts that thanks to the DEA/CDC and other parts of the Federal alphabet soup of agencies and many state legislatures that have decided that they are fully capable of practicing medicine without a license… implementing “cookie cutter” medical guidelines for all chronic pain pts.  Obama campaigned 8 yrs ago and promised to “fundamentally change America” We are now seeing that change can be GOOD or BAD .. depending on the agenda behind the person- or administration – is driving that change and which groups have been targeted to be helped or harmed.  Apparently the promised changes was not suppose to be equalitarian

(CNN)President Barack Obama announced Friday he was designating the area around the Stonewall Inn in New York City as the country’s first national monument to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights.

“This week I’m designating the Stonewall National Monument as the newest addition to America’s national park system,” Obama said in a video released by the White House on Friday.
“I believe our national parks should reflect the full story of our country — the richness and diversity and uniquely American spirit that has always defined us, that we are stronger together. That out of many, we are one,” Obama said.
The White House said the monument would encompass Christopher Park, the Stonewall Inn and the surrounding streets and sidewalks that were the sites of the 1969 Stonewall uprising.
In the early morning of June 28, 1969, a police raid on the Stonewall Inn — a typical occurrence at gay bars in the 1960s — made history when patrons fought back.
After police arrested many Stonewall patrons that morning, people protested outside the bar for weeks afterward, leading to the first march for gay and lesbian rights in July 1969.
Those protests are often credited as a flashpoint for LGBT rights in the United States.
While Obama’s announcement came two days before New York City’s Sunday pride march, which is often celebratory, the attack on the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse that killed 49 people added a somber tone to the announcement.
June is traditionally pride month in many cities around the world, with people turning out for parades and picnics.
While many of those parades have taken on an air of celebration in recent years, both the first parade and the modern gay rights movement can be traced back to the 1969 uprising at the Stonewall Inn.
“The Stonewall uprising, led primarily by people of color and people of transgender experience, was a watershed moment in our nation’s history, sparking what many call the beginning of modern-day LGBT rights movements,” said Wendy Stark, executive director of the Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, which primarily serves New York City’s LGBT community.
“The recognition of Stonewall as a national monument is an important step in recognizing our vibrant past and spotlighting the unique contributions LGBT Americans make to the rich fabric of our nation,” she told CNN.
“In light of the Orlando massacre as well as the daily violence and discrimination our communities still face, it’s never been more important to observe LGBT history in this way,” she said.
Stonewall has remained a gathering place for the LGBT rights movement, attracting celebrations after the Supreme Court ruled for same-sex marriage equality and mourners in the aftermath of the Orlando shooting. Protestors marched from Grand Central Terminal to the Stonewall Inn on Sunday to rally against violence toward the LGBT community.
The National Park Service, which turns 100 this year, has expanded its efforts to include sites that tell the story of the LGBT community and other diverse U.S. communities, park service director Jonathan Jarvis told CNN in April.
The effort includes a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer (LGBTQ) Heritage Initiative, launched in 2014, to identify places and events associated with the story of LGBTQ Americans for inclusion in the park service.
On Monday, June 27, Jarvis and Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett will join other government officials and LGBT leaders in public dedication ceremony of the new monument.
Nearly two years ago, the National Parks Conservation Association launched a national effort to identify potential sites for an LGBT monument.

I am going to start making FB posts and tweets


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There are an estimated 106 million chronic pain pts… plus untold number of spouses and kids as well as millions of healthcare professional being screwed with by the DEA, CDC, FDA and the rest of the alphabet soup of Fed agencies.  I have put together a list of the Face Book and Twitter links to the three major Presidential candidates and list of all Congressional members House/Senate where you can find all the contact information for your Senators or Representatives.

If you are happy with how your chronic pain is being managed… by all means vote for the incumbent representing you in Congress because their actions or inactions contributed to how your pain management is going.  If your pain management is not going so well, you might want to consider voting the incumbent out of office.

Remember one Senator has already introduced an OPIATE TAX and Obama has requested another 1.1 billion to the already 51 billion that we spend per year on fighting the war on drugs. If you live in a state that has made Naloxone OTC.. that would suggest that your state bureaucrats are more concerned about those who are abusing opiates than chronic pain pts being denied care… forced to the street to seek relief and or end up committing suicide in desperation.

