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PORT ST.LUCIE, Fla 04/29/2014  Walgreens Apologizes For Giving Woman Wrong Prescription

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An amusement park has better security than our Rx system ?

A couple of weeks ago.. we took our only daughter and only 8  y/o grandson to Universal Studios in FL. For those of you haven’t been to Universal in Florida… they have three distinct parks and unless you purchase a multi-day ticket… you are only allowed to go into one park on a single day… Of course, Barb bought multi-day tickets… It is just a ticket to a friggin AMUSEMENT PARK… of course our tickets had bar codes on them and because we had multi-day tickets.. they scanned our tickets and you had to give a digital finger print which was matched up to your ticket in their database. If you wanted to move from one park to another.. once again they scanned your ticket and digitally scanned your finger print. If they didn’t match up… you were not allowed to move from one park to the other.

Here is a NEWS FLASH.. it is damn hard to change/fake/forged finger prints on a person… except in the movies :-)

In your 20th century pharmacy system… and the various state’s Prescription Monitoring Programs..  require a VALID/LEGAL ID from the pt… but with today’s technology how do we know if a ID is valid or fake ? I can assure you that Rx dept staff just blindly puts the information on the driver’s license presented into their computer system and gets sent on to the PMP.

Imagine if we had a PMP or NPLEx system that used digital finger prints linked to every Rx transaction.  A new pt comes to a prescriber or pharmacy and they give a digital finger print and a PMP report is automatically generated… see how many names, address, doctors, pharmacies comes out on the report attached to that digital finger print.

The technology is there… where is the mindset to use it ?

Now it is CVS in central Florida.. last week it was Walgreens

Customers having problems filling pain pill prescriptions at CVS, Walgreens

More than 100 patients contacted Action 9 after we investigated pain pill denials at Walgreen's. Many claim CVS now refuses to fill pain medications as well.

And you thought that a camera on every corner was troublesome ?

Tiny Sensors May Soon Monitor Seniors’ Medicines From Inside

Managing real and potential medication conflicts and confusions is more pressing as 10,000 baby boomers turn 65 every day, and 90% suffer at least one chronic illness. Many boomers are now swallowing a cocktail of medications prescribed by various specialists: pain medicines for aching backs, antidepressants, proton pump inhibitors to control gastric distress, vitamins, and other over-the-counter supplements.

With families sometimes far away and many older people unable to afford personal caregivers, companies have searched for a technological solution to monitoring medicine.

Forget armband monitors like Fitbit; the newest body monitors are as tiny as BBs. These so-called nanomeds, miniscule sensors embedded in a placebo pill that you swallow, set up shop in your gut. As they slowly work their way through your system, these “ingestibles” — which are actually not digested — are switched on by contact with saliva and/or gastric juices. The signal is picked up by another sensor which looks like a Band-Aid and is worn on your chest.

This system records medicine intake as well as other measures such as heart rate. The information shows up on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and can automatically go to your doctors, family members, or caregivers, with your permission.

If you do nothing.. you get nothing !

A ‘Dirty Bomb Explosion’ Patient Satisfaction

In the early 2000s the federal government discovered a new metric, patient satisfaction, and mandated hospitals to begin measuring and reporting satisfaction survey results. A generous interpretation is that the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) mandate is a misguided attempt to guarantee quality in the healthcare for which they were paying.

According to USA Today, the management consulting firm Hay Group, found two-thirds of physician pay incentives are based on patient satisfaction scores.” It is clear that the American consumer believes MORE care is BETTER care, and American physicians have fed into that consumerism as a matter of self-preservation.

Patients no longer trust physicians because we have stopped acting like physicians and are behaving more like corporate spokespeople, reading pre-written, scripted, focus-group-tested, and consultant approved administrative talking points rather than having open and honest dialogue with them.

Physicians and other healthcare providers need to be able to focus on the needs of their patients rather than the expectations of administrators. That’s the irony of patient satisfaction — it distracts and ultimately removes the physicians’ attention from where it belongs — on the patient..

