The law of probability comes true !

Reno robbery suspect dies in shootout with police

From the article:

A chain of events, triggered by a CVS Pharmacy robbery off Plumb Lane and a vehicle chase, ended with Reno police fatally shooting a suspect near the Peppermill Resort Spa Casino on Sunday evening, authorities said.

The suspect, whose name was not immediately known, died of his injuries Sunday night in Renown Regional Medical Center, Washoe County Sheriff’s Sgt. Tom Green said.

A customer, who was shot and wounded in the related robbery at the CVS Pharmacy in Reno, is hospitalized at Renown, Green said.

Just wait until Hydrocodone products become a C-II’s on Oct 6th  Have you ever noticed how “OPEN” most chain pharmacies are… it is as if security is of little concern… Sure they have video cameras everywhere to get a picture of the person who shoots the employees or customers.. I am sure that is great comfort to those who get hurt or kill and their families or survivors !

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  1. Peon, you are right. The issue with pharmacy security is that there is none. 5 pm on a Saturday is a very busy time. It is a miracle that no one else was hurt or killed. Will there be a change? Only in our dreams.

  2. Pharmacy security is a joke in the chains. The cameras do not protect us pharmacists. Sure, they might or might not be able to identify the guy that shot and killed the pharmacist…after the fact. But, that is not going to bring back to life a dead pharmacist. If there is a streak of deadly pharmacy robberies, will we see a change in pharmacy security? Or, will the pharmacists just be victims?

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