In the last Presidential election there was a total of a 126 million votes cast and FIVE MILLION separated the winner and loser and the chronic pain community and others being screwed with could number 150 million or more. 

There is excuse for not voting… if you are not registered… you can register by mail… if you can’t drive or have transportation.. you can vote by mail as well.

Let’s get chronic disease proper  treatment part of the national Presidential discussion







List of Congressional Contact

fatal medical errors highlights need for more transparency

promoDr. Manny: Report on fatal medical errors highlights need for more transparency

In early May, a report was published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) declaring that medical errors are the third leading cause of death among Americans. Specifically, a retrospective analysis of four studies concluded that 9.5 percent of Americans who die each year are killed by a medical error. While I agree that medical error is a significant area of importance in health care, I find it hard to believe that this report holds weight.

To start, we must explore what actually constitutes a medical error — is it a miscommunication between staff? Is it a failure to follow-up with the patient? Is it a wrong prescription or a surgical mistake? Or is it a combination of a few of these errors? A true definition of the term must be established before we declare that “medical errors” are the third-leading cause of death in America.

However, while I may disagree with the premature declaration, confirming that medical mistakes put our patients in danger is not a ground-breaking development. But, I also take issue with the study being retrospective, as you’re not looking prospectively down the road, but rather, what has happened in the past. One of the reports analyzed dates back to 1999, which could seriously compromise the accuracy of the study’s data.

Medicine today is extremely sophisticated and technical, and while humans and the technology we have come to heavily rely on will sometimes fail, there is also an increase in the amount of care we can offer. But despite this, any credible medical center still believes in the old adage of puting patient safety first. This has long-been the mantra of many hospitals’ leadership, and every member of hospital staff, from the head surgeons to the cafeteria workers and janitors, we must all be actively involved in making sure patient safety remains number one.

In order to do so, it is important that everyone act as a vigilante and speak up when a possible mistake can be avoided. In addition, the health record of the patient plays a vital role in preventing any medical errors. Knowing ahead of time the patient’s history of medicine, allergies or any underlying medical conditions will help prevent a prescription or surgical error that could be fatal.

Patients should also be aware of the steps they can take to help lower the risk of exposure to medical errors. Bringing someone along with you to the hospital who can act as a navigator or advocate to help sort information can be helpful, as well as asking questions and having health care providers explain any procedure, medication or treatment plan they are preparing to institute.

Patients should become familiar with the health care measures of every hospital and their policies including patient consent information and patient rights. Patients should also be aware of infection control procedures at the hospital they are receiving care in, such as hand-washing protocols, and deserve the right to expect only the best practices from their hospital.

To accurately gauge patient safety at our nation’s hospitals, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and state health agencies should collaborate to collect data to issue a report. This would require the agencies to work in the same system as a hospital as far as transparency and communication go. It would be more beneficial to patients and hospitals if the CDC could gather specific information on what medical errors are, and categorize them accordingly so that we all could learn from it.

Accurate reporting on this topic could also benefit the public in the sense that we could better address the health problems we face. For example, the drug epidemic in this country could largely be attributed to medical error. If a doctor prescribes a patient a narcotic without first checking to see the patient’s history of addiction or other medications, a medical error may have caused the patient to become an addict. If a hospital received a report from the CDC highlighting this error, it may help prescribing doctors slow down before automatically doling out a prescription for another narcotic.

Another step must be taken to encourage transparency across state lines. If a hospital in Connecticut receives a report on prescribing opioids and painkillers that results in the development of a new solutions to prevent overprescribing, we doctors in New Jersey will have no way of knowing this.

I have been critical of the CDC in the past, but I truly could not find a greater meaning for the agency than to act as a facilitator between our nation’s institutions, offering a comparative report on medical errors to show hospitals and their staff how they are doing in relation to hospitals in other states. No such system exists, and without it how can we improve our health care as a nation? We must develop direct lines of communication between our health care centers.

I believe in our nation’s health care, and I know that we could be performing better. This report did help to slow many of us down who may have been on autopilot and forgotten the importance of small details, but the report also helped to highlight the bigger need for more transparency between our nation’s health care centers.

FOX NEWS REPORTING – BEWARE! DANGER AT THE DOCTOR airs Saturday June 25th 8PM ET – repeating at 3am. It airs again Sunday June 26th 9PM ET – repeating at midnight. 

