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  1. I have been trying to study how effective shrinks are, beings how they started this whole damn mess. Piss poor at best these professionals have caused this mess by believing they can help with pain patient by treating patients with their particular sense of pharmacological knowledge’ each choosing their special drug of choice. One shrink said if drugs were taken away from shrinks they would disappear. I believe this to be true by the way I have been treated for pain. You must jump through the medical hoops if you actually need pain medication. Shrinks believe they know best how to treat the pain and that is totally untrue. The only way a shrink can help is wipe your mind out with psychotropic medication of which they insist you regulate gradually. I have had more shrinks ask me to increase their chosen medicine until it works. If this would be applied to pain medication more patients would be treated adequately without causing addiction, except for those already predisposed to be addicts!
    Suddenly some ignorant shrink that had a relative he couldn’t control, died of overdose or even suicide. I’m just a pain patient and did not cause your relative to overdose or commit suicide. I’m damn sick and tired of your failures being force down my throat, because you didn’t do your job.Why in the hell do you think it is prudent to make all pain patients suffer for your failures! One shrink by the name of Andrew Kolodney has set this nation back by 20 years just because he doesn’t believe in opioids. He has caused many deaths by his ignorance of treating pain patients with opioids. He even had the addacity to say opioids work no better than NSAIDs which is the biggest lie of the twenty first century.Good doctors are going to jail and to prison, caused by Kolodney. Policy makers were lied to and mislead because of this man and his cohorts.What needs to happen is the policy makers need to have their heads examined by shrinks and fined out how reliable they are. Doctors can no longer do their respective job until policy makers
    learn they have been deceived by shrinks wanting to force more patients there way by lying about opioids.I’m 67 years old and in pain most of my life until late 1990’s to 2017 when the like of Andrew Kolodney absolutely lied about opioids. How would Kolodney and cohorts know which medication works best for pain patients?
    Ted Cole

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