This is from the night before I had my heart attack

This is from the night before I had my heart attack


This is a post from FAKE BOOK… from a chronic pain pts that has had their pain meds reduces/eliminated and their “stroke level” blood pressure – medically referred to as a HYPERTENSIVE CRISIS..  apparently has caused a HEART ATTACK that the pt fortunately survived.

In healthcare there is a saying ” if it is not documented … it didn’t happen”

pts are going to have to start documenting their blood pressure, heart rate and pain levels and the amount of pain management meds they are allowed.

here is free software that has a spreadsheet in it…  get your kid or Grandkid to set up a spreadsheet database that will create one or more graphs.  Remember a PICTURE (Graphic) IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS.  if you still have some pain meds … take your BP before you take your REGULAR DOSE and again 1 hr after if IR dose and 2 hrs after LA dose. You should be able to document that your BP goes down when you have adequate pain meds/therapy.

You might want – at least at first – to take you BP every hr after you take your pain meds… then you can document when your pain meds WEAR OFF. – DOCUMENT IT.

If your prescriber is giving you one Norco twice a day – Norco is a 2-6 hr dose … demonstrate – document when the med wears off ..  say it does last 4 hrs… that means that you may have some pain relief up to 8 hrs a day – what are you suppose to do for the other 16 hrs ? If it wears off in 2 hrs… that would strongly suggest that you are a fast/ultra fast metabolizer and need higher and/or more frequent doses.

I am starting to see other advocates starting to use the word that I have been using for some time  LITIGATION I think  some are finally realizing that  petitions, emails, letters, faxes, phone calls are a waste of time for the community and have produce NOTHING... I don’t think there is anyone who can stand up and say that their pain is being better managed now than it was 6 yrs ago.



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  1. Did you mean “ligation” or “litigation”?

  2. I still have pain medication but my bp has been high lately due to pain level. Went to the ER for 200/100 and was told it was not a big deal and that it would have to stay there a few months to cause a problem. Gee that isn’t what the cardiologist said!

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