Bondi comes out against enslavement and abuse of people !

Bondi says she is against people being enslaved and abused.. Unless she is doing the same to those in the chronic pain community

Maybe she needs to look in the mirror to see what an enslaver and abuser looks like…

GENOCIDE IN AMERICA ? update 10/24/2014

This page is going to contain posts made on other places on the web by those in chronic pain and how the war on drugs has turned into a war on pts. The number of people who are abusing some substance is not going down, but the number of chronic pain pts not being able to get their chronic pain adequately treated is rapidly increasing… as is the use/abuse of Heroin.

History shows us other countries that have had a OVERT genocide… It would appear that our society has chosen to have a COVERT genocide. The rules/guidelines in place is like playing cards with a stacked deck  Just label it as a accident ?

And the whole process’ genesis was based on racism and bigotry War on Drugs GENESIS… BIGOTRY ?

As more and more chronic painers lose or have their therapy cut or they are more and more home bound and more and more INVISIBLE to our society.. They are emotionally, physically, mentally exhausted… many are losing or have lost the will and ability to “FIGHT” and having to deal with increased depression.

I am not encouraging or endorsing suicide.. I am trying to make those with chronic pain MORE VISIBLE to those in our society that are CLUELESS !

For 16 yrs I used pain meds with very little problems. I took higher doses then most. Some people think if u weight 100 lbs u shouldn’t need the same dose as a 200 lb man. I sometimes vacation from one med to another for a month or two then go back . This helped to keep doses from getting higher and higher. Worked for me. I took my meds every 4 hours. i lived a pretty good life. Could work clean house and care for the kids. Do my community service. Felt pretty good about myself. Then last yr around this time it all went down hill. Only allowed to use meds every 6 hrs and at half the dose. Then no one would fill my scripts because my drs office was 40 miles from my home. For one yr I got my meds by mail or fed ex. That really sucked waiting and waiting for my meds to come. Then Aug 21 2014 I got that letter from my dr. Dropping me as a patient after 16 yrs. now I have nothing. I suffer everyday every hour every min. I can’t sleep I can’t function. I wake up everyday wishing I hadnt. Why didn’t I just die? I never thought this would happen to me never never but it did. I almost did kill myself two weeks ago but I don’t want to do that to my son. The pain it would cause him. What is my future don’t know? I did get lucky a couple days ago and found an old pain patch from 2008. Worked great. Don’t want to hear anything about it being expired nor do I suggest this to anyone else. What did I have to lose? I got to be a person again for a few some stuff done. Made me feel better about myself. I smiled and got some sleep. I know that my life has to have some kind of pain management or I will kill myself. I would like to have my old meds back but those days r gone now. Medical marijuana is now my only hope because the pill problem keeps getting worse. I need that hope. I don’t want to die but I can’t live with this nerve pain. At the city hall meeting for mmj those people against talked about pain meds and pot as one and the people that used them r just the scum of the earth.the looks I got. I am sick not an addict or a bad person. I am a good caring person and didnt deserve the looks I got. I hope this doesn’t happen to anyone else in this group. But I don’t see things getting better only worse in this state of FL. This group keeps growing more groups r popping up. Sorry to say but we r at war. I know how the Jews felt when Hitler came to town. People,here in FL Pam Bondi is way ahead in polls. Why she is a monster. I have new found hope from younger people voting and or getting involved in their government. But this too might take some time. Got to vote. Talked to over 50 kids yesterday at the mall about voting this coming election.they can make things better for us so u better treat these kids with respect. They r our future


A husband and wife were found dead at their trailer Monday at the Groves RV Resort on John Morris Road, apparently the victims of a murder-suicide.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office responded to unit #100 in the resort at 16175 John Morris Road at 8:30 a.m. Monday.

The sheriff’s office report said the response was in reference to a male caller advising the LCSO that he and his wife “could no longer stand the pain and that they were leaving.”

 We SHOULD BE spending our time trying to take care of our pain !!!  I don’t think heroin addict’s spend that much time running around looking for it on the streets !!!
I ALMOST HAD TO go that route … Because of WAY Too much pain …  With absolutely no pain relieving medication  Better off …going to the streets eh ???
No judgements or rationing on the streets !!!  No wonder we turn to the streets for our necessary/life saving medication !!! Is that their agenda ???
Or just wait till we kill our selves because the pain is too bad ???  Kinda like genocide by suicide ?!?! It’s just unacceptable !!!

