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  1. My name is Dennis Verdugo and I am the CEO of I am a member of many chronic pain sites where I mostly hear from patients who talk about their pain and say, how can we do to stop this madness our government has imposed on people with chronic, intractable pain
    I saw a site that listed a form letter along with a telephone number to the head of a congressional committee and a box on the site to enter your zip code. When you went through this procedure, it would show you the legislators representing your district along with telephone numbers and addresses. The site encouraged people to call their legislators instead of signing the petition. But, the message was clear, call your legislator or sign the petition. How easy is that? It has been my observation that a lot of pain patients blame the doctors for restricting their opiate medications. I truly understand why some doctors are following the CDC’s misguided interpretation of “one size fits all.” They are afraid of losing all of their assets. I would worry too. Many thanks to all the doctors who continue to treat patients with chronic pain.
    I would like to help in anyway I can. You have a good thing going, let’s see if we can make a differrence

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