What you see is not necessarily what you get !

How many times have you heard someone say that they don’t see/understand what a Pharmacist does? So customers – can’t call them patients – because all they seemed to be interested in is getting their Rx filled and leaving… probably treat the counter person at the fast food place better. Of course part of the problem could be directed back at us individually and collectively.
In the retail setting, When you find a serious problem with a pt’s new rx with existing meds, a allergy, or too high a dose. Do you walk out to the patient and tell them that their doc really F-UPPED and the pt could have had an allergic reaction, or died from the overdose or drug to drug interaction… and that you have to try and get thru the doc’s layers of staff to inform him/her of this royal mess and that it will take some time to get it rectified and most likely it will be toward the end of the business day before you can fill their Rx.

More like it… you talk to the pt and tell them that their is something not clear on the Rx – you are so stupid that you cannot read a Rx – and that you need to seek clarification from the MD (medical deity).. so that you can provide them with their medication… probably even give them a gift card for the inconvenience.

Do we “protect” the reputation of the MD while undermining the reputation of our profession at the same time?

In the institutional setting (LTC & Hospital) the patient seldom – if ever – sees how we positively impact their lives.

So what we do and how we do it… could you refer to us as the “stealth healthcare professional”?

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