Pharmacies open in the Houston area as of 08/30/ 02:05PM EDT

Rx Open was last updated at 2:05 PM ET, Wednesday August 30th.

Click here for Available Red Cross Shelter locations

If you or someone you know will need infusion therapy in the coming weeks, this Infusion Center locator resource can help identify an alternative site of care in a nearby community:

About Rx Open

Rx Open helps patients find nearby open pharmacies in areas impacted by disaster. Combining multiple data feeds from the pharmaceutical industry, Rx Open displays the precise location on Google Maps of open pharmacies, closed pharmacies, and those whose status is unknown. This critical information assists government officials in assessing an emergency’s impact on public health in a disaster area.

Healthcare Ready provides Rx Open to the public at no cost during a disaster through the generous support of our leadership and from the NCPDP Foundation, who provides grant support and the dataQ® pharmacy data file.

To enroll your pharmacy email Participation in Rx Open is free. If the status of your pharmacy is not consistent with what is shown on the Rx Open maps, please contact us at

Learn More

For more information, click here for the Rx Open FAQs and view a one-page overview here.

Rx Open: Mapping Open Pharmacies During Disasters Webinar

Open Pharmacies Map

This map is used to provide pharmacy status in a region when Healthcare Ready activates for a response (or is requested to activate the map by a local government). When active, you can search or zoom to find open pharmacies or Red Cross shelters in your area.

This map reflects the pharmacies enrolled in Rx Open. If you would like to enroll your pharmacy, please email

  Open Pharmacy Pharmacy Status Unknown Non Participating Pharmacy Issue Reported

To make sure a pharmacy has your medication call before you visit.

County Overview

The overview map displays a high level view of how each county within an affected region’s pharmacies are impacted by an emergency. Click on a county to see a pharmacy status summary.

  County with 90% Pharmacies Open County with 75% – 90% Pharmacies Open County with < 75% Pharmacies Open

Click here for a downloadable Excel file which lists all of the pharmacies in the affected area, their address, and their operational status. (Choose download from the file menu on the page)

Is the status of your pharmacy incorrect? Please click here to send feedback, and include your NCPDP or NPI number.

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