Why they can’t “just get over it” !

Does this sound familiar ?

Operation Choke Point Hearing Reveals DOJ Threats And Strong-Arming

From the article:
A Justice Department fraud prevention program came under fire Thursday for allegedly morphing into actively pressuring banks to deny financial services to businesses for political reasons.

The objective of the project is to choke-off fraudulent businesses from accessing financial services, in an effort to protect consumers.
The controversy, however, is over allegations that the DOJ is pressuring financial institutions to decline doing business with so-called “high risk” industries which line up squarely against the political leanings of the current administration. These businesses include ammunition sales, payday loans, pornography, fireworks companies, and others—24 industries in total, as listed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

Operating without legal authority and guided by a political agenda, unelected officials at the DOJ are discouraging banks from providing basic banking services…to lawful businesses simply because they don’t like them,” said William M. Isaac, former chairman of the FDIC.

Virginia Republican Rep. Robert Goodlatte revealed that one of the more egregious examples sent in to the committee was a meeting between the DOJ and a bank regarding the continued provision of financial services to a payday loan company.

The DOJ official reportedly told the banker, “I don’t like this product, and I don’t believe it should have a place in our financial system. And if you don’t agree, there will be an immediate, unplanned audit of your entire bank.”

Imagine that, some part of the DOJ threatening certain businesses of audits – and possible fines – because those within the DOJ have exceeded their  legal authority..but those within the DOJ has so much “power” and the industry they are targeting are so paranoid of what actions that could be taken.. that they CAVE to the DOJ’s demands ?

It would appear that no one in the drug wholesaler business has some BALLS to come forward like the particular banker did … in this case..

We have the best medical system in the world?

Our justice system takes prescribers to task when pts died from a drug overdose… whether it was accidental or a suicide..

Pharmacists are afraid of providing opiates to patients for fear of someone being addicted

Patients die all the time… why are healthcare professional not held to the same standard when pt died because they are non-compliant with their needed medication for their chronic conditions ?

If a healthcare professional is held responsible for a patient dying from a drug overdose.. why aren’t they held responsible for the patient dying for not taking their medications… Pharmacists would seem to be a the most responsible healthcare professional in their issue of non compliance and dying from a unmanaged disease state.

If we are responsible for pts taking more medication than prescribed.. why are we not responsible for pt not taking their medication ? Isn’t a PREMATURE DEATH the outcome for both ?

Document… Document… Document

Had a interesting phone call today… from an employee of that infamous chain/PBM…

Apparently this Pharmacist was written up for getting to work at 14 minutes past the hour… per the store’s video system…

Apparently this Pharmacist had the habit of  pocketing  the printouts(credentials)  that are generated when they login to the pharmacy system and when returning home… tosses these pieces of paper into pile   .. and this Pharmacist was able to produce the credentials from the particular day.. showing that the Pharmacist logged into their pharmacy computer system at 04 minutes past the hour.

What is not known at this time… if the time on the video system is “off” either intentionally or unintentionally… or there is some way that the date/time stamp on the “snap shot” from the video was altered .

Of course, we know that from all the fines this company has paid over the last few years… while admitting no wrong doing… they must be a “honest company”.. just settling all of these claims to avoid all the cost of legal costs and the resulting on going bad PR.

Of course, there are those “Legacy Pharmacists” that are filing age discrimination claims with EEOC and winning in court…

The DEA claims they are not interferring BUT ?

This showed up as a comment on another of my posts and this could be a major impact on patient health & safety.. if it is true !

My manager just told a story of the DM saying. .. There’s a situation where once you exceed a DEA or manufacturer quota, you will forever have to check PDMP on every control your pharmacy ever fills again, staple the results to the hard copy, etc.  Has anyone ever heard anything like this??

Let’s run the numbers… taking a store averaging 30 Rx/hr with a 12 hr day..


1 tech hr/15 rxs  = 24 tech hrs/day

20% of total Rxs are controls.. = subtract 5 tech hrs/day – some of the major chains it has been reported that they are removing controlled Rxs from the computation of allowable tech hours  – to discourage pharmacists from filling controls ?

Now we have a extra 5 minutes for all the pharmacist time.. in the administrative requirements of Hydrocodone products to C-II.. presuming that 50% of the controls will now be C-II’s.. that is 3 more Pharmacist’s man hours/day for new administrative tasks.

Throw in having to run a PMP report on all controls… estimated times 5 minutes each … another 6 man hours devoted to administrative tasks.

