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  1. Hes right,,never has there been a honest scientific study done on thee effectiveness of the medicine opiates on long term painful medical diseases..That b.s. Krebbs study thee anti-opiate dictators keep quoting,, used such a LOW DOSE of opiates, in some cases <50 me,,at such low doses ,opiates would never work for our pain from any medical condition.They never publicize the AMOUNT of opiates' used,,u gotta dig for the quantity the patients were allowed..Again,,unless any test subject is allowed to ask and receive the amount they need ,, be it 100me or 400 me to EFFECTIVELY LESSEN THEIR PHYSICAL PAIN FROM A MEDICAL CONDITION,,WE WILL NEVER GET A HONEST STUDY DONE,,EVER!!!By Ms.Krebs dictating how much opiate medicine was allowed,,she was dictating the end results,,for the test subject were not allow to have thee amount of medicine to truly EFFECTIVELY lessen their physical pain,,thus the study and all studies done like the Krebs study will have a predictable end for all anti-opiates doctors,,they are fixing the research to be able to claim the lie ,about opiates don't work,OPIATES DO WORK WHEN GIVEN AT EFFECTIVE DOSES…Then this Krebs lady goes on to report opiates do not increased functioning,,well dahhh,, given such miniscule dosages to maybe help a mouse..Again any research study that claims opiate's don't work,,dig,,seriously dig,,and u will find,,there was such a minuscule amounts of opiate MEDICINE allowed,,it would only help a mouse,,,but they will never publish that ,,,all they will publish is ,''opiates don't work,,The fact,,they hide the dosages shows us,again,,they want opiates gone,, even if they gotta lie to do it..Same w/A.K. and his addiction crap,,he literally had to change the true definition of addiction to trump up his ##'s,,Andrew Kolodny now is deeming ANY chronic pain person who takes the medicine opiates to lessen their physical pain from a medical diseases has a complex opiates use disorder,,he is ,,claiming a perfect NORMALl human nature to want physical pain EFFECTIVELY lessen from a medical condition,,a disorder,,ensuring him/all psychiatrist, psychologist $$$$ for a life time ,thus $$$$$$ in their pockets,,,just fyi,,maryw

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