This is going to be morbid !

cppsuicidetreeWe all know or have heard of CPP exercising the final solution to put an end to their chronic pain. IMO the bureaucrats are fully aware of what their actions are causing and/or going to cause.  That is why we are seeing a change in the nomenclature… they are no longer using the words “junkie” or “addict” … there is no longer “addiction” or “dependence”… everyone is now lumped into suffering from a “opiate use disorder” and any death with toxicology showing a opiate in the system – legal or illegal – is a “opiate related death”… no more accidental drug overdose.  They are preparing the media and society for a rash of “opiate related deaths”.

When it comes down to it.. the only difference between a accidental overdose and a suicide using opiates is a note not written or one that was destroyed, hidden or otherwise disposed of … after the fact. It could be done by a relative that stands to collect on an insurance policy if the death was not a suicide… It could be some bureaucrat that doesn’t want to be bothered with having to investigate a suicide – because that is ILLEGAL .. as opposed to a accidental overdose.. or someone who wishes to add to the count of accidental overdose to help the DEA have more reasons to ask Congress for more money in their budget.

Our judicial system in 1917 determined that being addicted to opiates a CRIME and not a DISEASE… and made it illegal for a doctor to treat/maintain a addict…  One has to ask, why is not ILLEGAL for a physician to treat a pt that is addicted to Alcohol or Nicotine ?  Are we slicing/dicing what addictions are sociably acceptable and which are not ?

It has  become common place for physicians to be charged with pt’s death when it is declared to be a OD.. and of course it is always accidental… never ruled as a suicide. Unfortunately, this needs to change.

Pts are committing suicide because of under/untreatment of pain.. denial of care… be it from a prescriber, Pharmacist or ER. My suggestion is to audio/video the interaction with the practitioner… get them to admit that they are denying care and the reason… whether it is fear of the DEA, fear of their employer or just being a ASSHOLE.

Why shouldn’t a practitioner be held responsible for a pt’s suicide .. if it is due to under/untreated pain or denial of care. The only way that this is going to happen is those that are hell bend on committing suicide to not leave only a written note but a video final statement… Blaming the practitioner’s actions or lack of actions as the cause of the pt’s exercise the ultimate act to resolve their chronic pain issues.  Send the video to all your friends and relatives via email or messenger, post it on  Here is a list of the members of Congress.. send your Representative and two Senators a copy 

List of Congressional Contact

If you are going to end it all… let others share your pain that you have had to endure because of their actions or lack of actions… don’t let the DEA count your death as another “opiate related death” for their self-serving gain.

I don’t want to encourage anyone to take their life… but 50,000 commit suicide every year and ONE MILLION attempt it…  that is more people than die from opiate overdoses.. but.. has not reached the status of EPIDEMIC as of yet.

The other way that you can share your untreated pain with those in Congress is to VOTE THE BUMS OUT… we have 435 in the House and 34 in the Senate up for election-reelection… that is 80% of Congress is on the ballot in November.  It doesn’t matter if a Republican or Democrat is your representative…If they have done nothing to back the DEA off of going after your pain management… they are part of the problem and apparently don’t care to be part of the solution… or they don’t see your lack of pain management a problem.

170 members of the House and 60 of the Senate are ATTORNEYS… their mindset is part of the judicial system .. as is the DEA.. all they know is that opiate addiction has been determined is a crime.. and all they know as Attorneys is to thrown criminals in jail.. So all the laws that they pass are based on an Attorney’s point of view.

They have not listened to you in all the times that you have contacted them in the past… what makes you think that they are going to start listening to you if they get re-elected.  Maybe putting the to work FINDING A NEW JOB… is the best way to get the attention of the rest of the members of Congress … because if 99% do not get reelected – as is normal – paranoia is going to spread rapidly throughout Congress…  Maybe they will start listening… if not.. in TWO YEARS … 80% of Congress is up for reelection again.


Let’s give everyone a FREE COLLEGE EDUCATION !

That is what has been put on the table by one or more Presidential candidates… Does anyone realize HOW STUPID THAT IS ?

Not everyone has “the smarts” to go to college… not everyone has the dedication to make it thru college.. by dedication I mean to be grown up enough to make sure that you go to class, do your homework, study and show up for tests.  For some people the “freedom” of being on their own is just too much temptation to loose focus on what is important..  why they are in college in the first place.