Just can’t do this anymore

I am done. Fed up of pain. Fed up of drs and people screwing my life up. Making me live in agony for no reason when they have the power to help. I only ever go to hospital when there is no other choice, when I am in a full blown life threatening crisis. I only ever cry out for support when I am at the end of my rope. But now that rope has snapped. Can’t keep asking for help and support and being rejected by everyone again and again. It is in humane to be in this much pain, it is cruel. I don’t know how much everyone expects me to deal with all the time but I am DONE. I am not living like this anymore.

I’m about done with living. This isn’t living and I hate the quality of so called life I have. This whole thing has thrown me into a fibro flare on top of my back pain. I hurt so bad now I want to die.

 This is a debate question. Not a plan of action !!!!   When is it okay to give up?  When is it okay to want to stop this constant pain?  My wife says it’s selfish for anyone to contemplate taking their life but I think it’s selfish to make someone live like this Every day … after day after day.  Today is not a horrible day. Today is an okay day. This is a debate question. Not a plan of action !!!!

 Maybe I shouldn’t ask this, but I’m absolutely at my end. Feel free to message me if you don’t feel comfortable here. I need pain meds, BADLY. I can’t go on much longer this way. I contemplate suicide daily. I’m not a good mother. Or wife. Or friend (which I’ve lost most because the pain makes it unbearable to go out and be social). I can’t work much anymore, which is putting a huge financial and mental/emotional strain on my poor husband. I can barely keep up with my housework either. I feel like a 30 year old failure. My doctor took me off of the one thing that helped me, tramadol. Since then I’ve rapidly gone down hill.

 I bet no one would care if I died, so why not get it over and done with, I mean no one wants to help me. So why bother with life. I’m in agonizing pain daily. Im a looser now and always will be and I drive people away so dont bother being my friend because ill probably make u hate me like I do with everyone else.

 My wife has really been struggling in the last few months. This month has especially been difficult. She has stated many times that her fibro is getting worse. She has ran out of her pain meds and became very depressed. Yesterday she tried to kill herself. I found her face down on her bedroom floor. She had overdosed on other medications and was barely conscience. Ambulance took her to er, after 5 hours a private room. She finally became alert at 11pm enough to answer questions. She was transferred to an ICU last night and today at 5pm transferred to another hospital to deal with the depression.

 I know it is heartbreaking to miss these things and see the disappointment on their faces and people and family want to judge me because I have decided to end my pain on my dad’s bday and are making preparations to do so then I do not have to face begging doctors for enough ends that don’t even touch my pain and be treated like a criminal because I have multiple health issues. I give up

This is what brought me to my actual final mission. Not suicide, but a mercy killing. I know how to kill, and I know how to do it so that there is no pain whatsoever. It was quick, and I did not suffer. And above all, now I am free. I feel no more pain. I have no more nightmares or flashbacks or hallucinations. I am no longer constantly depressed or afraid or worried

I am free. I ask that you be happy for me for that. It is perhaps the best break I could have hoped for. Please accept this and be glad for me.

The LIARS in charge of our legal system

licensedtolieWhen Washington overlords (federal prosecutors) break rules, wreck lives

A group of Washington overlords — federal prosecutors — sometimes break rules and wreck people’s lives.

President Obama may soon appoint one of them to be America’s next attorney general.

Was Shakespeare right ?

God save your majesty!

I thank you, good people—there shall be no money; all shall eat
and drink on my score, and I will apparel them all in one livery,
that they may agree like brothers, and worship me their lord.

The first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers.

Nay, that I mean to do.

Henry The Sixth, Part 2 Act 4, scene 2, 71–78

This Stossel segment that was on Fox Business last night… explains a lot of what we have to deal with as individuals within our society..  I don’t have the schedule but Stossel’s shows usually repeat over the weekend on either Foxnews or Foxbusiness.  IMO.. definitely worth the watch..  You will go away from the show.. wondering .. how do we deal with this.. since all of these lying attorneys are NOT ELECTED Federal bureaucrats…


I thought that being treated like a dog was a bad thing ?

stevemailboxHowever, I just had the worse weekend of my life.  My beloved
Rottweiler and close companion started screaming in pain last Friday
night.  He could barely move and I just tried to comfort him as best as
I could until the vet would be open on Monday.  On monday I took him to
be put down as I couldn’t stand to watch him suffering.  The vet and
technician were absolutely awesome and let me know there was no reason
to put him down.  He obviously is suffering from severe arthritis but
with proper steroids and pain medication he can be made comfortable. 
Now granted this is a dog I love dearly – but the vet can give him pain
medication and controls to!

