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Apparently the American Academy of Pain Management is collecting data on pt abuse caused by Walgreens’ “good faith policy”

What they say and where they say it

This is what the DEA tells the public in their public statements:

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is not trying to limit or ration access to opioid painkillers, according to a DEA spokesman who says “nothing should stand in the way” of a patient getting a legitimate prescription for pain medication filled.

“We’re not doctors. We’re regulators and enforcers of the law. If something is prescribed for a legitimate medical purpose, we’re certainly not going to get in the way,” said DEA spokesman Rusty Payne.

This is what they tell the healthcare providers (Pharmacists).. when they are in a closed meeting…

This is proof that a little bit of knowledge can hurt. Things have DRASTICALLY changed in the last two years.
Look, I’ve been a pharmacist for 26 yrs. State laws and DEA regulations are very strict on us lately. It is called doing a job and keeping a
license to feed our families. Sure, there are bad eggs in my profession (as there are in every profession) who get off on turning people away. I have never done that except in following the guidelines of my state or the DEA.
Many people don’t realize that half of the requirement to be licensed is to pass a law exam. Doctors don’t do that, which is EXACTLY why the DEA requires pharmacists to enforce the law. At a meeting last December with the DEA, they admitted that they have been lax in monitoring the prescribing habits of doctors and they have officially made it now the legal requirement of the pharmacists to be the enforcers of either the DEA regulations or the state law – whichever is stricter. It has always been the law, in the three states in which I am licensed, to refuse to fill a prescription for any reason we wish without legally having to say why. We are now given the responsibility to deny filling prescriptions from problem doctors who do not wish to disclose diagnoses as required in some states when ordering narcotics, to deny filling for patients who try to pressure us for early refills, etc. etc. My location has made many patients “permanent rejects” because the laws tell us to! The DEA flat-out told us in December “we want you to NOT fill narcotic prescriptions”.
So, tell me, in YOUR profession … if you have a license to practice and your livelihood is at stake … would you break the law? I would seriously hope you would say no.
Oooohhhhh, it’s the evil pharmacists’ causing the issue. Pure ignorance. If you had tried doing something in your community to curb the abuse or change drug laws (which won’t happen anymore), we wouldn’t have this problem. Simple as that.

October American Pharmacist Month

Celebrate Pharmacy During American Pharmacists Month


From the article:

In celebration of American Pharmacists Month, pharmacists are encouraged to spread the word about their work throughout the month of October.
“American Pharmacists Month is a time to recognize pharmacists for the vital contributions they make to health care in the United States through improved medication use and advanced patient care,” the American Pharmacists Association (APhA) states on its website. “(It) is a time to educate your patients, motivate your staff, and engage and inspire your community to ‘Know Your Pharmacists, Know Your Medicine.
Vital contribution is a vague term… I guess that the DEA’s viewpoint is the more control meds that are turned down.. the more vital contribution we are providing.

more corporate HYPOCRISY !

Medication should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor !

Recently I posted about CVS Health and all their concerns about people’s health while discouraging their Pharmacist to fill controlled Rxs..

img20140930_0010click on image to enlarge

Here is what Rite Aid uses as a bag stuffer with their Rx customers…  TAKING YOUR PRESCRIPTIONS AS DIRECTED IS VITAL TO YOUR HEALTH AND WELLNESS

NEWS FLASH… you can’t take care of your health and wellness … if your pharmacist refuse to fill legal/medically necessary/on time Rxs..

Is this just hyperbole or FALSE ADVERTISING..  These two pharmacy chains have abt 25% of all the pharmacies in the country… but these “tactics” are not isolated to just these two.

When they tell you that there is safer therapy than opiates !

Increased risk of venous thromboembolism among NSAIDs users, study shows


From the article:

There is a statistically significant increased risk of venous thromboembolism — a condition which includes deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism — among users of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, a study concludes. NSAIDs are one of the most commonly used medications around the world, and they are already well-known for their potential adverse effects.

