We have declared another war !

According to an article in DRUG TOPICS

Two top officials of the Obama administration declared a high-tech war on Medicare fraud

If we are no better at this war than the “war on drugs” … WE ARE IN TROUBLE !

Just think of all the “bureaucratic wars” that have been declared … and all the “real wars”  or some sort of  “undeclared war” that involved combat and solders getting killed.. the last war that we actually “won” .. was WW II and that took two atom bombs..

I sold my pharmacy in 1996 … I was a sizable HME dealer ….and Medicare was full of  fraud back then… and  it was well known… and there was a lot of lip service about it…

IMO… every time that the bureaucrats declares a “war” on something… it is like putting a bacteria on agar medium… in a petri dish… pretty soon… the agar is totally obscured by the bacteria growth… in this case… and other bureaucratic wars … the bureaucracy just keeps growing… until the primary function of the bureaucracy .. is to grow its infrastructure…


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