As I watched my poor loved dog suffering I had to wonder what is wrong
with our society?  We are so concerned about saving an addicts life
that we are willing to let honest, in pain, suffering humans have not
the relief we are able to give!  Forget the addicts – if they want to
die so be it!  We need to stop unnecessary suffering. To a lot of
people he was jut a dog but he woke my eyes up!  No one deserves to
suffer to help people justify their jobs – forget the addicts and focus
on human suffering!

Fortunately my dog is still with me but he is getting the medicines he
needs that most humans can’t right now!  He has gone from crying and
screaming nonstop to less than 2 times in a 24 hour period!  Is it
because it is a vet my dog can be taken care of?  Some thing is
definitely wrong!  Don’t get me wrong, i love my dog but lets treat
humans just as humane!

The system failed… a person died.. O WELL !

Man Calls a Suicide Prevention Hotline, SWAT Team Shows Up and Kills Him

Roy, Utah – A Roy, Utah man, Jose Calzada, 35, placed a call to a suicide prevention hotline at 4:00 a.m. Tuesday morning and threatened to kill himself, seven hour later he was shot and killed by police, according to law enforcement.

The first tragic mistake in this case was made when the Weber County Consolidated Dispatch Center sent officers to the residence rather than some type of crisis response team trained to deal with suicidal individuals.

Often police go into these situations with an ingrained mentality of looking at citizens as threats to the safety of the officers and thus feel empowered and justified to use lethal force as the suicidal person has already threatened to kill someone, themselves.

Gwynn went on to state, “We encourage those having suicidal thoughts or tendencies to contact a physician or expert that can talk them through it. In this particular case he attempted to do that — it’s unfortunate and sad that it failed.”

In every confrontation there seems to be two sides… law enforcement/soldier and THE ENEMY..but this is a not a VIDEO GAME… people DIE !

I couldn’t make all of these up not that good a imagination

stevemailboxOur pain mgmt doc is in another city, which unfortunately, is in another county (because I can’t find a doctor in our town worth anything). The pharmacist here in town has now said that I need to go to Walgreens near the doctor (even though the same pharmacist has been filling the same script from the same doctor for years). The pharmacist near the doctor says I need to go to the Walgreens near my house. If I try going to a different chain, they tell me they won’t or can’t fill it for any number of reasons and that I should stick with Walgreens. I can’t seem to catch a break. I have been lied to and have heard so many excuses–I am so frustrated. I hate being treated like a criminal for needing medication that improves my quality of life.

Yesterday, when we went to the pharmacy near the doctor (which by some miracle, filled our script last month), they told us they wouldn’t fill for us. When I asked why they wouldn’t fill, the technician said I would need to talk to the pharmacist. When the pharmacist (who was also the pharmacy manager–her picture is on the wall) got to the counter, and I asked what the policy said, she just told me that she would have to get a manager. She called over the intercom for the store manager. Someone eventually came back to the pharmacy, but I sincerely doubt they were the manager. That “manager” asked if they could help me. I started to ask what the policy said about scheduled narcotics (so that I could understand why they were turning me away–so that I could genuinely find out where I needed to go and what I needed to do) she told me that they don’t fill any narcotics anymore. Totally confused at this point, I asked her when that happened, and she said “at the beginning of the month.” I knew she just totally lied to my face, because she didn’t want to be bothered to answer my legitimate questions. The pharmacist didn’t want to be bothered either. They didn’t care that I have been a Walgreens customer for many, many years. I was so distraught that I started to cry. I just had to turn around and leave. I couldn’t take their lack of courtesy anymore.

