Woman files CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against CVS – for refusal to fill C-II for directions > 90 MME

One of the basics of the practice of medicine is the starting, changing/limiting , stopping a pt’s therapy. So besides these Pharmacists violating the American with Disability Act & Civil Rights Act… which both makes it illegal to discriminate against disabled people. It would seems that these Pharmacists are practicing medicine without a license.

I wonder if an attorney would file a complaint with the state’s board of Pharmacy and the Medical licensing board on behalf of all the pts being involved in this class action lawsuit, could be ignored by those licensing boards.  Some states allow complaints against state licensing boards to be filed directly with the state’s Attorney General.

I have had some pts tell me recently that a CVS pharmacist told them that NO CVS PHARMACY will fill a particular controlled med in the immediate area.  I have also been told that ordering of stock for CVS Rx depts is now managed by the pharmacy computer system.  So it would seem that someone at CVS HQ could put a ZERO inventory to be maintained on certain meds at certain stores. Some state Pharmacy Practice Act, require a pharmacy to maintain inventory of meds routinely prescribed in their area. So if CVS HQ is prohibiting a CVS Rx dept to stock certain meds – even though the Pharmacist is regularly  being presented prescriptions to be filled.  Compounding the problem, C-II electronically sent, if they are not filled by the pharmacy/Pharmacist, basically become DEAD… because all paper C-II Rxs MUST BE SIGNED BY THE PRESCRIBER. I have read where the DEA has changed regulations that allows Pharmacist/Pharmacies to electronically transfer such electronic C-II to another pharmacy – HOWEVER – states would have to change their state control rules to allow this and pharmacy computer software would have to be changed.  I do not know  if any states and computer software companies have implement this.

This refusal to fill a pt’s controlled med Rx, seems that many different rules/regulations are being ignored and/or violated.

Here is a recent published article that shows that the MME SYSTEM has NO SCIENCE nor DOUBLE BLIND CLINICAL STUDIES behind it and/or supporting it.  Also, I have not seen any FDA professional prescribing information that mentions the MME SYSTEM regards to prescribing opiates. https://www.acsh.org/news/2022/03/01/true-story-morphine-milligram-equivalents-mme-16154  So what science or double blind clinical studies is CVS using in establishing this limiting pt’s opiate Rxs to 90 MME/day.  I was always told/taught that all clinical decisions has to be based on CLINICAL FACTS

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