How many tax dollars are going to be “flushed” on people that go to school for a year or two and drop out and/or flunk out..?  When something is “free” not everyone appreciates the value of something “free”.

There is untold number of technical/hands on jobs wanting properly trained people to fill them. Many of them are good paying six figure income jobs.. but.. you  may have to get your hands dirty and/or not be able to sit behind a desk in an air-conditioned office.

A college education does not guarantee a good job or even a job… just ask some of the recent graduates from law, pharmacy, dentistry … ten years ago they would have graduated with a handful of job offers… today… they graduate with huge student loan debt and no job offers in hand.


Has the war on drugs/pts turned into a civil/class conflict ?

stevemailbox “I am a medical doctor. I used to be board certified in pain medicine. I used to treat patients with severe chronic pain. The DEA investigated me and could find nothing wrong with what I was doing. So, they filed a complaint with my medical board. I am still allowed to practice medicine, but only under the requirement that I never again treat pain.
But that is not why I am writing. I am writing because my ex-patients and many millions of others are suffering unspeakably as a result of these government policies. One of my former patients hung himself. Another shot himself. Both were referred to other pain medicine specialists and were in treatment at the time. They could not get adequate pain relief.
The government has been trying to eliminate drug abuse by preventing the use of pain medicine for over 100 years. It hasn’t worked yet. If you understand addiction, you know that it never will. We are now seeing a nationwide spike in suicides among patients in pain. How many more have to end their own lives before the government recognizes that withholding pain treatment is not the way to address substance abuse?”

Have we moved from innocent until proven guilty… to guilty WITHOUT PROOF ? The genesis behind the whole war on drugs was The Harrison Narcotic Act 1914  was racism and bigotry toward Blacks and Chinese.

We now know were most of the illegal street drugs are coming from – Mexico and China – and yet our very government has focused their efforts towards those in the medical profession that are trying to help people with chronic pain and not against these more and more potent drugs that are killing an increasing number of mental health pts who are suffering from abusive mental health disorder.

The primary answer by our bureaucrats and politicians seems to be just try and make sure that everyone has a dose or two of Naloxone in their pocket so that they can “rescue” anyone who OD’s.  I have heard stories of ONE PERSON having to be rescued with Naloxone TEN TIMES IN A SINGLE DAY.  Can’t we call this “save the addict prgm” what it is.. a “catch and release prgm”.  The Naloxone prgm does not appear to be helping anyone.. especially those that are abusing some substance… It is like throwing the alcoholic out of one bar and them just go down the street to the next bar and continue drinking until they get tossed out of there.

I can’t believe that the politicians are completely oblivious to what is going on with the DEA… or they just turning a blind eye. Could it be that ….

Out of a total of 435 U.S. Representatives and 100 Senators (535 total in Congress), lawyers comprise the biggest voting block of one type, making up 43% of Congress. Sixty percent of the U.S. Senate is lawyers.
Enough said. 37.2% of the House of Representatives are lawyers

According to the Congressional Research Service 170 members of the House and 60 Senators are lawyers.

Lawyers are in support of the judicial system… it might not be so much of a “blind eye” .. but.. they are physically/mentally part of the JUDICIAL SYSTEM and support a JUDICIAL ANSWER to the medical problem of addictive personality disorder.  Could explain a lot of why we are spending 51 BILLION/yr in fighting the war on a mental disease.. just happen to be fighting it the wrong way.. with incarceration. While our open borders allows illegal drugs to readily come into our country.. It is claimed that what the DEA is able to confiscate represents only abt 1% of what actually reaches and sold on the streets. 




Are you better off than you were EIGHT YEARS AGO ?

US Public Debt per Taxpayer - Apr 2015

In case you weren’t paying attention in history class, The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is made up of WE THE PEOPLE… and WE THE PEOPLE basically owe the debt  of the USA… Over the last SEVEN YEARS.. each taxpayer is now some $60,000 more in debt because of Congress’ inability to spend only what comes in via tax revenues… some years as much as ONE TRILLION more spend than taken in.

The Federal Reserve has help this Administration dodge a lot of unpleasantness by keeping the going interest rate at around 0%.  But with a extra NINE TRILLION in our national debt.. what doe you think is going to happen when – NOT IF – the interest rate returns to its normal range of 4%-6%?  Think 450 billion/yr in new debt service costs.

