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  1. Cathy H Reiner, I agree with you 1000%!!! We are being systematically murdered by our own government. Because it’s not suicide which is causing our death, it’s insanity from the pain. It’s complete and utter hopelessness. It is the Government’s fault and the Doctor’s are condoning their behavior.

  2. Our doctors know every bit of this. They will not admit it right now because the Government is trying to tie their hands. I wish they would come up with blood work up that would tell the what opiate is in the victim of a overdose blood.Then they could tell how many of them were from Heroin,Illicit Fentanyl,Meth and even Cocaine. I am so sick of beginning call a addict or even the made to feel like one. Like I told my Doctor I do depend on my Medicine to control the Pain but, I never take more than I am suppose to when I am suppose to. I am no looking for a feeling of a high as they call it. I just want some quality of life they have cut my medication in half over the last year and I in so much pain now I can do harley anything I was able to do when I was at 120 mg a day. There are so many Pain patients taking their lives now,not because they are addicts but because they have lived as long as they can since their medications were cut off all at once and they are in so much pain from the withdrawal symptoms and the Chronic Pain they had is back. Humanity isn’t suppose to be this way. God gave Doctors their ability and wisdom to help people in pain,but I believe they have forgotten that. The Government aren’t Doctors and need to target the illegal drugs and the Illicit drugs coming into our Country not Pain Doctors and Patients. I agree there are some bad Doctors out there and they can be found easy by the prescriptions they write for the un-exempted patients. God Help Us All.

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