Trying to “UNRING” a bell?

ESI/Medco announced that they closed the merger deal on April 2nd… according to this article

The lawsuit filed by NCPA & NACDS & others….

BMO Capital analyst Dave Shove called the request for an injunction a long shot because the plaintiffs must convince the judge there is a threat for severe and immediate harm, and the deal’s impact won’t be felt for several months, when PBM customers renew their contracts.

Is our legal system working against common sense?   severe & immediate harm

Anyone with three brain cells holding hands knows that the THREAT is LONG TERM… it will be like a epidemic… or a invading organism that becomes systemic over the next few years… How many pharmacy doors will have to close… how many patients will have to be harmed… before it is realized that this merge is going to harm our society.

All one has to look at the volume that Pharmacists and staff are expected to manage.. just to show a profit… or at least financially break even… since the PBM industry pays for some 80%-95% of all Rxs… we have no pricing flexibility… in fact.. the contracts are so restrictive .. that most of us could not even offer MTM to patients at an additional charge.

Should it be considered that the estimated  7000 deaths that pharmacy medication errors cause each year.. be a direct/indirect cause of the PBM’s industry’s involvement in healthcare?

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