Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths: SUSPEND the CDC Guidelines Immediately

The CDC guidelines were not designed by practicing physician nor specialist in chronic pain were created internally with suspect consults with anti opioid bias. Guidelines were unauthorized and now four years later AMA has declared that the guidelines have been “harmful” and no government program causing harm should not be allowed to exist on behalf of the 6 million harmed by the CDC. We are asking for “suspension of CDC opioid guidelines”

Actions matters, optics matters, words matter, as a whole the community has been remiss on their choices of these things when it come to trying to make a point in the public and the media.  There is a new group – National Pain Counsel –  Tom Kline and Jonelle Elgaway are part of the driving force behind this new organization.  Both Tom and Jonelle are good friends and really fighting for the chronic pain community.

Let’s talk about the word SUSPEND… if you get arrested driving drunk… most likely your driver’s license will get SUSPENDED…  and after a period of time… you could get your license reinstated.  What would expect to happen if they REVOKED, RESCINDED your license ? Could your license get un-revoked ?

Couldn’t we be seeking to have the CDC guidelines to be REVOKED or RESCINDED… so that they would have to start the process all over again to implement a new set of guidelines !  Since most people understand that the CDC  doesn’t  have the statutory authority to implement such guidelines and the DEA may less likely to still reference the “suspended guidelines” as standard of care and best practices if they are revoked/rescinded – or some entity challenges their constitutionality status in our court system.

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  1. I agree with him, but we are all going up against a wall here. Its like once they make these policies, they dont want to change them as it would appear that they had made a mistake and oh no, they would never admit that. They think they are the smartest on the planet and the rest of us, well, we are all stupid idiots. At least, thats the way we are treated. Im sorry, I am not trying to be a downer, its just I have lost faith and hope that this will all be resolved as even though these scientists and lawmakers stand there all pias and say “I follow the science” we all know they do NOT. Otherwise, this would have changed awhile back@

  2. Tired of being damned, after following previous “guidelines” and following doctors’ recommendations that ultimately …….failed to achieve adequate pain relief in my case surgeries! How much longer will dot/gov punish PEOPLE for being in 24/7, un managed pain? Crazy as current “politics”! Same BS, no voice if you are on the “wrong” side of the aisle!

  3. I totally Agree with Dr Kline!

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