This is going to be a political post – not going to be PC !

It is estimated that we have some 6 million “hard-core” substance abusers… Most people – outside of our judicial system consider them as having a mental health disease call ADDICTION.

We just changed the definition of what a alcoholism is.. so that we have fewer alcoholics  maybe so we can reduce studies on why alcoholics become alcoholics and reduce the cost of treating alcoholics .. we just now have a lot more people that DRINK TOO MUCH.. I find quite hypocritical in reading posts of

Rx dept staff that have little good to say about anyone taking controlled meds.. but.. state that once they get off work they go home to get some drink(s).  When you think about it.. Alcohol is actually a controlled drug…  those establishments that stock and sell it has to have a state permit to sell it. Same with wholesalers and producers. Some states.. the liquor stores are state owned.. others … the number of package liquor licenses are limited to some ratio of population.

It has been stated that we have some 11 million ILLEGAL ALIENS.. This week our President stated that we don’t have the resources to deport 11 million illegals.. So he used his pen and phone to put them into some sort of legal limbo of being legal in this country.

So we have the resources to deal with 6 million mentally ill people.. by incarcerating them ? .. and we have been doing this for 100 yrs and we still have 1%-2% of the population the same percent as 100 yrs ago… and we are dropping 51 BILLION a year.. that is about $9000.00 for each abuser… every year… and the numbers are changing

Maybe I am missing the point.. but.. isn’t ILLEGAL ALIENS the same as ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE ABUSE ? ILLEGAL IS ILLEGAL… isn’t it ?

We have 22 Veterans commit suicide every day.. because the VA is a mess… We have around 1 cop a day killed… and yet our Attorney General felt compelled to travel to Ferguson, MO and get involved with a local cop shooting.. before all the facts were known and the Grand Jury has yet to make a decision as of today.

In case no one noticed… this administration came to power in 2009 and all this crap with controlled meds… started up in 2010 and 2011.. is there a connection ?  Holder is over DOJ and the DEA is within the DOJ.

Is it just me.. or does this administration seem very myoptic as to what is discrimination and what is not discrimination… and which group or subset of our population (legal and illegal) deserves federal intervention on what they feel is significant discrimination ?

And the President’s pick to replace Holder is well known for being a strong advocate of civil forfeitures It would appear that the mandate by the people in the mid-term election.. made little impact.. Maybe that is why they are called lame ducks.

When under treatment is not a concern of a Licensing board ?

stevemailboxDavid Herlihy, executive director of the Vermont Board of Medical Practice, reminded doctors that they can be conservative about dispensing medicines for chronic pain.

“We’ve never disciplined anybody for under treatment of pain,” he said

I guess this quote… puts… chronic pain pts in a different treatment category as anyone else with a chronic disease.

I wonder if this Board has ever disciplined any doctor for under treatment of a pt with diabetes, high blood pressure, warfarin therapy,COPD or other chronic diseases… which under treatment could cause the pt’s quality of life to be compromised or the pt could end up being hospitalized or even dies..

IMO.. this is a failure to meet best practices and standard of care.. attorneys refer to this as MALPRACTICE !

So if this quote is correct… the Vermont Board of Medical Practice does not consider the under treatment of chronic pain malpractice?

Pharmacist stole more than 7,000 prescription pills, police say

ABC7 News asked Giant why it took nearly a year before management detected thousands of missing prescription pills. A spokesman for the Prince George’s County-based grocer refused to answer the direct question, saying instead: “As this matter involves an ongoing legal investigation, we must refer all questions to the local authorities.”

Media pointing out pharmacy’s shortcomings UPDATED 11/22/2014

Washington DC 11/22/2014

Las Vegas, NV 11/19/2014

Tampa,FL 11/19/2014

Houston, TX 11/19/2014

Oklahoma City, OK 11/14/2014
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Memphis, TN 10/31/2014

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Houston, Tx 06/19/2014

Tampa, FL 06/16/2014

Tampa, Fl 05/16/2014

Las Vegas 05/16/2014

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Austin, TX 05/08/2014

PORT ST.LUCIE, Fla 04/29/2014  Walgreens Apologizes For Giving Woman Wrong Prescription

Las Vegas 04/25/2014

Las Vegas 04/24/2014

California 04/22/2014

Manhattan 04/04/2014

Federal Subpoenas

Miami 04/02/2014

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LA TIMES 03/13/2014,0,2146387.column#axzz2vs3UT9Dm

HealthDay newsletter 03/13/2014

Washington DC 03/05/2014

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LA TIMES 03/10/2014,0,1949776.column#axzz2vd90UrZC

Dallas/Fort Worth 02/28/2014


Washington DC   Link to first segment

Link to second segment–246948651.html

Third segment,0,1228879.column#tugs_story_display


06/2014 Denver

04/2013 Palm Beach Fl

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Jan 13,2014 Las Vegas


I don’t normally do this… BUT !!!

