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The drive-thru window… a genesis of medication errors?

According to this article, the addition of drive thru windows may not have been a good thing in regards to patient safety. A growing number of surveys/studies in various industry shows that fatigue and multi-tasking are causing errors and mistakes. The Oregon BOP recently did a study where ~ 75% of the chain pharmacists believed […]

So much talk… so much lip service.. so much business as usual

Here is a video from a local     CBS in NY FRAUD …. ABUSE… WASTE… almost daily … this article is a good example of trying to encourage compliance without any follow up for follow thru by anyone… in the end $30K worth of medication gets tossed. Is this a good example of a […]

If you work for CVS

CVS P&P ROPP-0041 Daily Procedures lunch breaks (1) The above was forwarded to me … for those of you who work for CVS and having trouble getting any breaks…  According to this corporate policy… CVS  ENCOURAGES Pharmacists to take 15 minute break for every four hours OR 30 minute break for every eight hours worked. […]

This shows just how much CVS cares about its employees, patients and patient health & safety

 This was sent to me RPH in CA says there’s a new contest for them and their area stores. The CVS signing up the most prescriptions for ready fill program will get 40 extra tech hours – the catch is the hours are taken away from other stores. As RPH says CVS is encouraging employees […]

More than 25 states considering suing if FTC allows Medco/ESI merger to go through

Express Scripts Bid for Medco Said to Face Suit by Five States The FTC has always seemed to favored PBM’s and mail order… if this merger is allowed to proceed… would help to confirm this observation. Why else would the FTC deny the ATT & TMobile merger and the Omnicare & Pharmerica merger this year.. […]

Is this incestual?

Here is a list of sponsors for annual meeting of the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy Of course, the BOP’s of  this country don’t actually oversee permit holders… because it is the PIC’s who is held legally responsible for the operation of the Rx dept. Haven’t we seen such things out of Congress with […]

If this is legal… why did they pay a fine?

CBS EVENING NEWS VIDEO This is a CBS evening news report from Sept 2010. The video starts out… THIS IS LEGAL… and then goes on to rip Walgreens about providing Ranitidine caps over tabs because the CAPS apparently were more profitable. We all know that prescribers seldom specify whether they want tabs/caps of a particular […]

Soon to be best seller ?

pharmacy malpractice attorney    How to Make Pharmacies Pay for Your Injuries Caused by Medication Errors…  This is a 52 page guide in how  a patient can “profit” from prescription mistakes… Mr/Ms PIC… are you paying attention !! Medication errors is against your practice act and your company’s Policy & Procedures. Have you got your individual […]

comparative effectiveness research

Here is a article from USA TODAY… Treat patients as individuals and not as numbers How much is a life worth ?

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