At the suggestion of another RPH.. I have started a Facebook page

Pharmacy Roulette – you bet your life !

The intent of this Facebook page is to focus on all the things that we Pharmacists deal with… from a system perspective … that can induce medication errors. It will also be a place to place newspaper and TV articles about how corporate pharmacy deals with various issues… such as fines… medication errors… and all the things that puts them “in the news”

those RPH’s who don’t want to use their name or be identified with what is posted… send the information to me and I will post it for you…

We have seen how “the system” will protect itself with Eric Cropp incident  and how that turned out badly for two families…. while the corporate employer continued with business as usual.

It is estimated that pharmacy medication errors kills 7000 people every year.. It has to be estimated because nearly all errors are settled with confidentially agreements attached. So that the actual numbers are buried in the corporate archives.  PROFIT$ OVER PATIENT $AFETY


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