Another PIC charged with Federal Crimimal charges over medication error

According to this  article .

According to the Texas State Board of Pharmacy, ApothéCure personnel in January 2007…..

prepared 175 mL of colchicine solution at a concentration of 3.2 mg/mL, put 5-mL portions into 35 vials, and affixed labels stating the vials contained 1 mg of colchicine per 2 mL.

Is this another situation that we have relinquished the task of doing something to a technician… that ended up being terribly wrong?

It does not say how many RPH’s were on duty at the time BUT …

A lethal error in making injectable colchicine has resulted in federal criminal charges against a Texas pharmacy and its pharmacist-in-charge.

Unlike the Eric Cropp incident… the PIC was held responsible… but then again this appears to be a independent pharmacy as opposed to corporate employer…

This was also dealing with a compounded drug… we all are aware of how the FDA is AGAINST Pharmacist compounding… could these criminal charges – 5 years after the fact be at the prodding by the FDA to the Justice dept?

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