That low interest rate works good if you are buying a new house or refinancing existing loan… but.. if you are retired and expecting to live on the interest on the money you saved during your working years… lots of luck with getting 1%-2% the money that you have in the bank.

Those that are living on Social Security income, the Feds are always “readjusting”  what is in the “market basket” that determines what the CPI is… the lower the CPI .. the lower the increases that have to be given to SS recipients at the beginning of each year.

The Medicare Disability Trust “lock-box” is suppose to go into a 20% negative cash flow sometimes in 2016.. and why is that .. because Congress has “borrowed” all the money out of all the trust “lock-boxes” and left behind IOU’s from UNCLE SAM… and while we are now spending more than we are taking in … just where/how is Congress going to make up that 20% short fall… give all the people on Medicare/SS disability a 20% “financial hair cut” or just raise taxes on the 53 % of the households that pay Federal Income taxes ? That’s right… 47% of households pay NO FEDERAL INCOME TAXES…. while the IRS admits that they fail to collect abt 500 BILLION/yr in income taxes…

Next year (2017) the next stage of Obamacare kicks in and this is going to be a major increase in the cost of Obamacare… just as Obama leaves office Jan 20th.

During the Obama administration people on food stamps went from 28 million to 46 million, but expected to drop by ONE MILLION in 2016 because of harder rules to qualify.

Labor participation rate… the lowest in 36 yrs.. and a rather steady decline since 2008.

This means that the 5% unemployment rate that this administration is reporting… does not count these people who have given up on getting a job.

It has also been reported that the term “employed” means that a person could be working 5-10 hrs/wk or 40+ hrs/wk and is counted as being EMPLOYED.

Maybe it is just a coincidence but the war on drugs seem to have a serious uptick within 1-2 years after Obama Administration came to power and it now seems that we are seeing a uptick in a last ditch effort in this administration’s last year.. with the CDC, DEA, Surgeon General and other parts of the the Federal alphabet soup of Federal agencies are “getting on board” to this “bum’s rush” to gain as much ground as possible over the last year of this administration’s ability to influence this … war on drugs/pts.

WV Attorney General using LEGAL EXTORTION to get 6.7 million in fines ?

stagecoachThe Latest: 5 drug wholesalers settle pill shipment lawsuit

Imagine this… a legally licensed pharmacy sends a C-II order to a legally licensed wholesaler and the wholesaler fills the orders and sends the requested C-II medications to the pharmacy that ordered them.  Now comes the Attorney General of WV claiming that the wholesaler should have know that the amount of C-II’s that were ordered were not for a legit prescriptions/medical necessity… The wholesaler had no relationship with the doctor who wrote the prescriptions nor the pt that had the prescriptions filled. Now in order to settle this whole mess .. the AG has “extorted” 6.7 million out of several of the wholesalers. I wonder why the AG did not go after the insurance companies that paid for all those doses of C-II’s… They should have known that the doses were excessive, but have they escaped being challenged for what reason ?

MADISON, W.Va. (AP) — The Latest on settlements in West Virginia with drug wholesalers (all times local):

Five drug wholesalers have agreed to a $4.2 million settlement in a lawsuit alleging that they shipped an excessive number of prescription opioids to West Virginia.A news release from Attorney General Patrick Morrisey on Thursday announced the settlement with Anda Inc., The Harvard Drug Group, Associated Pharmacies, KeySource Medical Inc. and Quest Pharmaceuticals. As part of the settlement, they deny the lawsuit’s allegations.

Miami-Luke previously agreed to settle for $2.5 million, bringing the total in the lawsuit to $6.7 million.

In 2012, then-Attorney General Darrell McGraw filed a lawsuit against 12 prescription drug wholesalers. Documents show that the companies distributed painkillers to notorious “pill mill” pharmacies in West Virginia’s smallest towns and poorest counties.

The release says the attorney general, drug wholesalers, and state health and public safety agencies settled to avoid delay, expense and inconvenience, and uncertainty of litigation.

KeySource Medical and Associated Pharmacies have joined other drug wholesalers and agreed to settle a lawsuit alleging that they shipped an excessive number of prescription opioids to West Virginia.The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports ( that according to the lawsuit, between 2007 and 2012 Associated Pharmacies shipped 2.7 million doses of hydrocodone and 266,700 oxycodone pills to West Virginia. In the same timeframe, KeySource Medical distributed 1.2 million hydrocodone pills and 905,000 oxycodone tablets.

