Drug store robberies and holdups make national news

On ABC news the amount of drugs store robberies and holdups continue to increase. As I remember…. back in the early 70’s…. stealing controlled substances from a pharmacy was made a FEDERAL OFFENSE… the same as robbing a bank…

Has anyone seen the FBI involved with a pharmacy robbery?

Here is quote from a robbery in a Walgreen’s store where the Pharmacist .. shot back at a armed robber….

We’ve made significant investments in security technology in recent years, including increasing the number of digital surveillance cameras at our stores,” the company said. “We continue to invest in state-of-the-art security measures and high-definition surveillance equipment and hope that the apprehension of robbery suspects in the Benton Harbor area will prevent future crimes.”

Here is the link to the entire post…

From this corporate statement.. it would appear that corporate pharmacy is only concerned about catching those who harm/kill their employees and customers…

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