Why do people take no responsibility for themselves?

Yesterday morning ~ 09:30 I get a phone call from a temp service…can you work at this big box store and how soon can you be there? Seems like the RPH of the day didn’t show up to open the pharmacy at 09:00.  I am a night-owl… so I was just starting to think about getting out of bed… I haven’t worked in retail for nearly four years… been working LTC in the mean time… but they promised me good technician support who knew how to operate the computer and register…  I had never worked at this particular big box chain before…  I said yes before I was much awake.. O well.. it is just 8 hrs… what the hell …. got to the pharmacy about 11:00…  to find two techs and a pharmacy student on rotation patiently waiting for someone .. anyone …

The pharmacy was so arranged that they could answer the phones with the pharmacy being closed… but a few pts were not really happy nor understanding… I guess they all come from a world that runs perfectly and nothing every goes wrong..

I could not relate… most days.. if I get a few hours in a row where everything goes right is considered a “good day”

One of the first on a rant… a woman that had placed her Rxs on a auto-refill program… apparently .. for some reason.. this one Rx fell through the cracks… it has not been processed… and of course.. it did not have refills on it .. and it was a controlled substance.

This pharmacy, like most pharmacies, call people when they have Rxs waiting.. so this woman .. never got a call that her Rx was ready and she did not seem that this was strange…but she shows up at the Rx counter .. wanting her Rx.. Trying to get a hold of prescriber was fruitless…

This lady goes into a rant about she was promised that her Rxs would be on auto-refill.. false advertising… and on and on… and she was going to move all her Rxs..

Of course, I had just got there.. trying to get my bearings and besides.. I am just a TEMP.. I don’t know how the system really works.. if there are any known “short comings” or “bugs” that could have explained this situation…  I was not going near this encounter..

BUT .. the question remains.. why do people turn things over to automation and even stop paying attention to what is “normal” even when automation should do things as described.

Nothing in this world is flawless !

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