Star (satisfaction)  rating system for Medicare Part C and D


we keep premiums low by excluding expensive care

Growing number of restrictions in ACA drug coverage

Herrick says many health insurance companies are cutting back because enrollees are sicker than anticipated.

“That can drive up the costs of the plan,” he explains. “Meaning premiums will rise next year. So a way plans tend to deal with that is they might increase the cost sharing for certain drugs or certain services, which allows the plan to provide a cheaper premium.”

Within 259 pages of fine print, Tim Conway’s plan states it “does not provide coverage for compounded medications.”

Did you ever wonder why pharmacies can sell Rxs for only $4.00 ?

Some Indian drugmakers routinely toss out bad test results: Bloomberg

At least a dozen drugmakers with operations in India were accused by the FDA last year of routinely throwing out negative test results of bad batches of pharmaceuticals, some of which eventually made it to U.S. consumers.

Bloomberg scoured FDA records, some obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, and found that failed batch tests designed to check for impurities were often deleted by a technician and then retested and labeled as safe.

According to a November 2013 FDA document, agency computer forensics experts found 5,301 failed chromatography test results that had been deleted at one Sun Pharmaceutical Industries facility alone, Bloomberg said.

W.Va. heroin overdose deaths in 2012 tripled

donquixoteRx drug overdoses linked to doctors; prescriber names to be sent to prosecutors

But you won’t find the first mention of Heroin mentioned in this article !

West Virginia has the highest drug overdose death rate in the nation. The state also has the second highest rate of prescription drug use. West Virginia pharmacies fill more than 5 million prescriptions for controlled substances each year.

West Virginia has the highest drug overdose death rate in the nation. The state also has the second highest rate of prescription drug use. West Virginia pharmacies fill more than 5 million prescriptions for controlled substances each year.

Highest use of meds.. in WV.. there is a lot of people that work in the coal mines… hard work plus BLACK LUNG… think that there might be a higher needed for meds ?

Under the 2013 law, the state’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner must send the names of drug overdose victims to the panel every six months.

From October 2013 through last March, about 150 West Virginians died of drug overdoses, according to the data the panel is now reviewing.

In about half of those deaths, the overdose victims took drugs prescribed legally by doctors or other medical professionals, such as a physician assistants or nurse practioners.  

They did not say they were prescribed for the person that overdosed on ???

The review panel examined each case and flagged 57 deaths that might be related to doctors’ mistakes or wrongdoing. The panel investigated whether doctors prescribed an excessive number of pills, or wrote prescriptions for two or more drugs that can be lethal if combined.

Not all doctors linked to overdose deaths will have their names sent to the medical licensing board and prosecutors. About 30 doctors instead will receive “educational letters,” urging them to use caution when prescribing.

“Maybe they didn’t prescribe anything that, alone, was terrible … or it wasn’t illegal or improper to prescribe the drugs, but they get a letter saying please use the utmost of care and make sure they’re not getting anything else from other prescribers,” Potters said.

The panel also identified pharmacists who could face discipline. Their names will be sent to the pharmacy board, but not to law enforcement. The pharmacists will receive letters from the panel later this month.

“If [people who overdosed] went to multiple doctors and got multiple prescriptions that they ended up dying from, but the one pharmacy filled all the prescriptions, that’s going to be a red flag,” said Mike Goff, who administers the drug monitoring program at the state pharmacy board

How many programs do we need to fail at the same goal ?

Isn’t this why D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) was created for in 1983 ?

NECC’s 14 owners,Pharmacists and others arrested

14 Arrested In Deadly Meningitis Outbreak Linked To Framingham Pharmacy

Cadden and Glenn Adam Chin, a pharmacist who was in charge of NECC’s sterile room, are charged with racketeering for allegedly causing the deaths of patients who received tainted steroids manufactured by the company.

Both are accused in a federal indictment of “acting in wanton and willful disregard of the likelihood ” that their actions would cause death or great bodily harm, officials said.

Chin’s lawyer, Stephen Weymouth, said he was stunned that prosecutors charged his client with second-degree murder under the federal racketeering law and that they allege that he and Cadden caused the death of patients.

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