I’ve been a pharmacy tech for CVS for 8 years now.. “terminated”.. I haven’t been maintaining my full time status

From Joe:

“Thought I’d shoot a message your way. you can choose to do what you with with the info and I do not need to be anonymous. I’ve been a pharmacy tech for CVS for 8 years now (lead tech for 5) and recently been told I’m being let go. I started my own business about 2 years ago, and its finally taking off to the point where I wont even need CVS soon. But because I haven’t been maintaining my full time status (30hr+ per week) they cant just drop me down to part time, they have to “terminate” me and if I choose, can reapply for part time at a lower wage. This seems like a stab in the back from a company I gave my entire 20’s too. I still need the job because income from my business is sporadic at the moment, but my PIC told me realistically she can keep me on about another month before she thinks corporate is gonna make her give me the boot. 4 years ago this never would have been a thing and would have no problem dropping to part time. I’d encourage anyone thinking of leaving CVS to do so, or anyone thinking of applying, not to. it’s an evil company consumed by corporate greed”


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  1. I was a patient of CVS near my home for at least 25+ years! I was on “proper pain mgmt.” until the “opioid crisis! I always had to call CVS a week prior to filling my pain meds to make sure they had them in stock! My pain mgmt. Dr. had cut my meds by 80% in 2017 even though I meet the criteria for palliative care.
    I called CVS to make sure they would have my meds in stock prior to filling them in March when the pharmacist supervisor informed me they will no longer be filling my” high” doses of opioids! I am no longer on “high” doses of opioids! If I hadn’t called I would have been in deep s**t because my prescriptions are done via rescript! I bashed CVS on twitter & received a DM asking if they could call me. I gave my # and was told they back the decision of their pharmacists! I tried calling other pharmacies in my area & they don’t carry one of my meds, or would not have them in stock in time to fill them when they were due!
    I also live in the city where parking is difficult if not impossible! I can not walk either! So it turns out that I am using another CVS 25 minutes away from my house that I had used in the past! I hope & pray they will continue to fill my Rx’s. My primary care Dr. is going to start treating me for palliative care, because my pain mgmt. is afraid of the DEA! My primary care Dr. knows I am not going to have quantity of life so she is going to try and help me with quality of life!

  2. Honestly, there are X millikon pain patients & families in the country; if all of us boycotted that frigging place, & the other hideous chain pharmacies, couldn’t we put ’em out of business? I’d feel bad for (most) of the pharmacists, but maybe it’d force a change & improve their miserable working lives. I won’t buy even a pack of gum from any of them.

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