The potential consequences of Hillary becoming our next President

Maybe it is just a coincidental that the war on drugs took a dramatic shift toward prescribers and indirectly toward pts 1-2 yrs after Obama came to power. We have seen practitioners being raided by the DEA and thousands of chronic pain pts being thrown to the street and the “wolves”. We have seen them go after doctors and when they couldn’t prove they were over prescribing they would go after them for nebulous reasons like illegible medical records.  Practitioners have pts die all the time from various reasons… from taking too much medication to not taking their medication as prescribed…. but only those pts who die from taking too much medication are doctors held responsible.

The final year of Obama’s administration we have seen the CDC getting into the game as well as the Surgeon General as well as a lot of state legislatures are getting on board of the Naloxone “catch and release prgm”.

AG Lynch and Surgeon General Murthy have only been on board for the last 12-18 months and have seemingly gotten into lock-step with the Obama’s Administration Agenda… if nothing else.. hoping to keep their job if the next President is a Democrat.

Most likely, Hillary will not change these two cabinet position … depending on the make up of Congress and which party is in control and just how long it will take to get new cabinet appointees approved by Congress… It could easily take a year or two…

With Hillary already endorsing the proposed opiate tax and the Philadelphia’s soda tax.. it is unlikely that she will attempt to change the direction of the war on drugs/pts. Will let those agencies fully focused on fighting the war on drugs continue on the path they are already on.

Remember, it was our courts/judicial system in 1917 that declared that opiate addiction was not a disease but a CRIME.. and Hillary is an ATTORNEY and part of that same judicial system that has been in charge of dealing with the mental health issue of addictive personality disorders and why we have the highest per-cent of our population in prisons … the majority for non-violent drug crimes.

It is reported that the Medicare disability trust fund is going into a 20% negative cash flow this year… remember the “death panels” discussed when Obamacare was under discussion… Genocide doesn’t have to be highly visible… using CDC opiate prescribing guidelines.. how many chronic pain pts are going to end up using the final solution to resolve their chronic pain issues. Could this be a version of “death panels”

This doesn’t mean that Trump will not do the same thing… but… one thing is certain is that most/all of the Presidential Cabinet members will be changed out… with new agendas and points of views.

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  1. I would also like to mention her $10 billion plan to “fight” the opioid “epidemic” includes – “Directing prescribers of controlled medications to use state prescription drug monitoring programs to ensure that opioid painkillers are being used appropriately for patients who need them; and impose a training requirement as a condition of obtaining a state license to write prescriptions.”

    Part of that $10 billion plan also includes making sure Suboxone and other medications with Bupe is available (free, if one can’t afford it) to each and every recovering addict. I have no problem with this except for the fact that while I’m fighting tooth and nail just to get my monthly “ration” of a prescription opioid each month (that my insurance co refuses to pay for btw), my tax dollars will be used to pay for easy access to that same class of medication (prescription opioids, which is what Bupe is) for others to control their cravings. So while we legitimate chronic pain patients are denied even more access to the prescription opioids that help reduce our legitimate physical pain, our tax dollars will be used to increase access and pay for a prescription opioid for most of those without legitimate physical pain. Again, it’s the hypocrisy that bothers me.

    If it helps, Kolodny is a huge fan of her $10 billion plan. (God knows the media couldn’t publish a story about prescription opioids without that fame whore named Kolodny having a say). Like Steve says, she’s a huge fan of Munchkin’s prescription opioid tax. She’s referred to the pharmaceutical companies as her “enemies” (all while collecting large amounts of donations from those same pharm co for both her campaign and the Clinton Foundation). Be very, very careful with this one.

    If you can’t vote for Trump, please consider voting 3rd party.

    • no,,were done w/the same old shit different day career politicians,,,they have destroyed this country,,,,,mary

  2. Voting for Trump will be worse as he doesn’t believe in drugs at all. So that means no cannabis, no opioids, no nothing!

    If you want to see actual change than you’ll have to show the good ole boys in Washington the door. Its the only way to see change.

    Congressmen/women and Senators need term limits. And since they would have to vote on such a thing, its up to We the People to give them term limits by voting them out!

    Like it or not Hillary will do a better job. Trump will do what he’s always done and that’s look after himself.

    We The People can’t take a chance on a billionaire who only looks out for himself.

  3. Im voting for trump because we have a track record of a criminal and even if trump turns out to be one. At least we tried new blood. The country is bleeding so badly with the OLD blood we keep giving another chance even though they keep getting into more trouble. Hillary is a criminal LIKE IT OR NOT.She takes cash OPENLY for things you want done. If you don’t agree with that comment its way too late for you. GOD BLESS THE USA

  4. Thank u for your insight,,i feel the same,,,if we go w/the same old same old,,,that is what we will get,,,and more people will die,,,,maybe,,,,I’ll write a letter,,and a info ,”package,” like the U.N,,,and send it to Mr.Trump,,,,,to give him a heads up of what the past politicians have done to the medically ill w/painful medical conditions…I know my Doc,,will be voting his way,,,,,I have never voted republican,,,but this year,,,it look like we will be,,,Gotta admit,,the last 40 years,,,has been the worse decline in America,,,I have ever seen,,,,gotta change something up,,,thats 4 sure,,,maryw

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