I find it amazing… the PIC (Pharmacist in Charge) of the Rx dept calls the front end store manager to handle this.. The front end manager has NO LEGAL AUTHORITY IN THE RX DEPT… Would suggest that this Pharmacist is FED UP with Walgreen’s policies and tired of dealing with pts over it… or she lacks a BACK BONE



ADA : Wal-Mart Stores East Will Pay to $72,500 to Settle EEOC Disability Discrimination Lawsuit–Wal-Mart-Stores-East-Will-Pay-to-72500-to-Settle-EEOC-Disability-Discrimination-Lawsuit-19248869/

Retailer Refused to Reasonably Accommodate Applicant With End-Stage Renal Disease, Federal Agency Charged

According to the EEOC’s suit, an assistant store manager at the Walmart store in Cockeysville, Md., offered Laura Jones a job as an evening sales associate, contingent on Jones passing a urinalysis test for illegal drugs. After Jones advised that she cannot produce urine because she has end-stage renal disease, the assistant store manager told her to ask the designated drug testing company about alternate tests, the EEOC said. According to the complaint, Jones went to the drug testing facility the same day and learned that the facility could do other drug tests if the employer requested it. Jones relayed this information to the Walmart assistant store manager, but management refused to order an alternative drug test. Jones’s application was closed for failing to take a urinalysis within 24 hours.

Just a guess.. this pt is REALLY PISSED !

davidgoliathI didn’t tell you all what happened, AGAIN, at Walgreens yesterday.
It’s gonna blow your damn minds!!

So, I get my meds every 2 weeks, exactly 15 days at a time.
It was day 15 yesterday, so I went to my regular Walgreens home store, and the pharmacy manager was there, and he told me that he didn’t get them in, he’s been trying for 3 weeks, and hasn’t gotten them.
But, he again, told me to go to the dreaded Bee Ridge and Beneva store.
I say dreaded because of the consistent treatment I get at that store. I posted just a few weeks ago, what happened to me and an old man as well.
I HATE this store. BUt, I was TOLD to go there, that they had them.
So I go, almost crying on the way there, I go in, I’m nice, I hand the girl my scripts and ID, and she starts typing in the computer and says she has to see if they have them by talking to the pharmacist whose name is xxxxx (Not completely sure of the last name spelling because he REFUSED to show me his badge).
xxxx says to me that he “doesn’t feel comfortable” filling one of the scripts, and because they have to be filled together, I’m not getting my meds.
I remind xxxx of the ADA and Civil Rights laws, that he’s violating my civil rights under these 2 laws, and xxx proceeds to throw THE BIGGEST TEMPER TANTRUM I’ve seen since Sebastian was 5.
He started yelling and screaming at me, slamming his hands on the counter, and when I say screaming, I mean screaming, yelling so loud, that I’m sure people in the front of the store heard him.
I remained calm, but raised my voice in return, and reminded xxxx of the laws again, and told him that because of what he’s doing, I can report him to the board of pharmacy and medical licensing board as well, and he can lose his pharmacist license over this and his outrageous behavior.
xxxx then informs me that he’s been threatened with the Supreme Court before, and he’s not afraid of ME. He made the me very loud and clear which is why I cap’d it.
I told xxxx that when I go home, that I would be filing multiple complaints to Walgreens corporate, the ADA at the justice department, the BOP and medical licensing boards, and also with my insurance company, UnitedHealthcare. The reason for filing a complaint with my insurance is because Walgreens has a contract with the insurance providers. Under that contract, they are OBLIGATED to fill valid, on-time prescriptions for medications that my insurance covers.
He said “Go right ahead and file your complaints, and I’ll ban you from ALL Walgreens for the next 3 months! I have that power! I have the authority to do that!”
So I calmly said to xxxxx, “Then do it. Right now. Do it. I’m sick and tired of this store playing with my life, so do it, ban me, please, it will just make my complaints all that much stronger.”
xxxx then got on the phone and asked for a manager to come to the pharmacy. He basically had had it with me, and wanted a manager to throw me out of the store.
The assistant manager comes, and tells me she can’t force him to fill them, but come back at 3 pm when xxxxx, the pharmacy manger is on duty, and she can over-ride xxxxx’s “notes”, if she chooses.
I thank her very much for her time and information, and I leave planning to go back at 3pm.

