Is there no financial intelligence on capital hill?

More Lawmakers Raise ESI-Medco Merger Concerns
At least 29 members of Congress now have publicly expressed concerns regarding the proposed Express Scripts Inc.-Medco merger

The above is from a NCPA press release of Dec 13, 2011. At last count there are 435 members in the House. That would suggest that < 7% of the house either has the intelligence to see that the merger of these two companies would be detrimental to our healthcare system and it would stop just short of forming a monopoly ... or special interest money is so influential that 400 members of Congress refuse to take a stand against these two mega PBM's. It was also recently reported that none of the 42 major corporation that use the major PBM's would come before Congress to testify about the merger. What is really scary, these are the some of the same people who wrote the 2200 page law behind Obamacare. I am sure that if Obamacare gets past the Supreme Court... that all the rules that evolve out of this legislation will have your health and quailty of life as a primary focus

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