Workplace Violence at the Pharmacy

HOUSTON – Two people were killed in a murder-suicide at Ben Taub Hospital Wednesday.

The shooting happened about 2:15 p.m. in the hospital’s outpatient pharmacy.

Police say a pharmacist and pharmacy tech were shot behind the glass.

HPD spokesperson John Cannon said surveillance video shows the female pharmacist was at her work station when the pharmacy tech walked up and shot her from behind.

The 58-year-old tech then shot himself. He died immediately, and she died about 15 minutes later. The names of the gunman and victim have not been released.

We are 17 TRILLION in debt because ?

An Afghan man works on a poppy field in Jalalabad province (Reuters / Parwiz)

America’s $7.6 billion war on Afghan drugs fails, opium production peaks

Despite Washington spending $7.6 billion on counter-narcotic initiatives in Afghanistan, 2013 witnessed a record surge in the amount of opium poppy cultivation, according to the US inspector general for Afghan reconstruction.

Battle-hardened Afghanistan produces more than 80 percent of the world’s opium.

Guess where Heroin comes from ?

Former (disgruntled) employee causes licensing board investigation

1-markpaperClick on image to enlarge

Apparently Dr Ibsen turned over 3600 pages of evidence for this hearing

Apparently the compliance specialist wasn’t happy or didn’t want to deal with all those records… so apparently “pulled out” 800 pages that would prove the Medical Licensing Board’s case against Dr Ibsen.. Are we playing WHEEL OF FORTUNE here.. show certain parts of the larger picture and you are expected to GUESS WHAT THE WHOLE PICTURE IS ?

I am not sure if this licensing board is just lazy, incompetent or just figured they could use “smoke & mirrors” to prove their point… Needless say, besides Dr Ibsen’s livelihood… there could be very serious consequences for all the chronic pain pts that could no longer have a healthcare professional to take care of their chronic pain.offtherails

Is this just another example of our war on drugs/patients going off the rails ?

“Rare medication errors ” increasing ?

From the article:

It’s bad enough that a Michigan Walgreens pharmacy gave a 14-year-old customer someone else’s prescription, but the teen’s family says the drugstore chain made the situation much worse by demanding that the family go out of pocket to finally obtain the correct drug.

A rep for the drugstore chain tells WOOD-TV that Walgreens has a “multi-step prescription filling process with numerous safety checks in each step to reduce the chance of human error,” and that it’s investigating this incident.

“Cases like this are rare and we take them very seriously. If a prescription error happens, our first concern is the patient’s well-being. We’re sorry this occurred and we apologized to the patient’s family.”

The statement from Walgreens didn’t impress the teen’s family, especially since they say they’ve never received a “We’re sorry” directly from the company.

Is it just me… or does these “RARE CASES” seemingly happening more frequently ?

Maybe we don’t need doctors ?

Idaho Board of Pharmacy about to disrupt relationship between patients, doctors

From the article:

The Idaho Board of Pharmacy is considering a proposed rule to allow pharmacists to unilaterally substitute complex specialty medications, known as biologics, with biosimilar drugs – without providing any notice or communication to the doctor.

As the mother of a child with doctor-diagnosed juvenile arthritis, I am disturbed at the thought of a pharmacist giving my daughter any medication other than that which her doctor has prescribed and without notifying the doctor.

Maybe we don’t need any electronic medical records… Pharmacist are now telling prescribers they are prescribing too much or the wrong pain meds for a patient.. without access to the pt’s records.. Apparently, the new PharmD degree included a sub specialty of MENTAL TELEPATHY… they can just look at a patient and read their minds and determine what is wrong with them and what medication(s) they need..

Maybe they can take some residency and be like some of the preachers on TV and lay hands on people and cause a spontaneous cure …  The possibilities are endless !

WAGS addressing Rx drug abuse.. by refusing to fill “BE WELL”

Has Walgreens change prescription policy for some?

 Spokesperson Phil Caruso did not address the individual cases but gave us the following statement regarding its recently handling for prescriptions:

“With the sharp rise in abuse of controlled substances in recent years, health care professionals in all practices are continuously striving to find better ways of ensuring those medications are used only for legitimate medical purposes. We are working to ensure our patients continue to have access to the medications they need while fulfilling our role in reducing potential abuse and misuse of controlled substances. We firmly believe that addressing prescription drug abuse will require all parties—including leaders in the community, physicians, distributors and regulators – to play a role in findings solutions to combatting abuse and misuse while balancing patient access to critical care.”

So according to this statement from a WALGREEN’S spokesperson.. if a WALGREENS Pharmacist refuses/declines to fill your Rx… is he/she come to the conclusion that you are a abuser/addict/junkie ? Because it seems to be clear that WALGREENS is addressing prescription drug abuse.. and thus.. that must be the reason that they are declining to fill your Rx.

