Too bad the war on drugs/pts is not a REAL WAR because torturing prisoners of war would be illegal

Mr Steve
Please don’t stop your video Facebook we have to use code words we can’t say the name of the pain meds on Facebook it’s criminal to them. I hope u continue .
Well I’m at the finish line. All the words you just spoke are about me. I’m still alive but am I going to be the statistic..? Am I going to end my life because I couldn’t handle the withdrawals. Feb 2021 they cut me down I calculated 33% I went insane I wanted to die. I went to 3 ER rooms and my primary doctor begging for help. I got painful injections in my hips that helped me one week just to buy time. My pain doctor has never once told me they were taking me down I only learned when I got the scrip. Laws say any changes they have to let you know. They have never once told me I was being cut down and are why. On the 5 month I made a special appt n ask my doctor why are you cutting me down. She said YOU TOLD US YOU WANTED OFF YOUR MEDS !! She says it’s in the notes. Than why have I made 100,s of calls since to ask why did you cut my meds??! Phone calls can be verified. My last appt they told me we are sending you to physical therapy if u miss one we will cut you down. I got strep throat so I called therpy to let them know I’m under doctors care . They still cut my scrip.
On 5 m g s now
Today I will try 2 of them a day. I can only pray I survive. In terrified as I text what my life will be like in the next 48 hours . Had my pain doctor been open n honest n let me know they were taking me down I could have prepared earlier but I really didn’t know, now I do. God help me. Im 65 never a drug abuser on meds for documented health issues.
I still hear those words from the first doctor who told me Roselee this will give you a quality of life.
My family has cut ties with me tired of hearing I’m suffering I have spouse who said I messed his life up because I’m in pain I have almost no one. I use to rescue homeless animals now my legs don’t even want to work. From the first taper a year ago my legs stop working they don’t want to move.
My pain doctor lied n said I had Siatica no I don’t have Siatica no shooting pains no numbness no tingle.why did he do that? Because he wants to make money doing Epidural injections. At a $1000 each times three.
I’m sorry I can talk all day about what they have done to me. If they had been honest n just said we are taking you off n gave me time I would have done it. This has been the year from hell. I have been abused n belittled fear put in my soul. Begging to get out of pain begging to stop withdrawal. Oh no Rose your lying if we take one pill away n you still have three u won’t withdrawal THATS A LIE!
What I felt was horror I even researched assisted suicide. Now I’m at the last hours of the end I lay here severe pain in my legs do to the taper not because of of Siatica.
But because of the restless leg my legs want to hit the ceiling I’m suffering bad. I haven’t slept all night. By 6 am I got an hour sleep.
I have no support I have no one. My life I can journal it in my mind all the suffering I relive it. Every month I go to that pain appt.
I’m sorry for others who are going thru this. I don’t know what we did wrong. I feel so shamed n I blame myself for allowing it to make me suffer. I’m weak I should be strong . I got Covid this past July and of course my body has much more pain all my joints are worse. I’m sorry for the rant I have no life I have no one so I rant n vent the onlything on my body wants to work is my fingers to text . And that’s getting slower I’m giving up.
So much pain so much feeling Emotional to physical. I found my bio dad n three sisters buy because I’m going thru this they think she’s a nut case n refuse to have anything to do with me. I waited all my life. My dad is 2400 miles away I just want one earthly hug just one n my body can’t go. Friday I will do physical therapy push my self out in the freezing cold on the ice to go in a Covid hot bed to do therpy they don’t work. Prays for comfort n peace for everyone. I can’t fix you but I can pray. Please today the next three days will show if I can survive this horror please pray for me. I’m suffering so bad. I thought I survived thru severe Covid maybe I’m meant to be alive. Maybe there’s a reason. 7 adult children 20 grandchildren n great grandchildren . I want to tell them story’s about our family history n life. Who we are who they were. I just found our my great grandma passed age 38 during child birth but my great great aunt lived her name was Catherine.
We are more than just the pain we feel we are very special even with defects in our body. We have alot to give others if we weren’t suffering we could do just that . See I ranted again.
I hope to prove that to who ever is listening and suffering.
God have mercy
β€œThe moral test of a government is how it treats those who are at the dawn of life, the children; those who are in the twilight of life, the aged; and those who are in the shadow of life, the sick and the needy, and the handicapped.” – Hubert Humphrey
As a country we are RIGHT THERE – complaining about how other countries abuse/mistreat their citizens… and here is a very good example of how our own bureaucracies are abusing/mistreating our own citizens … and there is nothing that would suggest that IT IS NOT INTENTIONAL

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  1. Yep pain care sucks these days. Its very SAD. I have no clue anymore on what to do about this Tyrannical mess. Its just disgusting. Cant trust any Dr these days. I’m finding all are liars and actually believe their own lies too. Just a few years ago they couldn’t treat pain enough and now it sucks. Is there no wherebin the middle to meet halfway? Seems like treating pain was all just an experiment. A cruel one at that.

    • WELCOME to the group Donna.

      • Donna and I have been friends for more years than either one of us wish to admit… she is not a first timer here… and her opinions and inputs have always been welcomed πŸ™‚

        • Ok I am finished here. Often I am the only one that ‘likes’ OR comments.
          Hopefully those pushing the amicus brief will succeed.
          It’s milk toasts like Ms. “sucks”, whose opinions are ‘welcome’, why our many ‘efforts’ fail. But it’s good my sarcasm is recognized, ha ha ha ha.

  2. All for an erroneous response to the street overdose issue.
    Salvation by Jehovah our God, who hates injustice, will come and cowards and liars and thieves will fall and not get up. Please try to reduce your discomforts. I had to reply “no!” to physical therapy. ‘If could lift weights I would go back to work’. Does lifting weights sound like a cure for a truck load of abraded nerves or is it a source of job security for someone’s business? PT can be useful but I noticed the scam they were using me for right away. It seems to late for me (heart) and you, but we know restless legs can be cause by poor oxygen saturation, anemia will do that. Best Regards.

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