In 2012, then-Attorney General Darrell McGraw filed a lawsuit against 12 prescription drug wholesalers. Documents show that the companies distributed painkillers to notorious “pill mill” pharmacies in West Virginia’s smallest towns and poorest counties.

Boone Circuit Judge William Thompson is allowing companies that settle with Attorney General Patrick Morrisey’s office to keep secret information about pill shipments to specific pharmacies in southern West Virginia.

Politicians/bureaucrats “doing their thing”… common sense need not apply

Chronicle AM: House Blocks Pot Banking Measure, No Hookers for DEA Agents, Thai Meth Policy Moves, More… (6/23/16)


House Republicans blocked an effort to open up banking for pot businesses, an Oregon worker fired for medical marijuana use wins his job back, DEA agents get new marching orders on hookers, the Thai government grapples with methamphetamine policy, and more.

Patronize a prostitute, lose your DEA badge.

Marijuana Policy House Turns Back Effort to Give Pot Businesses Access to Banks. The Republican-led House Wednesday voted down an amendment to the FY 2017 Financial Services and General Government Appropriations Act that would have blocked federal regulators from punishing financial institutions for working with state-legal marijuana businesses. A similar amendment had passed the Senate last week.

Nevada Legalization Effort Has Raised Nearly $300,000 This Year. The Nevada Coalition to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol has raised $285,000 so far this year, with more than half coming in a two-day period earlier this month when local marijuana companies made significant donations. The campaign’s legalization initiative has qualified for the November ballot. Opposition groups made no reports of donations this reporting period.

Oregon Takes in Nearly $15 Million in Pot Taxes So Far This Year. As of May 30, the state Department of Revenue had processed $14.9 million in marijuana tax payments this year, the agency said Wednesday. Medical marijuana dispensaries authorized to sell to any adult 21 or over began collecting the tax in January.

Medical Marijuana

New Mexico Auditor Bemoans Delays in Processing ID Cards. The state auditor and the attorney general are investigating a backlog of medical marijuana ID card applications as requests for the cards surge. The state has 30 days to issue the issue the cards, but the Department of Health said it is taking 45-50 days, and the auditor’s office said it had complaints of wait times of up to 90 days.

Oregon Worker Fired for Medical Marijuana Wins Jobs Back. An arbitrator has ordered Lane County to reinstate a worker it fired because he used medical marijuana to deal with the side effects of cancer treatment and it has ordered the county to give him nearly $22,000 in back pay. Michael Hirsh had been employed as a senior programmer for the county before he was fired in December after two employees reported smelling pot smoke on his clothing.

Heroin and Prescription Opioids

New York Governor Signs Heroin Bill Package. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Wednesday signed into law a package of bills aimed at the state’s heroin and prescription opioid problems. The bills, which address prevention, treatment, and insurance coverage, should produce an additional 270 treatment beds and more than 2,000 slots for drug treatment programs. The bills also require insurance companies to wait 14 days before denying coverage to drug users deemed in need of drug treatment, and it limits initial prescriptions for opioids for severe pain to seven days

Law Enforcement

No Hookers for DEA Agents. In the wake of scandalous behavior by DEA agents in Colombia during the 2012 Summit of the Americas, the DEA has instituted a one-strike policy for agents caught patronizing prostitutes. “Solicitation of prostitution on duty or off duty, whether you’re in a jurisdiction where it is legal or illegal, first time offense — removal,” DEA administrator Chuck Rosenberg told a Senate panel Wednesday.


UN Releases Annual Global Drug Report—250 Million Adults Used a Drug Last Year. The UN Office of Drugs and Crime has released the World Drug Report 2016, and notes that 5% of the adult population has used at least one drug in the past year.  The UN also reported that the number of people classified as suffering from a dependency disorder climbed to more than 29 million, up from 27 million the previous year.

Thailand Won’t Legalize Meth, But Will Remove it From List of Dangerous Drugs. Thai Justice Minister Paiboon Koomchaya has walked back talk about legalizing the amphetamine, but now says the country will work to reform its drug laws by removing meth from its list of hard drugs like heroin and recognizing a distinction between traffickers and users, workers, and addicts. 

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