Pulmonary embolism can be FATAL

Medication should only be taken as prescribed by your doctor !

This is a current CVS Health TV commercial.. about their “programs that encourage people to take their medication… ”

About half way thru the 30 second commercial there is a line across the bottom of the screen that says MEDICATION SHOULD ONLY BE TAKEN AS PRESCRIBED BY YOUR DOCTOR

So where does those CVS Health Pharmacists come up with refusing to fill those legit/on time/medically necessary Rxs…  Questioning the amount/numbers of meds.. prescribed by your prescriber… is too much/too high…

According to their commercial HEALTH IS EVERYTHING !

They even changed their name to include the work “HEALTH” that it is so important to them and their mission statement…


Is this intentional or unintentional ?

This was posted on a pharmacy Facebook page this past week..

We caught one last week. She had 2 more scripts in her car with matching IDs and insurance cards. Oh and about $700 cash


From the article:

John Tropea, 59, pleaded guilty Wednesday in Suffolk Superior Court to 76 charges of identity fraud, 76 charges of obtaining drugs by fraud, 40 counts of making false health care claims, and conspiracy.

I recently posted how easy it is to get a faked driver’s license  http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=6883

and how a large large hospital complex had patient medical records hacked  http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=6875

Then there is Pres Obama admitting that the war on drugs is a failure   http://www.pharmaciststeve.com/?p=6895

If you were in law enforcement… fighting the war on drugs… wouldn’t you be concerned about all of these incidents showing up.. that is.. if you were in law enforcement and you were actually fighting the war on drugs… or just making sure that there was legal drugs are getting diverted to the street.. to insure that there is a reason to continue fighting the war ?

There is some 12 K people that work for the DEA at the federal level.. not to mention all those dedicated to fighting this war at the state/county/city level..  Who believes that all of those people are so friggin stupid.. they can’t see this pattern ?



Pres Obama admits war on drug is a failure

In watching this video.. about half way.. there is a sound bite  of Pres Obama stating that the war on drugs is a FAILURE and that he is not going to change anything.  A 51 billion dollar a year FAILURE… I guess just another SOCIAL WAR that we are not able to win or even make an progress in.. so we just continue funding it… You know what Einstein said about INSANITY !

You stop contributing to society at 75 ?

In his controversial essay that appears in the October issue of The Atlantic, the prominent bioethicist Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel argues that longevity — living into your 80s, 90s and beyond — often comes at the expense of quality of life. Emanuel says he will be perfectly content if he dies at age 75.

Emanuel, the director of the Clinical Bioethics Department at the U.S. National Institutes of Health and head of the Department of Medical Ethics & Health Policy at the University of Pennsylvania, helped develop President Obama’s health care reform law. Emanuel makes it clear that he is not arguing for euthanasia or assisted suicide at a certain age.

Instead, he wants to call attention to “a simple truth that many of us seem to resist: living too long is also a loss. It renders many of us, if not disabled, then faltering and declining.” Emanuel argues that in their oldest of years, people tend to see their creative output decline and contribute less to society.

Remember when the initial discussion on Obamacare and there was rumors of “death panels”… this fellow was one of the major architect of Obamacare .. Maybe it is not so much as “pulling the plug” and NOT PUTTING THE PLUG IN.. in the first place ?

Pharmacist Asks… to many pts over medicated ?

Drugs or lifestyle changes? Are pharmacists pill-happy?


From the article:

It is my impression that many pharmacists are not particularly interested in the prevention of disease, preferring pharmacological solutions to lifestyle changes. For example, in my experience, many pharmacists seem to be far more interested in learning about the (often theoretical) mode of action of a new drug than they are in learning about the enormous potential of disease prevention.

Pharmacists have been taught to view disease in mechanistic and reductionistic terms involving the manipulation of molecules and cells with powerful pharmaceuticals that overwhelm the delicate processes of nature. These are biological processes that Mother Nature has had well in hand for hundreds of thousands of years.


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