What puzzles me… is the woman in the article.. keeps wanting to give WALGREENS her money… and after trying to jump thru all hoops and hurdles.. she is still turned away. If a business tell me that they don’t want my money… they don’t EVER GET ANOTHER PENNY FROM ME !

Health is everything .. at CVS ?

Another case of the DEA not interfering with pts getting their meds ?

I would seem that nearly all the prescribers in this north west city… stopped prescribing … so this doc… picked up these pts… he told me that he had moved 50 or so over to MMJ because it is legal in this state. But .. once again.. a friend neighborhood Pharmacist – this time one that works for CVS .. decided that this prescriber was OVER PRESCRIBING and called the DEA… Of course, this same Pharmacist had no access to the pt’s medical records.  So apparently this particular Pharmacist came to his/her conclusion by reading “tea leaves” or has a crystal ball… Maybe even a MAGIC 8 BALL magic8ball

Time and again the DEA states that they are not doctors and they don’t want to interfere with legit pts getting their meds …

So “going after” a prescriber who is trying to treat patients … even if he has a few “bad apples” that have slipped in… so why don’t they take out those few bad apples… so that the vast majority of legit patients are thrown into withdrawal and have to needlessly suffer in pain.

I guess the “prisoners” under this war on drugs.. are not entitled to same rights under the Geneva convention… as prisoners of other wars that we fight… but likewise NEVER WIN..

Our society got their “shorts in a bind” when they thought that we were torturing those in Gitmo… who were trying to kill us… to get information to help make us safer…

Is there something wrong.. with torturing those with chronic pain by taking away their meds.. and turning those that have mental health issues into criminals..?


We don’t interfere with patients getting their necessary medication ?

From Article:

Allegations that a northern Indiana physician over-prescribed dangerous drugs to patients led to a raid of a northside Muncie pain clinic late Monday afternoon.

Officers served a search warrant for records relating to the possible over-prescribing of medications as well as “possible forgery and fraud,” according to the Indiana attorney general’s office.

Since a few months before the Muncie office opened, the DEA said, eight Hedrick pain clinic patients had died of drug overdoses. Craig said he didn’t know if any of the overdoses or fatal drug intoxications, which occurred from January 2013 to July 2014, were of patients from the Muncie clinic.

A search for obituaries under the names of any of those people who authorities say died of overdoses – the most recent in August – seemed to indicate the deaths were not of patients from the Muncie clinic.

Although the state maintained that several of Hedrick’s patients had died, Hedrick argued that the state hadn’t conclusively linked their deaths to his pain treatment

The affidavit also noted that a Muncie pharmacist had raised concerns with authorities about Hedrick’s prescribing practices. The pharmacist noted that most of Hedrick’s patients received two types of opiates even though they were young and appeared to be in good health. The pharmacist’s chain eventually refused to fill any of Hedrick’s prescriptions. Other pharmacies followed suit.

Another pharmacist said he often was asked by customers to fill 100 prescriptions a day written in Hedrick’s Muncie office. Former Hedrick employees also spoke to investigators about their concerns.

IMO… this is what you get when you have a AG – like Indiana’s Greg Zoeller – that is either ophiophobic or seeking a higher public profile to assist him in running for a higher office.

I wonder how many legit chronic pain pts that have now been thrown into withdrawal… because of over zealous actions by law enforcement.. More COLLATERAL DAMAGE of this war on drugs.?

When you are a bureaucrat… you can practice medicine ?

Doctors get order to limit painkiller prescriptions

From the article:

This year, the Indiana legislature passed a law (in compliance with a federal mandate for states) requiring the Indiana Medical Licensing Board to develop an emergency opioid prescribing rule. Its enforcement begins Dec. 15. The law is in response to the out-of-control opioid abuse that is occurring across the nation.

Opioid pain pills have become one of the easiest street drugs to obtain, now exceeding other illicit drug use. Deaths from overdoses have quadrupled in the past 15 years. One in five youths admits to abusing prescription drugs.

You can expect the following if you are prescribed more than 60 opioid pills per month or are on a dose of more than the equivalent 15 milligrams of hydrocodone daily for more than three consecutive months (the regulations do not apply to terminal, nursing home, hospice and palliative care patients).

It is illegal for a prescriber to write a Rx for a person that they have not physically examined in person… but.. it would seem that the bureaucrats (Fed & state) have decided that they can prescribe a LIMIT on how much pain medicine they can be prescribed… regardless of their intensive or source of pain.

The ACLU in Indiana has filed a law suit against AG Greg Zoeller and Medical Licensing Board over the mandatory urine testing as a violation of the fourth Amendment – unreasonable search and seizure.

They have also have singled out that portion of the population that suffer from subjective disease states and only those who are not in a institutional setting (hospital, LTC, Hospice). That same group is a protected group under the Americans with Disability Act… So are they violating their own law that was passed by Congress in 1990 ?


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