IMO.. this is just another horrific example of our judicial system not following our own laws and the mentally ill.. are just something.. that needs to be “cleans from our society”

Spare my brother’s life, a schizophrenic man on death row

Scott Panetti is a paranoid schizophrenic who wore a TV-western cowboy costume in court and was allowed to represent himself while on trial for his life. But I know him as my big brother, the strong and handsome sailor, who came home to visit when on leave from the Navy.

Scott is scheduled to be executed in Texas on December 3, 2014 – unless the courts intervene or Governor Perry commutes his sentence to life in prison. Scott was convicted of murdering his in-laws, but he is not a cold-hearted killer. He is a very sick person who has suffered from severe mental illness for more than 30 years.

My brother suffers from the incurable and devastating mental illness schizophrenia. In the decade leading up to the offense for which he was convicted and sentenced to death, my brother was hospitalized more than a dozen times due to psychotic behavior.

In 1986, Scott first succumbed to the delusion that he was engaged in spiritual warfare with Satan. He became obsessed with the idea that the devil was in the house. He engaged in a series of bizarre behavior to exorcize his home, including burying furniture in the backyard because he thought the devil was in it.

The trial court should never have allowed Scott to represent himself. He was clearly extremely ill: he attempted to subpoena over two hundred witnesses, including the Pope, John F. Kennedy, and Jesus Christ. He frightened the jurors by assuming his alternate personality of “Sarge,” gesturing as though pointing a rifle into the jury box, and imitating the sound of shots being fired. He passed up a plea deal that would have saved his life. The court could have insisted that an attorney represented my brother, but it did not, and the outcome was his death sentence.

The U.S. Supreme Court has held that the Constitution forbids the execution of severely mentally ill individuals who do not understand the reason for their punishment. Scott is not mentally competent: he would go to the execution chamber believing his fixed delusion that he is being put to death for preaching the Gospels, not for the murder of his wife’s parents.

It’s not right for our country to use capital punishment on a severely mentally ill person like my brother Scott. You can find out more about the case here:

Having a brother on death row is like having a terminally ill family member. But there’s one big difference: we can’t stop a terminal illness, but we CAN do everything in our power to stop Texas from taking my brother’s life.

Please join me in asking the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles to recommend that Scott’s death sentence be commuted to life in prison and Governor Rick Perry to grant the commutation.

Please sign my petition to ask Governor Perry to spare my brother Scott’s life.

With appreciation,

Vicki Panetti

Pharmacists are independent unless employer says otherwise

hypocracyIn regards to your concerns with pharmacies’ refusal to fill prescriptions, there is nothing in in this legislation that would prohibit the pharmacy from filling prescriptions. Please be advised that pharmacists are directed to exercise their independent professional judgment when filling prescriptions. Pharmacists are also required to monitor a patient’s drug therapy and to work with the patient’s prescribing health care provider. It is possible that the refusal to fill certain physician’s prescriptions is a policy of the pharmacy corporate office.


This is part of email from a director of a Board of Pharmacy… on a complaint of pts not being able to get their chronic pain meds.

How can a Pharmacist use his/her independent professional judgment and at the same time follow corporate policy..

Does that mean that the corporation is practicing pharmacy… which they are not and CANNOT be licensed to do..

