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  1. I injured myself at work in 97. The corporation I worked for did not file workers comp so it took a lawyer and 1 1/2 years before they did anything. I had c5 c6 disk, shoulder acromplasty they would not let them fix the tear when I finally finished settling with workers comp I had my shoulder tear done and the biceps tendon cut by a shoulder specialist for a pro football team. I continue to have pain. 4 years ago I had TKR where the Dr caused severe nerve damage and put my knee in wrong and miss fitted. I suffer everyday in chronic pain I have a wonderful pain management Dr. I don’t know what I would do without him. But I went to fill my viocodin ES last month at Walgreens and they told me it was not being made anymore. I informed my pharmacist who had treated me like a drug addict in the past even knowing my history I had to take the generic. I told him I can’t as it burns a hole in my stomach and that if he looks at my chart he would see the medication I am on from the last time the Dr tried to change my meds. And that I was having my stomach scoped in a couple weeks. He informed me there was nothing he could do and forced the medication on me. I told the teck when I took it the same thing this was on Thursday. On Sunday I took it back to Walgreens and told the Pharmacy lady what happened and she said she could order the medication and have it here the next day. So I said here is the generic viocodine and let the pharmacist and my Dr figure it out since it was the pharmacist lie that caused the problem. On Monday I got a call from the pharmacist that I had to pick up my medication because it was illegal for him to have it in his store. I told him it was not my problem as he blatantly lied to me about the viocodin. So by Wednesday I was sitting in my car I refuse to leave Walgreens till I had my medication since my Dr office was now closed I called my insurance to see how to get it approved so I went into Walgreens and told them what they had to do. All this time they kept sending someone out to see if I was still in the parking lot. They even called the state police. I had nothing to worry about as I did nothing wrong and was waiting on my medication. When I got my medication they thanked me and I told them once I had it in my hands that I had called the manufacturer to let them know what Walgreens was telling their customers. I called Walgreens headquarters to report the pharmacist and have yet to hear back so I may call and report this to the state board that they forced this on me and it caused a problem. I am thankful for my pain Dr who stuck up for me and feel they sometimes have no control on taking care of their patients

  2. Thank you! The video support group has helped reinforce my journey through this madness! I thought I had support from my naturalopathic Doctor, however, as I’ve needed medication, understanding, & nurturing during my titration off pain medication (chronic for 20 yrs) I have been met with impatience and a doctor who actually asked me – “what would happen if you just stopped the meds”? With no concern on how life impacting this would be. It’s a commen story – I’m a productive person, working 2 jobs to support myself with no living family. I’m mystified at the lack of empathy & concern that it is somehow perfectly okay for me to “just stop” lose my work (as I would be unable to while going through severe withdrawals). I’ve worked since Dec of 2016 to reduce my meds – very successfully, but I need another year to get through and have been asked why I don’t just go to rehab?? WTF? I’m a pain patient – not a drug addict! I’m dedicated to mindfully or mindlessly working through the dependence on the medication but wow – we are expected to do this with zero medication support. And so much lack of understanding and zero compassion for the enormous task of convincing my body through my “brain work” (I go to therapy every week) that I no longer require medication. This is a journey of the mind & soul – I’m determined – but we need support – not “rehab”! I’ve researched rehab experiences and the medication support in these facilities is more dangerous than my medication I’ve used for over 20 years. I hear of CVS donating money to this “crisis” but where is that money going because it is most certainly not being reinvested in the patients who need it the most. We should see chronic pain facilities popping up to asses and assist these patients who are willing to titrate and medicines that help with anxiety, pain receptor stimulation (mmj included) as part of these “treatment programs) and not receive a stigma of “drug addicts” applied to those of us putting forth the effort.

    • Soo how is your physical pain now w/no medicine?maryw

    • I totally understand what you’re saying and have also experienced it all too. I’m currently on a rapid morphine detox since the DEA raided and closed my pain clinic. I have asked 5 doctors for help in tapering and have been referred in a circle back to each one of them. Pharmacists won’t return my calls. No help yet. People have also suggested “treatment programs” to me. I am 34 years clean and sober from alcohol, cigarettes and illegal drugs. But I do have an intractable chronic pain disease. I know the difference between addiction and physical dependence. I’m looking for guidance on how to start or participate in the revolution against the government controlling pain patients and legal medications. This is madness!

  3. I just found a wonderful site; This is written by President Trump. Please get together others and wrote a short story about yourself with a couple of links that explain what we are going through. I could not believe this find.


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