I got home around noon and immediately started filing my complaints.
The ADA makes it SO easy to do, they say right on their website that you can fill out forms and mail or fax them back, but the quickest way is to email them.
The ADA’s complaint email address is at the US department of justice.
Hahahah! I love that!
So I file all my complaints, call my insurance company and file a “quality of care” complaint because being denied my medications means that I will be in excessive pain, and because I’m being denied my pain meds, that my body will start to go into withdrawals.
There’s no easy way to say that to anyone. I take and have been taking, heavy duty narcotic pain meds since early 2000.
My body is used to them, and sadly, my body is yes, addicted to them.
I take my meds as prescribed, I don’t “get high”, they don’t ever, nor have they ever, gotten me “high”, but when your body is denied them, your body goes into the worst, ugliest withdrawals.
I’m not going to describe for you what that all means, look it up, or if you’re super curious, message me and I’ll tell you, but you will be horrified, and sorry, grossed out.
It’s a truly ugly thing that happens.

My insurance company rep that I spoke to couldn’t believe it, so she asked me for their address and phone number and she called them herself.
xxxx gave her the same exact line.
“I don’t feel comfortable filling them, and by law, that’s all I have to say, end of story”.
The rep couldn’t believe what she was hearing.
Here she is, the insurance company that they are contracted and obligated with, calling on their member’s behalf, and the pharmacist,xxxx, still stuck to his bullshit line.
I say bullshit because the only LEGAL AND VALID EXCUSES that a pharmacist can give ANYONE, is that A) this medication will interact badly with other meds that you take, and B) because some of the ingredients we know you’re allergic to, so this med may cause an allergic reaction.
That’s it, those are the ONLY 2 valid and legal excuses they can give.
Simply saying, “I don’t feel comfortable”, is against the ADA and Civil Rights laws, and against their contracts with ALL insurance providers.
So I file my final complaint with my insurance company and then wait until 3pm and hope that xxxxx will take mercy on me and fill my scripts.

**Mind blowing part here**
We had some friends friends over yesterday, their car was being worked on here, and they came up with the idea to not only go in the store with me, but FILM IT.
So I said sure, because nobody will believe what happens to me at this Walgreens, it’s crazy, makes me feel like I’m going crazy.
So around 3:15pm we leave, that gave xxxxx the pharmacy manager time to get there and go through all her official emails which probably did include my complaint.
This complaint makes about the 23rd complaint I’ve made against this store in the last year, 14 of which are in the last 6 months alone.
We go in, my friend Nick is by my side to help me do the talking should they deny me again, and his girlfriend Katrina was standing there with her iphone filming the whole thing.
I hand my scripts to the pharmacy tech xxxxx, she types my name and id into the computer, and then goes to ask if they have them in stock.
xxxxx comes back and says that, they don’t have any in stock.
Nick asks her so nicely and politely, and sweetly, “Is there another store we can go to? My friend needs her medication. This is a medical health crisis. Without these medications, my friend will end up in the ER by tomorrow morning, if not sooner, please helps us.”
She says to him, “Let me check with the other pharmacist” and goes off to ask xxxxx.
xxxxx brings them back over to xxxxx’s counter and says, “We have them fill them”.
xxxxx then tells us that it will be about an hour. Nick says thank you so very much, he even says thank you to xxxxx, and we leave.
At this point in the day, I was in serious pain, so bad, I had to walk with my cane for stability. I HATE using my cane, but I could barely stand up anymore, so I used my cane to walk into and out of that store, and even used it to get around my house until it was time to go back, and I had to use it then as well.

We got xxxxx telling xxxxx to LIE to me and say they didn’t have them in stock.
We got xxxxx saying we have them, fill them.
I now have the proof that I’ve been lacking for so long against Walgreens and their treatment of me.
Their blatant discrimination and outright lying to me, constantly.

