Ethics vs Metrics

I have had the fortune that the largest chain that I have worked for had about 50 stores and since I opened my own store in 1976… all of those chains have since fallen by the wayside. So I don’t have any first hand knowledge of all the metrics that RPh’s typically complain about with […]

Is the DEA doing a CYA?

Is the DEA ramping up their visible actions against just about any entity that is involved with controlled substances to help itself have points of argument why they need current – or increase – their budgets. Here is a article that describes some of  the newer tactics. A number of years ago… the GAO .. […]

A Teachable Moment?

I have this “iffy back”… most days it works as designed.. and then their are other days :-(.. earlier this week.. it started out as not going to be a good period.. It felt like I had fallen on my right Gluteus Maximus.. and had this intermittent pain shooting down my right leg… (pain level […]

One step forward … two steps back

Back in Jan 2012 The Pharmacy Alliance sent emails to 51 BOP’s requesting them to consider 9 points to implement that should help improve patient safety and lessen medication errors in the pharmacy… here is that letter. This week the TPA got a response from the Wyoming BOP.. letter attached… Apparently this BOP back in […]

That is not what I said/heard !

How often have you had a one-on-one conversation – in person or on the phone – with a “shirt”… and at some point down the road… when you are doing what you have been told and something goes wrong… and when you ask the “shirt” to back you up… they have an acute case of […]

What a big friggin MIRAGE !

I have not worked in retail/community for nearly four years. This weekend, I got to work in a BIG BOX store Rx dept. Not much have changed in this practice setting with the exception of NPLEX (National Precursor Log Exchange)… designed to track the sale of  PSE .. to help prevent diversion in the making […]

Here is what MTM has sunk to at Anthem

Here is something that showed up on my desk… MTM is required by Part D… but.. the individual Part D insurance companies have a great deal of latitude to what medication and how much the patient spends annually. Of course, Anthem medication partner is ESI – SURPRISE !.. and of course both of these entities […]

Counseling – when listening is more imporant than talking

Being a full time temp/floater.. only working for temp services… I get the opportunity to see how many other RPH’s really practice and how they have trained their staff to interact with patients.  I have seen – although not working at the time – staff that has been trained to check the “decline counseling” on […]

Here is a interesting article

This is from SMART MONEY 10 Things Law Schools Won’t Tell You “We’re being sued by former students.”   Since 2011, a total of 15 lawsuits have been filed against law schools,  claiming, among other things, that the schools inflate job placement numbers. Specifically, the lawsuits allege that job placement rates don’t specify how many students […]

Trickle down economics

Are we being to near-sighted by focusing our anger at the MBA’s at the chain stores? I think that we need to look at the larger picture.. The dollars in the healthcare system is neither finite nor infinite and we have so many entities trying to get a “unequal share” of those dollars. We have: […]

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