If a pharmacy/Pharmacists fills 360 Rxs/12 hr day.. with no controls … he/she will have 36 man hours (12 Pharmacist/24 techs)

If a pharmacy/Pharmacists fills 360 Rxs/12 hr day with 20% controls… after subtracting lost tech hours and added administrative hours.. there would remain approx 22 man hours.. the Rx dept moves from 10 Rxs/man hour to 16 Rxs/man hour..

And pain pts wonder why the Pharmacist just wants to  JUST SAY NO.. to filling your controlled med Rxs ?


The war on drugs.. the “energizer dog “?







Heroin use on the rise in United States


In this four minute CNN news story.. there are a couple of VERY INTERESTING quotes.. IMO… they were mostly made “off the cuff” and given no real weight within the report.

The police officer stated that “the drugs are here to stay.. they are not going anywhere ”

The officer also stated that they have arrested the SAME PERSON… TWO HUNDRED TIMES …

The addict admitted to OVERDOSING … FIVE TIMES… wishing she was DEAD and stating that “she could not even OVERDOSE CORRECTLY (suicide)  ”

I am sure that if she would have succeeded that her death would have been classified as a ACCIDENTAL OVERDOSE… and used as another reason to continue funding the war on drugs

Chronic pain pts becoming more VISIBLE ?

New Revenue Stream – legal extortion ?

Caught shoplifting batteries from Rite Aid and today got a letter about a settlement offer of $265.99 can this get dropped or even reduced?


From the article?

I was caught stealing a 4 pack of AA Duracell Rechargeable Batteries priced at 15.99 at my local Rite Aid in Oregon I was walking out and was about 10 feet from my car when I was stopped by an employee asking me about the batteries I stole and that he was going to need them back and to follow him into the back of the store and he was going to fill out some paperwork.

Today I received a letter at the top saying a settlement offer and then states that they represent Rite Aid concerning its civil claim that happened in there store and then mention Pursuant to Or. Rev. Stat 30.875 “Shoplifting or taking of agricultural produce” Rite Aid may consider moving forward with a statutory civil damages claim against you. And then says that they ask that I settle this matter by making a payment of $265.99 withing 20 days of this letter being dated (date the 19th) is there any way I can get these charges dropped or lowered?

MJ not toxic ?

States with legalized medical marijuana had 25 percent fewer prescription OD deaths: study


From the article:

States that allow legal use of medical marijuana have lower rates of fatal overdoses from prescription medications.

A new study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found the 13 states where medical marijuana is legal had 24.8 percent fewer annual opioid overdose mortality rates.

The results indicate alternative treatments may be safer for patients suffering from chronic pain, researchers said.

I have noticed recently that “they” are now using the figure that 16 K -17 K die from accidental drug overdoses whereas previously “they” were promoting the number as 36 K – 39 K people dying of a accidental overdoses..

For years, there has been those that have stated that >50% of those who have died of a drug overdose was actually a suicide… Have “they” decided to report the actual number of those with a accidental overdose.. BUT… basically BURYING 20 K suicides.. because it doesn’t support the DEA war on drug agenda ?

I have also seen report after report that Heroin deaths are skyrocketing… but.. I don’t remember seeing many relaying REAL NUMBERS … Are those numbers becoming so high that it shows where the DEA is failing to attain their mission.. Is it worse for people to abuse ILLEGAL drugs… or abuse LEGAL drugs ?

After all it is perfectly legal to abuse the legal drugs ALCOHOL & NICOTINE !

Pain in America – have you noticed ?

Have you ever pay attention to the commercials on TV… unless you are watching all your TV from a DVR/Tivo or you are addicted to ROKU/HULU or some other such service… approx 20 minutes of every hour is COMMERCIALS.

If you pay attention to these commercials.. there as several each hour advertising some sort of pain medications.. most over the counter… topical creams, ointments, sprays, patches, NSAID, APAP, Cox-2 inhibitor and even a CONTROLLED MED ( Lyrica) – but they warn you if you have addiction issues.. you could have a problem.  Yes, it is a C-V, but you don’t see Synalgos DC (also a C-V)being advertised DTC.

We even see some of these “pain meds” being marketed in combination with Diphenhydramine … for pain and sleep.

Does anyone believe that all the money being spent on advertising these “pain meds” .. if they were not selling tons of these products..

Granted, these are for mild – mild/moderate pain.. but .. isn’t it a indication that we have a epidemic of pain – or perceived pain – in this country?  Doesn’t it make sense that pain will tend to increase as a person ages?

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