A supervisor did call me yesterday and wanted to talk, but funny, Walgreens had a system wide failure with their phone system, and you couldn’t get through.
I tried to call him back at the store he was at yesterday for almost 7 and a half hours, so many attempts, I killed the battery on my phone.
I called that store this morning, and one of my all time fave pharmacists from their company, xxxxx, answered, I told her that xxxxx had called me yesterday, but I couldn’t get through because of their phone system. She apologized for the phone issues, but surprisingly, xxxxx was at that store again today.
So I told xxxxx my whole story of happened with xxxx, his behavior, mine, the whole shebang!
xxxxx was angry that xxxxx had threatened me with a 3 month ban, he said that “floater pharmacists”, do NOT have that kind of power or authority, and was just basically overall disgusted by what happened with xxxx.
Then I told him what happened at 3pm, and that we have it on video.
And then I told him that I’ve completely had it with this store’s consistent discrimination and treatment of me, and now that I have PROOF on video, I’m willing to go all the way with it, and I told him that my friend who went with me knows of an excellent malpractice attorney, and we will be calling him within the next 24 hours.
xxxxx said to me, “I’m going to call that stores PIC (pharmacist in charge), as well as the entire company’s pharmacy supervisor right now and someone will be calling you back ASAP”.
I said “Good, I hope to hear from someone, because I’m sick of this crap, I’ve had it, I’m over it, and now that I have video proof of what they do to me, I’m going all the way against Walgreens. That store, those pharmacists, and Walgreens as a whole, for telling me yesterday, that “they will stand behind every action of their pharmacists”.
Does that include the outrageous temper tantrum xxx had which is on their store’s video monitoring system?
Oh, I hope so. I hope that they watch xxxxx’s actions yesterday, and I can only HOPE that their monitoring system also captures sound, because xxxxx’s physical gestures, sure are pretty awesome as far as temper tantrums go, but it’s all the things that he said to me that make it even better.
And then what happened at 3pm, I hope that’s on there too. xxxxx telling xxxxx to LIE to me and say they don’t have them, and then xxxxx saying “we have them, fill them”.
I hope that everything is on their system.
I have my video proof, they need to seriously look and listen to theirs, the fit he threw, the things that he said, his refusal to give me his name and I asked for his name like this, “Please either tell me your name, or show me your badge”.
I had to ask him that no less than 7-8 times, and then he finally SCREAMED his name at me, xxxxx
I’m sure a lot of people thought that maybe my posts talking about what happens at Walgreens were overblown, or exaggerated, well, now I have video proof.
I can’t post the video though, I’m sorry. It has to be shown to my new attorney first, and then he may put a gag order on it and tell me that I can’t show it to anyone because it’s now crucial evidence in our case against Walgreens.

I was so hoping the day would come when I could catch them doing this to me, and many, many thanks to Nick and Katrina for actually helping me get not only the proof I needed, but getting my medications.
If Nick hadn’t been there and been the one to talk, I probably wouldn’t have gotten them again. I probably would have been told repeatedly, that they didn’t have them in stock.
Nick just knows how to talk to people, and he really did that so well yesterday. He even told me that if we didn’t get them, that he’d be the one to take me to the ER, and he’d stay with me.
He of course, did say that while we were standing there waiting for xxxxx to talk to xxxxx.
Nick just knows what to do, period. And I’m just so glad that I had him on my side yesterday or it would have been another time going without my meds and ending up in the hospital.

But, I have proof now bitches!!! Hahahahahahahaha!
Screw you Walgreens!
I got you on video blatantly discriminating and lying to me!
Eat it!!!

Former (disgruntled) employee causes licensing board investigation

1-markpaperClick on image to enlarge

Apparently Dr Ibsen turned over 3600 pages of evidence for this hearing

Apparently the compliance specialist wasn’t happy or didn’t want to deal with all those records… so apparently “pulled out” 800 pages that would prove the Medical Licensing Board’s case against Dr Ibsen.. Are we playing WHEEL OF FORTUNE here.. show certain parts of the larger picture and you are expected to GUESS WHAT THE WHOLE PICTURE IS ?

I am not sure if this licensing board is just lazy, incompetent or just figured they could use “smoke & mirrors” to prove their point… Needless say, besides Dr Ibsen’s livelihood… there could be very serious consequences for all the chronic pain pts that could no longer have a healthcare professional to take care of their chronic pain.offtherails

Is this just another example of our war on drugs/patients going off the rails ?

Workplace Violence at the Pharmacy

HOUSTON – Two people were killed in a murder-suicide at Ben Taub Hospital Wednesday.

The shooting happened about 2:15 p.m. in the hospital’s outpatient pharmacy.

Police say a pharmacist and pharmacy tech were shot behind the glass.

HPD spokesperson John Cannon said surveillance video shows the female pharmacist was at her work station when the pharmacy tech walked up and shot her from behind.

The 58-year-old tech then shot himself. He died immediately, and she died about 15 minutes later. The names of the gunman and victim have not been released.

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