BE WELL at the pharmacy that America trusts ?

stevemailboxI have no words ! :-(

Subject: Walgreen discriminating against me for valid prescription

I do not know who to call or who can help. I am currently homeless and we
are staying in a hotel for a month now. My husband had a heart attack, we
lost income our home our car everything and I walk into the pharmacy in
orange park Florida with my written scripts in hand completely legal, 100% I
am two day over the last fill date. I’ve been using Walgreen for 13 years
but this pharmacy tells me they refuse to fill my script because I do not
meet the criteria. My drivers license does not match my current address. I
had to explain in front of 10 people waiting behind me about our homeless
situation and I can answer any questions they have I have proper
documentation and even the receipts for hotel were in for a month now. I
went to walgreens because they have all my info in the system my history my
insurance all of it, but now I was called this morning to tell me to come
get my written prescriptions they are not going to fill them. I am being
discriminated against by this pharmacy or pharmacist I think she got mad
when I told her I was uncomfortable explaining my housing situation in front
of all the people and I felt like a criminal like I was doing something
wrong. I can go back to the Walgreens I’ve been getting them filled for
months because it’s 40miles away in fernandina and I have no ride or money
to drive all the way out there when I’m over here. I am humiliated, made to
feel like a criminal and now I have to go get my prescriptions go somewhere
else after waiting over 24 hours for them to decide to fill my medication.
Nowi am out of medication and I have to walk 2 miles to the pharmacy to get
my scripts back and then come all the way back and go 2 miles in the
opposite direction to get to another pharmacy. I need help I am tired of
being made to feel like I’m doing something wrong when I am not. I have all
the info, you can all my doctor you can call the pharmacy in fernandina
Walgreens ask them about my history but instead I am being discriminated

What do I do?
Do I have a case for an attorney?
I’ve emailed a complaint to customer affairs, Walgreens corporate and the
I have emailed Ken Amero who is news person for channel 4 here in jax and
asked him to look I to Walgreens pharmacy discrimination against the
Help me
Thank you

We have fewer alcoholics by changing the defintion of alcoholism ?

Alcohol Survey Suggests Alcoholism Less Prevalent Than Believed

From the article:

A recent study based on findings in the National Survey on Drug Use and Health shows that most people who drink “too much” or actually not alcoholics.

So… you change the definition of what alcoholism is… and you end up with fewer “alcoholics” but the same number of people die from using/abusing alcohol ?


Compounding Pharmacy Back in Business After Suing DEA

From the article:

West Chase Compounding Pharmacy is back in business.

After the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) revoked the Tampa-based pharmacy’s registration to sell controlled substances and seized its drugs, the company fought back with a lawsuit.
Then, on November 18, 2014, a judge ordered the DEA to allow the pharmacy to resume sales, according to the Tampa Tribune.

The DEA had argued that the pharmacy’s new owner did not follow the correct protocol in becoming registered to sell controlled substances, and that the agency should have received advanced notice of the ownership transfer.

The pharmacy could not conduct its regular business after DEA agents arrived at the building late last week.

US District Judge Mary Scriven berated the agents for disobeying rules, having a bad attitude, and not properly handling the seized goods, the paper reported. The agents, for example, did not refrigerate some medications that were supposed to be kept in air conditioning.

An attorney for the pharmacy further argued that the pharmacy’s DEA registration was under the company’s name, not under either of the owners’ names, so the agency did not have to be notified.

“I don’t understand why we’re even here,” Scriven said, according to the Tampa Tribune. “This is preposterous…There’s just no basis for an imminent danger finding on this record.”
Scriven went on to say that the DEA is supposed to act only if a danger is present or if they give notice before taking the pharmacy’s drugs. The DEA allegedly knew about the issue since September, but did not act until this past week.

The DEA’s counsel told Scriven that the agents “acted in good faith.” He also maintained transferring ownership with the DEA registration intact is not allowed, the Tampa Tribune reported.
Scriven begged to differ.

“Your own handbook permits a transfer without a new registration,” Scriven said, according to the Tampa Tribune. “It seems someone missed a step at the DEA.”

When you think that it can’t get any worse …

Obama New AG.jpg

AG pick Lynch may face grilling over seizing properties, experts say

From the article:

A boast by President Obama’s pick to be the nation’s top law enforcement official could come back to haunt her in confirmation hearings before the Senate, where some members object to prosecutors’ rampant use of civil forfeiture, a controversial but legal process that can allow citizens’ assets to be seized without due process.

U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York Loretta Lynch, who Obama seeks to elevate to U.S. attorney general, replacing Eric Holder, announced in January that her office collected more than $904 million in criminal and civil actions in fiscal year 2013. While the policy generates funds used for other law enforcement efforts and offsets the burden on taxpayers, liberals and conservatives alike have questioned asset forfeiture as “an abuse of due process.” Experts say Lynch will likely have to defend the practice she once touted.

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