I just got a phone call !

I just got a automated phone call from EXPRESS SCRIPTS… wanting to let me know that I could have “home delivery” of my prescriptions and that I could “save money” by talking to one of their representatives ….so that they could transfer my prescriptions to them. Has anyone else noticed that all the push for mail order is now being touted as “home deliver”?  What a misnomer ! Could Express Scripts be concerned that their proposed merger with MEDCO is not going to happen.. and they have got to find another way to create their market dominance. Does it seem strange that this phone call was the day after NCPA, NACDS and others filed a lawsuit against the merger… as well as a number of states that have threatened their own lawsuit?

Maybe they have another major chain contract coming due and they are going to offer them the same low ball rates they offered Walgreens that was turned down and they want to see if they can move a good number of people over to their mail order facilities… to embolden them to make the offer.

It would seem that we have three major entities (Insurance, PBM, chain pharmacies) fighting over the same DIME and they each want AT LEAST A NICKEL. Is Rx dept staff the pawns and the patients we are responsible to provide safe services to going to be the guinea pigs or just the victims of this corporate greed. It is estimated that 7000 people die annually from pharmacy medication errors… if  you are a Pharmacist or a technician… are you contributing to the problem or are you going to be part of the solution?

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