Is there no financial intelligence on capital hill?

More Lawmakers Raise ESI-Medco Merger Concerns At least 29 members of Congress now have publicly expressed concerns regarding the proposed Express Scripts Inc.-Medco merger The above is from a NCPA press release of Dec 13, 2011. At last count there are 435 members in the House. That would suggest that < 7% of the house […]

the company uses industry-leading standards Redwood City woman sues over pharmacy’s prescription mix-up that left her gravely ill The woman in the above story got the prescription bottle in her bag that was suppose to be for someone else and didn’t read the bottle label and took the meds, this happened at a CVS. The CVS spokesperson stated that […]

Merging toward a monopoly and turning your health into a commodity ?

I got a second letter from Anthem ( Blue Cross/Blue Shield) this week. The first letter was several months ago. IMO.. this letter demonstrates just how Pharmacists, the service that we provide and medication as a whole has become nothing more than a COMMODITY to everyone but the patient… at least those patients that care. […]

Office of Medical Investigator (OMI) Hides 2010 Overdose Information The writer has notice a difference is recent months of the words used to report deaths by drugs. A year ago, it was not unusual to see a death by drug reported as “accidental”. Now I am seeing that the reports of a person dying from drugs is just stated as a “drug […]

Who could have seen this coming ?

As pill mills are shut down in Florida, customers turn to Web Just imagine that if you cut the supply of substances that a certain part of the population likes to abuse… those people are going to start looking else where for their “needs”. It is already starting to be reported that the number […]